10 Different Industries that Can’t Exist Without 3D Animation Anymore

Have you played Road Rash in your childhood and continue to play Pubg right now? If yes, you’ve been surrounded by 3D animation the whole time.

That’s not only for the games. If you belong to the era, you’ve seen presentations in school or college that use animation to explain concepts. We, of course, can’t miss out on all the seasons of Game of Thrones, the latest version of the Jungle Book and so much more.

If you closely understand what a 3D artist can do, you’ll begin to see animation in almost every video you look at. That brings us to a very basic question.

What is a 3D Animation?

Making an object move in a 3-dimensional space is called 3D animation. The object is created in the same space, thus having a length, width, and depth. You may choose to make it look realistic or more like a cartoon.

Why Animate in 3D?

Earlier, when there was only 2D animation, it was used to make cartoons, ads, and presentation videos. However, due to lack of a real space, one could easily make out it’s animated. Moreover, there are some views that 2D cannot provide.

This is the basic difference between 2D and 3D animation: the presence of z-axis or height. Even though 2D can be given a bit of a 3D effect, in the end, you cannot get a completely realistic effect.

The 3D animation software provides a realistic feel to the characters you create in it. The artist can make any character drawn in it look real like King Kong.

Apart from what you see in films, there are other types of videos that use animation too. Let’s get there to understand where 3D is necessary.

Types of 3D Animation Videos

A video can be entertainment-based or presentation-based. It either depicts a story or provides knowledge. However, when it enters a 3-dimensional space, there are two types of videos that an artist can make:

Simple Non-Interactive Videos: These are normal videos that you may see in the form of presentations or stories. They are basically something you watch and it’s over. So, films, cartoons, educational presentations, and advertisements belong to this category.

Interactive and Virtual Reality Videos: These are videos that you don’t simply watch but even feel yourself to be a part of it. This involves a complete presentation of the space. You can even control which part of the space you want to be in. Online games are a perfect example of this. Many other videos are made interactive in order to sell a space or design.

Which Industries Use 3D Animation?

Now the above give us direct answers to some industries that use 3D and hints to some more that need it. Let’s get them one by one.

1. Entertainment: Films, Series & Cartoon Shows

The obvious that we all know. After Walt Disney introduced Mickey Mouse, the era of cartoons has evolved from 2D to 3D animated shows.

Moreover, after endangerment to several of our animal species, it has become impossible for the film industry to use animals for entertainment. That and the demand to watch real films over-animated even for fiction rises the need for 3D to give a realistic effect to animals.

2. Gaming & Virtual Reality

If you’ve grown up playing in the park, playing board games as well as online games, you’re a kid born in the 90s. If any of you have kids, you might have noticed them playing more on your phone and less with friends.

In fact, you yourself might be an addict too. That is the demand for online gaming today. Due to its convenience and virtual reality, people prefer it over board games. Since all age groups enjoy them equally, there’s no scope for this industry to go down in the short run.

3. Interior Design & Architecture

There was a time interior designs were drawn on paper and executed according to the measurements made besides. When the design is shown to the client, he too will have to visualize the actual look.

After introducing 3D, this isn’t required. Architectural animation has made it possible to show the exact look of the interior or exterior that is yet to be made. The entire structure is made in the 3D software after which light and camera effects are used to make a video that takes you from the entrance to the last corner.

4. Marketing & Advertising

While logos and still ads can be made online or through 2D graphic design software, advertisements and other marketing videos might require 3D.

There are plenty of brands that make their own ambassadors through animation.  However, apart from that, some special effects required for a brand appeal also require animation using 3D software. This includes 3D logo animation, where a 2D logo is given a 3D effect.

5. Science & Technology

The field of research and inventions demands 3D modeling and animation to understand a prototype before making it physically.

When you design anything in 3D, you’ll obviously present your research in a viewer-friendly way. Moreover, the process of design and animation might make you understand possible loopholes and drawbacks before you move ahead.

Even once the job of animation is done, the model you create also helps in getting the physical prototype using 3D printing.

6. Military & Defence

Both types of animation videos are useful when it comes to security. Armies, navies and air forces are given training through demos, AR and VR. At their basic level of training, they learn about how certain structures like fighter jets, submarines and drones can work.

7. Medicine

Instead of dissecting poor animals to give a demo to medical students, isn’t it better to show a video that gives an exact demonstration of the human body? Presentation based videos are necessary for research and training conducted in hospitals and medical labs.

8. Education

From the above few examples, we come to a broad category that uses 3D animated videos to train students: schools and colleges. It is an important factor to consider that students absorb and retain more when they see a practical demonstration of the lesson.

9. Manufacturing

Just as scientists and engineers need 3D for their prototype, so does the manufacturing department of a brand. It is also useful to see how the packaging will look before it is actually printed.

10. Retail

Both presentation and interactive type videos are useful for the retail industry. Mostly, you’ll find online retailers using the technology to present the product to you. Furniture and automobile retailers use 3D combined with AR to give their customers a real demo.

Growth Opportunities      

Given that almost every company is dependent on 3D modeling and animation, the scope of this industry is immense. Knowing 3D software no more means getting a job in the entertainment industry only. There are plenty of other industries you’ll have exposure to.

3D animation has given many the opportunity to look at things before they come into existence. Do you think that growth is possible without its usage in today’s date?

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