30 Examples of Best Blockchain Healthcare Applications

Did you know that apart from pharmacies you even have other apps dealing with healthcare? There are several best blockchain healthcare applications that benefit patients, doctors, and healthcare organizations of all kinds.

Blockchain in healthcare is being used by organizations for keeping many records. These include patient history, financials, supply chain, and many more. There are different software and applications for various tasks.

Many organizations are yet to start using this technology. However, sooner or later they all might have to resort to using blockchain for healthcare data management.

What are the Blockchain Healthcare Applications?

To answer this question, we’ll break these 3 words into 2 – blockchain and healthcare applications.

Blockchain is a technology that allows you to store and access data through a network. Healthcare applications, on the other hand, are software that facilitates managing or providing medical services.

Thus, a blockchain-based healthcare application is an app that uses blockchain technology for managing the industry. Given below are 30 different examples of such applications. To gain a better understanding, we’ll see the categories of apps in the healthcare industry.

4 Types of Healthcare Applications that Use Blockchain

The benefit of using blockchain in healthcare is that it can look after all the data organizations need to improve their services. The various types of healthcare apps using blockchain are based on the functions they perform:

Managing Patient Data

When you’re admitted to a particular hospital for the first time due to an emergency, the doctor has to know your history. Only then, can he cure you safely and quickly. Thus, having your medical records globally accessible through a network pays off.

Blockchain-based apps not only make them easily accessible for the right users but also protect your data from misuse. Examples of such applications are DokChain, GEM, Patientory, GuardTime and BurstIQ.

Supply Chain Management

Every little item that any medical organization uses needs to be recorded for the supply chain management. This not just includes medicines and injections, but many other tools and devices they use on us.

Best Blockchain Healthcare Applications

In order to prevent black marketing of these products, especially medicines, a blockchain-based app comes to your rescue. Some of these apps include Chronicled, Novartis andSAP Pharma Blockchain POC.

Clinical Trials

Every vaccine, medicine, testing procedure, and treatment procedure that exists in the medical field has come out after a clinical trial. Be it a simple antacid or radiation therapy for treating cancer.

Data manipulation can take place there too. However, with the help of blockchain technology, the problem has been reducing. Thus, apps like Sanofi, Amgen, and Pfizer are working towards transparency in this field.

Growth of the Genomics Market

Genomics is the study of chromosomes in a cell. Clinical trials are pretty much the last stage of research – first, scientists need to make these studies for developing medicines and vaccines.

Researchers buy this information today for a price as high as $1,000. Thus, apps like Nebula Genomics, EncypGen, and Doc.ai ensure these sales take place fairly, without any middlemen.

Real-Life Examples of Usage of Blockchain-Based Healthcare Applications

Blockchain has been very useful in making the medical industry transparent. Like any other sector, there has been corruption in this field too. Data manipulation takes place for black marketing and fraudulent billing activities.

On the other hand, the sector also has some honest workers who are willing to help the world fight deadly diseases. Following are some examples of some other apps that work well for healthcare organizations and patients:

For Patient Records

SOLVE: Solve is an app that will help you find healthcare service providers and medical insurance companies. With the help of blockchain, it maintains secure and transparent records of prescriptions and bills of patients.

MediBloc: This is another app that established in 2017 where patients can register their medical history. It is best known for its security and helping patients make insurance claims too.

Factom: This healthcare app stores and secures medical information of patients. If you use it, then be sure that only hospitals that you visit can access them.

Medicalchain: This app was designed and developed in London. They are known for protecting the patient’s identities as well as recording every detail of their history.

SimplyVital Health: This is an open-source database recording the medical history of patients. It has made access to healthcare professionals very convenient.

Coral Health Research & Discovery: This app was made to cure patients faster. Not only does it store and secure patient records, but connects doctors, scientists, technicians, and public health authorities when needed.

Robomed: This app facilitates telemedicine services and live interaction between patients and doctors. Blockchain stores information about the users securely.

For SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Blockpharma: Designed for your safety, this app traces fraudulent practices in the medical field. This includes black marketing of medical supplies and manufacturing & selling of fake medicines.

Tyron: Based in California, this app records audit documents as well as movement of each and every medical supply.

For SCM (Supply Chain Management)

For Clinical Research & Trials

Humanscape: This blockchain app has been helping researchers develop a cure for rare diseases. It has made clinical trials simpler and more transparent.

CDC: The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention monitors disease outbreaks taking place in real-time. This helps scientists find a cure as soon as possible.

Other Innovative Apps

Mikasa: This is a unique app using Blockchain technology, helping the world fight against Covid-19. It helps in detecting carriers and hotspots of the disease to alert people.

Dentacoin: The term “Denta” is for dentists as this app caters to oral health care. They have several apps for global dentistry to educate people, help them find dentists, and reduce costs on treatments.

Agency: Established in 2018, this app provides financial solutions for healthcare technologies. It has established and brought together several blockchain-based healthcare applications in the world.

MediShares: Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is more like medical insurance you can invest in. Members of this app share costs incurred in medical expenses. Thus, you’ll be paying someone or the other’s bills every month and will know for whom as well.

Lympo: The main Lympo app is known for encouraging general health & fitness. They give away rewards for completing fitness challenges and blockchain secures the wallet where you receive them.

These are some very few examples of blockchain healthcare applications being used around the globe. If you’ve been reading about all of them for the first time, then it means blockchain in healthcare is yet to grow.

In the long run, blockchain technology is a way of saving the healthcare industry from corruption and inefficiency. Don’t you think so?

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