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Found by Faruk Ahmed in the year 2019, Insights of Technology is a platform for tech enthusiasts. As the name suggests, we are information providers and help you dive deep into the world of technology.

Our founder, Faruk has been passionate and enthusiastic about technology. He took this platform to share all his knowledge and insights in this field with the world. Our website covers plenty of fields and applications of technology and aims to cover every aspect of it.

Our Services

In which field will you not find technology today? Here, we aim to cover every discovery and application of technology. Following are some of the areas that we have covered so far:

Software: Most technologies that we use on our devices are available in the form of software. This could be hosting, WordPress, antivirus, or software as a service.

Agriculture: This sector of the economy was once only found in villages and had no connection with technology. However, now we can see how technology is applied here through aspects like precision agriculture, smart farming IoT and agricultural drone sprayer.

Education Technology: The first thing that probably comes to your mind upon hearing this term is an online school. While we do give you insights on online courses like how to become a software developer or learning software design, the field also covers aspects like a smart classroom.

Health Technology: Healthcare & medicine is one field that will always continue using technology for developing better forms of treatment. Gain insights on health information technology, remote patient monitoring, and the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare to know its actual potential.

Industrial Applications of Technology: The industrial revolution took place when the technology to increase manufacturing was discovered. Gain insights on industrial automation and various industrial services like 3D printing services and designs.

Smart Technology: When we’re looking for electronics and gadgets, we prefer the most advanced versions for the same. Check out some devices and appliances with smart technology for home automation.

Nanotechnology: We all have heard of this term in the news, in sci-fi movies, and may be read a little bit about it. Let’s gain actual insights into this field, learning more about nanotechnology products and applications.

A part of enlightening you with knowledge is assisting you with shopping. Our affiliation with Amazon, Themeforest, and Udemy helps you get everything related to technology – physical products, virtual products, and online courses on science & technology subjects. Here are a few examples of some of the buying guides we have provided:

  • The best smart home appliances
  • How to buy a smart board for the classroom
  • Getting the appropriate 3d printing machine
  • Top nanotechnology devices

So, if you’re willing to expand your knowledge in the field of technology, check out our articles and e-books on this site. You never know, if you might discover something that can turn your life over.


Faruk Ahmed