8 Better Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare for Patients

Won’t you find it convenient if your new doctor had access to your medical history all the time? This is one of the greatest benefits of blockchain in healthcare – saving time and increasing the efficiency of services.

Blockchain is a technology that Satoshi Nakamoto invented in 2008 for maintaining Bitcoin transactions. From here, several industries are now using it for various operations.

Blockchain in healthcare records information on the medical history of patients, supply chains, and genetic codes.

However, if you want to give access to your medical history to any doctor you go to, you need to register your details with a blockchain healthcare application. Only then, your records can be accessed by any doctor or hospital you go to.

Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare for Patients

As a patient, your only priority is to get well soon. For a doctor to treat you well, he needs to know every problem you’ve gone through and every medicine your body has ever taken. The more he knows, the better it is.

Hence, for you to obtain the best treatment from any doctor or hospital, here’s how blockchain technology in healthcare benefits you:

  1. Better Treatment

No matter how well-experienced a doctor is, he needs to know his patient well before treating him. This is because each patient he treats is different, reacting to medicines and treatments differently.

Your medical records that are given in detail in a blockchain are a lot more efficient at conveying the information to the doctor. Especially, when you’re critical and your doctor needs to know something then, the data in the blockchain will help him treat you faster.

  1. Safety of Information

Your medical history information is only your doctor’s business. However, there have been instances of data breaches where all of this information gets leaked. If your data lies with a good blockchain app, then you can assure yourself for the information to be safe.

This is because of two reasons – firstly, every block of the blockchain has verified and encrypted data, which is impossible to edit or tamper with. Secondly, whoever needs your medical information needs your ID for gaining access. Only you can have that ID to share it with the hospital.

  1. Enables You to Receive Relief Services

Let’s suppose you are a victim of a disaster that has affected thousands with you. With the blockchain managing the movement of medical supplies and the government’s access to it, emergency supplies can reach you faster. Moreover, access to your medical records will help the doctor treat your injuries better.

  1. Saves Money

Your medical history includes every little detail about your health, including your test reports. Since it communicates to the doctor in one go about you, you don’t have to waste money on the repeated diagnosis.

Benefits of Blockchain in Healthcare for Hospitals, Doctors & Pharmacies

For hospitals and clinics, the usage of blockchain is multi-fold. Here’s how the technology benefits them with their operations:

  1. Getting Simpler Access to Patient’s Medical Records

A doctor has a lot of patients to look after and a hospital has even more. It is not possible for them to remember every existing patient’s history. Neither is it possible to ask a new patient’s history when he’s admitted to a hospital due to a heart attack or an accident.

With a patient’s detailed records mentioned in a blockchain, a doctor can view a patient’s records any time he wants. This saves his time and effort, making him more efficient at his work.

  1. Can Maintain a Global Database of Medications

Instead of having different medical researchers and pharmacies maintain their own ledgers, there can be one global ledger for all the medical products. This includes new medicines and vaccines invented by researchers as well as the existing products’ supply chain.

  1. Preventing Fraudulent Activities

In the medical industry, there are two types of fraudulent activities that take place. One is from the side of customers, who provide false insurance claims. Another one is from the side of pharmacies, making illegal sales of certain medicines and drugs.

Since everything related to a patient’s activity is recorded in a blockchain, insurance frauds become easy to catch. Moreover, maintaining the supply chain through this technology catches suspicious activities by pharmacies too.

  1. Saves Cost of Data Management

Managing records on the central server can prove to be costlier today. This is because its efficiency and security are much lesser. Hence, any mistake or major manhandling of data can cost the organization a lot more than using blockchain technology. On the other hand, using blockchain benefits the healthcare organization for smoother and more fool-proof data management.

The Future of Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain is still growing as a technology. In the world, there are still many hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies that don’t use blockchain at all. Many patients across the globe are yet to introduce themselves to this technology.

  • In these places the following problems still exist:
  • Accessing patient records during an emergency
  • Managing the supply chain of medical essentials
  • Tampering and breaching of data
  • Illegal activities in the medical industry

The only solution to the above problems is using blockchain for healthcare data management. A global network that allows entities to access data with permission will make the medical industry work smoothly.

Sooner or later, every clinic, pharmacy, and the hospital would have to resort to using blockchain for maintaining all its records. Combining it with the internet of medical things, it can make the healthcare system extremely smooth for professionals and patients.

Are you receiving the benefits of blockchain in healthcare or are you yet to?

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