10 Benefits of Animated Architecture Sketch and Blueprint Photoshop Action

Have you ever seen a house before it was made? If you’ve seen it on a computer, it’s an animated architecture sketch and blueprint photoshop action.

Not only for houses, but interior designers for offices, stores, malls, restaurants, and hotels also use 3D modeling and animation. Even real estate companies use it when they construct a new building.

Earlier, designers would use pencil drawings to build a structure. Now, 3D animation software has changed the way of working completely. Let’s see how.

What is Architectural Animation?

This type of 3D animation involves creating a walk-through video of a structure. It could be a flat in a building, a bungalow, a mall, a store, or any other structure connected to real estate.

The final output or video shows the outer structure first from all angles. Then, it takes you to the entrance and shows the rooms inside you need to see.

The following structures are common in architectural animation:

  • Residential flats
  • Houses & bungalows
  • Hotels
  • Malls
  • Commercial Buildings & Offices
  • Stores & Boutiques
  • Factories
  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Clubs

How Does It Work?

These animation videos are created by the designing team. All interior designers and architects are trained to use 3D software to create their designs there.

The most common example we can go with is a house. Following is the procedure a designer follows from scratch:

  • First, he makes a rough diagram of the idea on paper. A modern designer might even omit this step.
  • The 3D model of the house begins with its exterior.
  • Once the designer finishes the outer structure, he starts placing furniture and doors in every room.
  • Next, he adds the little furnishings and décor items such as mats, frames, and clocks.
  • Now, he provides color and texture to every part of the structure: from walls to pen stands.
  • Next, he adds lights all over the place.
  • Now, to create the video, he adds another light and a camera outside the main structure.
  • Finally, he starts making the video by taking the camera from the exterior to the interior in every keyframe.
  • The designer, at last, renders the video and exports it into a video file.

Benefits for Users

When I say user, it refers to the owner or to be the owner of the property. When there was no 3D, users would rely on 2D drawings to get a basic idea of what they are about to get.

However, now with the advent of 3D animation, there are many added benefits consumers get:

1. Can Look for Good Designers

For starters, 3D modeling has enabled people to look for property for personal or commercial use. On the basis of 3D images and videos, they can compare and choose the best designer.

2. Get a Complete Idea of The Structure

Once the designer is ready, he first shows you the walk-through video so that you are completely sure of what you’re going to get. There’s no additional imagination or assumption required as 3D covers the tiniest of details.

3. Can Suggest Changes

Of course, this is the major benefit you get. You immediately tell your designer what you didn’t like. That could be a light, a color, or a doormat. This way, before construction begins, everything becomes clear between the designer and his client.

4. You’ll Know What to Shop

Now, your designer obviously puts certain elements that he doesn’t buy himself. For example, the wall clock, the pen stand or the bedsheet. These are small things you need to take care of. Your designer may arrange for furniture, lights and other big appliances. However, the little things are in your hands!

5. Can Attract Customers

Well, this only applies to owners of restaurants, hotels, stores, and malls. These are structures that are owned by one but visited by plenty. In fact, these visitors turn into clients if they feel like visiting on the basis of the video. So, the walk-through is not only used before construction, it is shown after that too.

How Does it Help Interior Designers or Architects?

There’s one thing about the business that I can share with you: your benefit lies in your client’s satisfaction. When the quality of your service goes one notch up, not only is your client impressed, you get a good rating out of the same too.

From here, you may figure out the following advantages of 3D modeling and animation if you’re an interior designer or architect:

6. Can View the Imagination Before Starting Work

Of course, you can’t be a designer if you don’t have a vision. However, instead of leaving the vision in your mind, you put it on the computer before putting it to reality. Also, if you’re still learning, the software will help you experiment a lot with your designs.

7. Can Point Out Errors While Designing

Suppose, you imagined that an L-shaped sofa will look good in the living room. However, when you put it in 3D and walkthrough, you see it’s looking clumsy. So, before going to the client with this, you already got to rectify this error.

8. Excellent for Learning

Like I said above, if you’re a learner, this is a great tool for you. before you start your work, you can see the videos and understand what inputs you have to give. Even if you don’t have much imagination, it’s ok. As you keep making something, you groom yourself to make the best.

9. Able to Serve Clients More Efficiently

If you’ve been in this business, you’ll know that all clients ask for a 3D video to see what they’re getting. The site visit happens once, the rest is on a computer before construction begins. Today, that’s the only way to satisfy your client.

10. Helps in Promoting Services & Showcasing Portfolio

So, you think your client views the walk-in and once the construction is done, you don’t need the video? Wake up, buddy! You need an online presence today. Not a mere online presence, a portfolio that gives a glimpse of your work. Use these videos here!

Other Uses of 3D Animation

Compared to 2D animation, 3D has plenty of uses. A lot of industries need 3D animation to support their field of work. Some of them include:

  • Entertainment: Films, Series and Cartoons
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Gaming
  • Military Training
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Technology

The use of stencils hasn’t gone completely yet. However, with time this might change. 3D architectural animation will be the only medium for design, showcase, and implementation. Don’t you find it easier and more attractive?

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