Top 10 Best App to Make Money Online in India

Have you tried earning extra money after your working hours but just don’t find the time or energy to do so? Well, today I’m going to introduce you to best app to make money online in india that pay you real money only for playing games or watching videos. Basically, you can get some extra pocket money from your lying around time!

These are real money-making apps that’ll pay you on your PayPal account. You’ll also get options like gift vouchers of ecommerce sites or getting paid via Bitcoin. There are plenty of apps to earn money fast out there. Some of them pay you for filling up surveys, some pay you for your photography skills and some pay you for giving reviews.

However, here we’ll discover the best money-making apps which you can use even when you’re exhausted. In fact, you can use apps that give you money for watching videos while you’re travelling or working too.

Interesting, isn’t it? Who would have thought that earning extra pocket money was that simple? Let’s check out the apps that pay you for literally taking a break.

Top 5 Apps that Pay You to Play Games

For a long time, I would find gaming apps as a distraction. Then, one fine day I discovered that you could play a game and earn money for real! Not all games would do that of course. Most of these gaming apps that pay you real money are online casinos. However, what I’ve listed here are apps where you don’t have to make any deposit from your end or lose money to others.

Following are the apps where you win money for playing games:


You remember playing games like Solitaire and Mahjong on your old computers? Well, if you play them here, you could win a great deal of money. Some scratch cards and games can give you $2,500 in one win right away!

In fact, in some slots and games, there is a chance for you to be lucky enough to win even a million dolllars! Now that is something if your salary also isn’t that high, isn’t it?


Now this is one great gaming app that just sheds out money to you. It’s more like taking part in an online contest and winning a great prize for it. All you need to do is answer some trivia questions correctly. The daily prizes you receive account for $5,000. On a Sunday, you could even win a whopping $25,000!

Just one thing – there’s a specific time when you have to be there. There’s nothing to lose but you need to answer all 12 questions correctly to win the money. For every question, you don’t get more than 10 seconds. Now it’s worth getting lucky here even if you’re taking out a specific hour.


This app pays you for multiple things, one of them being playing games. You also get paid here to watch videos, filling up surveys, reading sponsored emails, surfing on the web, printing coupons and completing offers.

You get paid $5 for only signing up here and receive a pay-out of $30 at a time either through check or via gift cards.

Brain Battle

This gaming app also pays a good deal in your PayPal account. The process includes playing games for tickets first, which help you enter the games that give out cash prizes.

The game pays you a portion from its advertising revenues. They’ve shed thousands of dollars already and continue to do so.


Now there are times when we feel too lazy to even play a real game. So, how about I tell you that you could earn money only to roll a dice? Yes, that’s what you get to do in this amazing app. You roll a dice, win tickets and get cash prizes in return.

When you sign up, your first 50 rolls will be free. That means you’ll just get tickets here. After that, you’ll need luck.

Get Paid to Watch Videos via PayPal – Best Apps to Make Money Fast

Watching videos is something you could do even in the middle of your work. You just leave it open on your mobile and focus on your computer screen! Imagine how much you could actually earn out of that. You can use these apps to earn money fast as they pay for every video you watch. Every app that I’ve listed here pays you through PayPal or at least gives you that option:

which is the best app to earn money in india


This is an app that pays you for multiple things – watching videos, playing games and referring friends. Everything you get here – from the welcome bonus to the referral program rewards are in the form of redeemable points.

Your welcome bonus comprises of 100 points. If a friend of yours joins through you, there’s an interesting offer – get 3,000 points whenever he or she earns them. Redeem them in your PayPal whenever you reach the minimum required amount.


This app will have some good, entertaining videos for you to watch. That’s what makes it worth using it. by using a promo code, you’ll get your welcome bonus of $1 already. On the other hand, when a friend signs up using your promo code, you’ll earn another dollar for that.

You can redeem the points you earn by watching videos in your PayPal account. That happens after you reach the minimum number.


This app pays you for many things – watching videos, playing games, filling up surveys and inviting friends. The referral program gives you 10% of your friends’ earnings.

The reason why I listed the app here is because there’s no limit to the number of videos you can watch. Just hit “Next” and you can make as much money you want to. Your minimum earnings need to be just $5 to redeem in your PayPal account.

Creation Rewards

You’ll get your first $5 only for signing up here. In your 1st 5 days, you’ll get another bonus of $5 on your first earning of the same amount. That implies earning $15 in the first 5 days only for signing up and watching some videos.

What you’ll enjoy more is their referral program. If any f your friends sign up through your link, you get 10% of their earnings too!


You can earn anything between 50 cents and $3 per video here. Your first video view has a fixed price of 50 cents. Depending on the length of video that you watch, you’ll earn accordingly.

The referral program allows you to earn 10% of your friend’s earnings. However, you cannot have more than 3 people joining through you.

Which of These Online Money-Making Apps Suit You?

These are by far the easiest ways of earning money online. You may not have pictures to sell. Filling up surveys can be boring for you. However, playing games and watching videos can be fun. The money is not just easy to make, but also worth it when you earn it through leisure.

So, among these apps that pay you, which ones do you consider going for?

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