10 Ways in Which a 3D Animation Video Can Boost Your Online Sales

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Written by Shikha Mehta

Have you ever been able to take your eyes off a good 3D animation video? We all normally love to engage with stories – even if they’re less than a minute long. What also catches attention is 3D graphics – objects looking real in a virtual space.

What came out to entertain people is now being used as a medium for selling. In fact, brands try to sell through any kind of medium that engages people for anything other than shopping.

I’ll come to my point: the internet was once used for entertainment. It connected people to communicate with each other, socialize and entertain themselves. Now, the biggest social media platform offers a brand to open a store on their page. Earlier websites provided information replacing books; now they provide products and services too.

We all have studied that not being able to touch a product is a drawback of online sales. How have than so many brands managed to generate more revenue from their virtual stores than the retail outlets? How did the biggest online selling platform reach its current position?

The biggest shortcoming of online sales has been overcome by the use of 3D videos. They show you a product in such a way that you can feel being in a real store. Let’s see how.

What Kind of a 3D Animation Video Catches Attention?

The animation is able to catch the attention of most when:

  • The quality of the video is high-definition (HD).
  • There is creativity combined with realism.
  • It has special effects playing with colors, light or patterns.
  • The viewer is able to relate to it or gains information.

In the case of online retail, the video has to give information. It needs to give a 360° view of the product to the customer along with a guide to its usage.

The Use of 3D Computer Graphics for Retailing

A lot of product images you may see on the net are not all photographs. Many of them are 3D models. They’re made by the brand manufacturers and 3D artists hired by retailers too. It has the following uses:

  • They are clear display pictures used in the product detail page of the brand store.
  • The raw file of the graphic is used to make the product detail video.
  • Some brands have AR apps that use 3D models to sell.
  • VR videos also use 3D computer graphics that display the product.

How is 3D Animation Used for Direct Selling?

In an offline market, you’ll find a brand selling its product from its own showroom as well as through small retailers. Apart from that, you’ll find them in exhibitions and similar events where they can build a network.

Now, we come to the online platform. There are 3 ways of selling here too:

  • Having your own e-commerce website.
  • Selling through online retailers like Amazon.
  • Creating a virtual store on Facebook.

Now, we come to the role of animation. You could display a television ad on your website. Why need a special 3D animation video? The reason is simple – flexibility.

  • You can create your own suitable background to show the best virtual display of your product.
  • Animation allows you to create the shortest video that does the work of a salesman.
  • For direct selling, your video needs to show only a complete view of the product and its user guide if required.

Benefits of 3D Videos for Online Retail

From the above, you can already say how animation videos can help in direct selling online. Following are some of the benefits to sum it up better:

1. Makes Your Product Searchable

Suppose, someone wants to look for “how to use a nail filer”. If you have a video that explains exactly that uploaded on your YouTube channel, social media page, brand website’s product page and product page of an online retailer, she gets a direct link to view and buys your product right away.

2. Creates New Customers

Video content is highly viewed and shared on the web. An average human being watches at least one video a day, either on the laptop or mobile phone. Your target audience will land on your page directly or indirectly at some point.

3. Engages the Audience

Like I said above, the human eye is attracted to anything that is illustrative and appears real. Creativity builds a very good impression on your audience and encourages them to buy & use your product.

4. You Have More Flexibility Than a Video Shoot

Suppose, you want to sell a sofa. A real shoot will demand you to keep that heavy piece of furniture in a set that you might not get according to your wishes. However, you can experiment to create the best backdrop in 3D animation software. This is what will ultimately sell the product.

5. Your Quality of Customer Service Improves

Suppose, you sell mobile phones. A customer has purchased your model but has problems understanding its usage. One explainer video on your product page solves his problems immediately – no phone call or running to the store is necessary.

6. You Save Money

It is a given fact that in-house employees will be cheaper than an outside agency. Also, a professional shoot can cost you a fortune than making the entire thing on the screen. Since 3D computer graphics are vector, the video will have the best quality too.

7. It Generates Instant Sales

When you watch a video on TV, whether you like it or not, you’ll simply forget about it. However, if you’re watching how a particular model of solar cooker works, you can click on the link that leads you to the store and buy right away.

8. You Can Analyse Your Performance Based on a Video

There are tools available on the web that enable you to see how many clicks and views did a video gets. You’ve noticed how Google and Facebook know your interests exactly. That’s how a brand observes its audience too.

9. Convenience to Watch and Re-watch

On TV, a video comes for 10 seconds and goes. You don’t know when you’ll see it again and forget soon. However, if you’re shopping online and see the product video on its detail page, you have the flexibility to replay or rewind at your convenience. It’s there on the same page, always.

10. The Most Effective Form of Communication

Nobody likes reading now a days. Even in stores, a lot of customers explore their products quietly and don’t want salesmen to influence them. However, they’ll never refuse to see a video. It is clear, to the point and has the exact demo they need.

Other Uses of 3D Animation Software for Business

A brand uses 3D graphics and animation for 3 other tasks:

These are key areas for any brand to use 3D animation. For someone like a film production house, the animation is the product that sells – the animated film. For an educative website, a 3D educational animation video is the product that brings viewership and revenue.

Compared to 2D, 3D animation video can grab a lot more eyeballs. Don’t you always find yourself lost when you watch one?

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