Top 5 Best Camera for Podcasting- Buying Guide 2022.

Podcasting is a very popular phenomenon and has taken over the world in recent times. A podcast is a program that can be downloaded over the internet and is available in digital format. In the era of the digital world, to make a proper podcast, one has to find the best camera for podcasting.

Without agood camera, live streaming or uploading a good quality podcast video will be difficult. A clear, high-resolution video is always preferred by the audience and as a podcaster one should deliver it to the subscribers.

What is podcasting?

Initially podcasting was basically preparing and distributing audio files to computers of subscribed users. With the advancement of social media, podcasts are now done in video format too. Videos are always more appealing than audio files. In a world where digitalization has become huge, podcasting has taken over the world and is garnering more audiences than ever.

Finding the best camera for podcasting becomes crucial when there is so much competition and so many content creators. Podcasts can be heard or seen on smart phones, multimedia players as well as available on the internet.

There are different types of podcasts but broadly they can be divided into-

  • Audio podcasting
  • Video podcasting

Audio podcasting

Audio podcasting is when someone uploads an audio content or file over the internet.Subscribers can listen to it using their smartphones or iPods etc. While making an audio podcast one has to really keep in mind the audio quality because people love to hear podcasts that have clarity, good diction, easy understandable language and appropriate recording time.

The audio recorder that is used for audio podcasting must be of good quality and have no static or any other disturbances. Audio podcasting was the real format of podcasts but now with the advancement of digitization, video podcasting has become more popular.

Video podcasting

Video podcasting is when someone chooses a topic and does a video recording on it and publishes it on the internet. The subscribers can access the video and watch it from their mobile phones or any other device. Quality is essential in such videos. One must use the best camera for video podcast to get the best video quality.

The cameras must also focus on good audio quality for optimal use. Subscribers prefer full hd videoswith good quality audio output.

How podcasting can be successful? 

At a time, where there is too much availability of materials and contents for podcasting, one has to be creative. Quantity and quality both play an important factor for the success of any podcast- audio or video. We must keep the language simple, the topic must be relevant yet uncommon and the presentation must be flawless.

Out of the box thinking helps in making the best video or the best audio content for a podcast and with time is bound to be successful.

camera for podcasting

How to record best quality podcasts?

Making podcasts are very common nowadays. But all podcasts are not successful. Some has millions of views and become viral while some have just hundreds. The content or topic might be same or similar but understanding the disparity between the views is the key. There are some tips one must follow to produce high quality audio or video podcasts so that they have maximum reach and become successful.

  1. One must use high quality and appropriate equipment. Using the best camera helps in good quality content.
  2. One must always practice what they are going to say. Write a script if possible and practice before saying it on your podcast so that there is no stuttering or difficulty in understanding words.
  3. One must record in appropriate environment that is relatable to the topic that is being covered. This will make the podcast visually appealing.
  4. One must make sure that unnecessary background noise is cancelled and does not interrupt with the purpose of the video.
  5. One must adopt proper microphone techniques and keep it at the level of their mouth for clarity. The microphone should be kept at a little distance while talking else static and other noise interruptions might take place.
  6. One must keep the volume levels consistent throughout the video. It can also be done during editing of the video.
  7. One must watch their breath. The major problem one faces while recording for a podcast audio or video is the sound of breathing. It creates distraction and sometimes overlaps what is being said. One has to be conscious during the continuous shooting of the podcast that heavy inhale or exhale of breath does not ruin it. It will also take a lot of editing to be fixed and some might be irreparable.
  8. One must keep their body still. Too much movement causes distraction and unnecessary noise. Limited and necessary movements are encouraged. Excessive movements are to be avoided.
  9. One must take care of noise issues as soon as possible. If while recording, one identifies any issue with noise, background or otherwise, it should be fixed without delay to create the best video.
  10. One must try to use headphones while recording for a podcast. This enhances the audio quality output and makes it clear and audible.
  11. One must not speak in between or interrupt if the podcast features other people. This is a basic etiquette one must follow.
  12. Mistakes might happen. One must not panic in such a situation but leave audio cues so that it can be fixed during editing. Slicing out mistakes is very common and can be done after recording the video/audio.
  13. One must mute the microphone when the other person is speaking. It save some editing time and provides better sound clarity.
  14. A background noise cancellation tool is a must for every podcaster. This saves a lot of time and provides good quality podcast to the subscribers.
  15. Production elements should be used consciously. Sound effects and video effects should be used only if one feels they will enhance the frame. Over-usage can make the video seem cluttered and cringe-worthy. Same goes for audio podcasts. Too much unnecessary sound effects may ruin it completely.
  16. One must stay hydrated before they start to record for a podcast. It keeps us calm and helps us to stay focused.
  17. If our podcast has many people and they operate from remote places, we must record a separate channel for each person. This gives a feeling of neatness and subscribers enjoy it.
  18. If one is stuck in a noisy environment which is causing trouble to record a podcast, they can always drape a blanket over themselves and the microphone and record it. This helps reduce the background noise.
  19. If one is tired from continuous shooting, they must take a break and then start again. That would give a fresh feel and look to the podcast.
  20. One must increase internet bandwidth if they are connecting to people over the internet. This provides better sound quality.
  21. One must trust their own instincts and listen to whatever they have recorded before publishing it. They must always do what their intuition says and stop overthinking.
  22. Content is king. The content must be engaging and relatable. Even with the best equipment and the best video cameras, the podcast will not be a success if the content is shallow or meaningless. Hence it is essential to choose a topic that is relevant and interesting.
  23. One must be confident while recording a podcast so that whatever is being recorded is believable to the subscribers.

If a person follows these simple tips, they can easily make the best podcast. All it needs is perception, clarity, patience, content and creativity.

Best camera for podcast

Podcasting has become so popular over the years that people see or hear them for information, entertainment, news, education and even life advice. The key to reaching more subscribers is video podcasting. People like to watch good informative and relevant videos and prefer them over audio podcasting nowadays.

To create a high-quality video podcast, one needs the best camera for recording a podcast. High-quality camera should be used for it.

There are many good cameras but not all are great for podcasting. The video output really suffers if the camera used is of low quality and people or subscribers do not enjoy such videos. Choosing the best camera for podcast really makes a huge difference to the video quality and can provide us with 4K videos.

Cameras for shooting a video podcast must be able to shoot high-quality videos. Nowadays people like to watch videos in full hd 1080p. This has become the minimum requirement. We must hence choose a podcast video camera that can record 4K videos or atleastfull hd videos.

Even if we are on a budget, we must look for the best budget camera for podcasting with features including excellent audio recording capabilities, great video recording options, noise cancellation, good battery life, user friendliness or easy to use feature, resolution and price. These features will make audio and video content of best quality.

The best cameras for podcasting can be expensive but without a good camera, the result will not be good. Hence before starting own podcast, if one is really passionate about making videos, then they must check price and the features available and start saving up.  We must also keep in mind that battery life depends on factors such as mode of usage, storage size and temperature.

Using good cameras to record podcasts allow us to sync the content better, enjoy longer recording time, provided the camera has a good battery life, and make the most of larger memory allocations. Visual recording ability helps us to create contents in different platforms. But finding the best podcast camera setup is not too easy.

One might have great resolution but the microphone quality might be bad. One might have great microphone but the battery might not be strong. One might have good battery power but might not have live stream functionality. One might have everything we are looking for but less storage or memory space.

So we need to do a lot of research before buying a good camera for recording podcast. Professional podcast camera is a game changer and must be used to make good quality content and reaching out to a larger audience.

camera for podcasting

5 Best Camera For Podcasting 

Having a best camera for podcast is a blessing. High resolution, good battery life, quality audio output, live streaming capability, ability to record high-quality videos, sufficient storage space are some of the features we look for while buying cameras for podcasting. Some of the best camera for video podcast creation is as follows-

1. Logitech Brio 4K Webcam 

The Logitech Brio 4K webcam is one of the best webcam for podcast. It has features that will enhance the video quality and make podcasting an experience. It has ultra 4K HD video calling, noise cancellation microphone, HD audio light correction, wide field of view and works with Microsoft teams, zoom and Google voice. It also works with any PC, Mac, Tablet, Macbook and Notebook.

Product features

  • Amazing HD resolution and connectivity- The Logitech Brio 4K webcam has ultra 4K HD resolution. It is one of the best podcast cameras because it makes making a video podcast an experience with 4 times the resolution of a typical webcam.It can support work from anywhere and can sync with different media and devices.


  • Noise cancellation and light adjustment– Goodquality microphone features help in cancelling unnecessary background sound, thus giving a good audio output.It also has the feature of auto light adjustment and shows us in the best light, even in situations where the lighting is low. It uses HDR technology in low-light and backlit environments.


  • Wide view and sync qualities– It has 3 field of view and we can choose between 90, 78 or 65 degrees and widen the environment or narrow focus on ourselves.It has up to 90 fps and hence creates high quality videos in real time. It also supports streaming in less lighting conditions. It can sync or sign into your computer securely without a password.

Privacy shade, warranty and other features– It has a privacy shade or a cover over the lens that can protect it when not in use.It has 1 year hardware warranty.It can work with Windows, Mac or chromeOs. It works with popular streaming platforms as well.It also has a 7.2 feet cable and autofocus featur


  • It has great resolution, color and detail.
  • RightLight3 and HDR or High Dynamic Range technologies make us look best in any lighting condition.
  • It is cheaper in price in comparison to many other 4K web cameras.
  • It is simple to install and works with most media outlets. This makes it one of the best webcam for podcast. 


  • The software could have been better.
  • We have less control over image quality and lighting.
  • Does not swivel sideways.


2. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III 

The OM-D E-M5 Mark III Silver Body with M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 II Black Lens Kit is a good video podcast camera. It is compact and light weight. It can be carried anywhere. Stunning images can be captured by using it. The E-M5 Mark IIImakes the lens and accessories good to use.

Product features- 

  • 4K quality and easy to use-The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III has great video capture quality. It can record 4K quality videos.It is lightweight, easy to use and compact.
  • High resolution shot-It has MOS sensor.It can give high-resolution shot.It has LCD type viewfinder.
  • Image stabilization and attractive body– It has image stabilization feature. It looks stylish and trendy with a black and silver body.
  • Portability– It is portable and suitable for taking stunning pictures on-the-go.It also has 121 point all cross type on-chip phase detection AF which means no problem with connectivity.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry. The black and silver body makes it look stylish.
  • Excellent image or video quality. Great for night photography too.
  • Sharp electronic viewfinder.
  • In-body image stabilization feature makes taking pictures while traveling easy.
  • Materials, controls etc. are of very high quality and hence gives a good quality feel overall.


  • The camera does not look durable and tough.
  • Place for design improvement is there.


3. Sony Alpha A6600 Mirror-less Camera

The Sony Alpha A6600 is a professional podcast camera and includes a 24 2MP Exmore CMOS image sensor the latest bionz x image processor. It also has a front-end LSI as implemented in Sony’s full-frame cameras.  It is mirror less and black in color.

Product features

  • Special features- This camera has BIONZ X Image Processor which is top quality, 5 axis steady shot image Stabilization feature and 4D focuses. This means superb quality control over image or video recording, even while travelling or on the go.


  • Object tracking and sensors- It has world’s fastest AF and real time AF with object tracking.It has Exmor sensors.Up to 11fps continuous shooting can be done.It has wide detection AF points.


  • Other features-It has5 shutter speed advantageand materials for professional audio monitoring so the video and audio output is of top quality. Touch tracking is available and hence provides continuous focus tracking.It has battery, charger and USB cable with strap provided in the box.


  • Good battery life.
  • Fastest AF.
  • Dedicated video record button.
  • It has good low-light performance.
  • It has good image stabilization feature than sony a6400.


  • It does not have in-camera panorama.
  • It does not come with a lens.
  • It has no flash.
  • It is costlier than sony fdr versions but have better features as well.


4. Canon EOS M50 

The Canon EOS M50is a compact camera. Its lens can be interchanged. It has high resolution ultra 4K videos, dual pixel cmos sensor and hence can produce high quality images and videos. The canon eosM50 models are almost at par with the canon eos rebel models.

Product features

  • Autofocus and image processing- Dual pixel cmos AF for autofocus is installed. It has cmos sensor and DIGIC 8 image processor for high quality capture.


  • Touchscreen and viewfinder-It has a flexible tilt range and different angle LCD touchscreen.High resolution viewfinder is also installed. It had full rotational touch screen.


  • Video quality and webcam features-It can take 4K UHD videos, which makes the video quality magnificent.EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software (Mac and Windows) to be used to use canon camera as a webcam. Overall, It is a small mirror-less powerful camera, ideal for podcasting.


  • It is a link between smartphone and DSLR camera for podcasting.
  • It is lightweight and mirror-less with high resolution picture and video quality.
  • It has good user interface.
  • It has good build quality.


  • 4K video suffers from significant shutter roll.
  • Dual pixel autofocus does not work in 4K and crops the picture.
  • The eos rebel model of canon is a little better than this model.


5. Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 4K Digital Camera

The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 has a 60 X Zoom DC VARIO 20 – 1200 mm Lens, 18.1 Megapixel Video Camera,  F2.8 – 5.9 Aperture, Power O.I.S. Stabilization, 3 – Inch LCD Touch Enabled, Wi-Fi, DC – FZ80 K and is black in color. It has an optical image stabilization feature. It is one of the best camera for recording a podcast. It is traveller-friendly and easy to use.

Product features

  • Compact design and connectivity- This camera is small and lightweight hence easy to carry. It can be connected to the mobile using Wi-Fi and a USB cable.


  • Image stabilization and high-resolution video-It have optical image stabilization This means we can take photographs even of a moving subject and there will be stabilization and quality. It has high resolution and can record 4K videos which are the ultimate for any good camera.


  • Optical zoom feature and low-light photography- Optical zoom feature helps is capturing far off moments. This is installed in the camera which makes it unique. It performs well in low light as well and hence one can enjoy nightlife videography or photography.It is one of the many video cameras ideal for making a podcast.


  • Good creative control. It has fast FPS.
  • Battery life is pretty good.
  • 4K video/image quality with optical zoom and optical image stabilization is amazing.
  • It is good for low-light photography and videography.
  • Compact and easy to use.


  • No focus ring causing obstructed zoom.
  • Low-light conditions for moving subject are not that great.
  • Limited options on selection wheel.


There are many more cameras available in the market for creating good video podcast. Certain features like battery, High resolution picture, audio output, noise cancellation etc. are required while choosing cameras for podcasting.

Benefits of Video podcasting

Originally podcasting was audio based and was developed in 2004 but with the change in digitalization now video podcasts have become more popular. Following are some of the benefits of video podcasting –

The audience trusts you more 

When we do audio podcasting it might be hard to connect with the audience. With video podcasting, the audience can see us and understand our hard work. They can see how dedicated we are towards the content. Visual experience is always better than audio experience hence the audience feel their part of the podcast.

The subscribers can also feel how passionate we are towards our work and appreciate it more. Since audience connects more towards a video podcastthere are chances that they will stick around more as well as word of mouth may spread via them and more audience can be gained.

Audience is more engaged to the podcast

Video podcasting creates authenticity and trust among the subscribers. It also increases audience engagement. There can be different types of video podcast and some interact with other guests or live audience as well. So in such formats the audience involvement is more and when others view it on their digital media they feel more connected and involved.

It is more trustworthy as well, since the other people are also involved. It also gives the audience an opportunity to communicate with the podcaster.Most podcasters do reply to queries as much as they can. So it is definitely more engaging for the audience as well as the podcasters.

Different Media Channels can be used

A video podcaster can produce one video and can circulate the same in multiple popular social media platforms. This attracts more audience or viewers for their content and the popularity of the podcaster can increase dramatically. People enjoy watching videos more than listening to audio clips as it is visually appealing and generally tends to stick to their memory.

Once the podcast is successful and garner enough views many social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram etc. might pay for the number of views and this helps the podcaster to earn a good amount of money for themselves. Regularly posting on such social media channels also enhances the quality of the video of the podcast with time.

Many viewers may also suggest what can be done for better quality and variety in their contents. It also saves a lot of time and can reach to different section of audience. A good 30 minutes video or less on different media platforms makes good impact.

Social media share-ability boosted 

Social media is less of aural and more visual and once the audience find it interesting, usually they tend to share the videos with their friends and groups. This can help the podcaster gain more potential subscribers or viewers.  Video podcasts which has subtitles are more popular among social media platforms as it can break the barriers of language.

Improves podcast discoverability and SEO

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and is an amazing platform to upload your video podcast. This enhances the discoverability of your video. Youtube has its own SEO algorithm which helps to reach your content to the right audience.

It helps in creating awareness about your podcast establishing that your content is relevant and useful to the audience. Other media platforms also help in reaching different sections of audience and boost up the viewership of your podcast.


Video podcasting is a growing market 

Many channels which used to support audio podcasting now are moving towards video podcasting which is the new generation trend. One has to keep up with the new trend and as such video podcasters have the opportunity to explore new channels and reach greater audience.

The audio podcasting platforms have also now understood that the video podcasting is more popular in current times. Thus they have opened the doors for it and this offers immense opportunity to reach the wider section of audience.

Video podcasting is a win-win situation and every popular platform is now promoting and supporting it. This is the next big thing and hence a video podcaster can benefit from it a lot, be it monetarily or for fame and reach. There are various types of video podcasts such as-

  • Monologue podcasts
  • In-studio interview
  • Remote interview/ talking heads
  • Static image
  • Animated video
  • B roll and interview

Buying guide for best camera for podcasting 

With so many types of cameras to choose from, any person might be confused as to what features a camera must have for it to become good for podcasting. Cameras are generally costly and hence proper research is needed before buying one so that the money is not wasted. There are few unavoidable factors to consider while buying a camera for podcasting.

Audio features 

The camera must have a built-in high quality microphone and noise cancellation features so that the audio quality is good and the subscribers have no problem in hearing what is being said.

Video features 

There should be no compromise on the video quality. The camera should be able to record videos in 4K quality or at least full HD mode for viewers to enjoy. Nowadays people give a lot of preference to the video quality while watching anything and they should not be deprived of it. It might result in loss of subscription or views.

Battery life 

A camera must have a decent battery life. Of course it depends on certain factors like temperature, usage and storage media etc., still a minimum quality should be maintained. It would be really annoying to keep charging the battery every 30 minutes or so.

A long-lasting battery life is absolutely a priority when it comes to buying a camera for podcasting. The recording time should not be interrupted due to low battery situations.

Camera features 

The camera must have high resolution camera quality. The image taken must be crystal clear. 4K or HD photographs are very popular nowadays and one must see that the camera provides it. It would be a boon if it has optical zooming features and image stabilization options. Cameras that support night-time and low-light photography are more desirable.


The camera that is chosen must come with the basic USB cable for file transfer, charger, battery and microphone (if possible). These accessories are important and hence if not provided, need to be bought separately which means spending more money. So it is better to choose a camera which has these accessories included.

Camera design 

Camera design refers to how the camera looks. Earlier the trend was to buy big hunky cameras but things have changed now. People prefer light-weight and compact cameras with built-in features as much as possible. These are easy to carry as well as user friendly.

Nowadays big cameras are available but rarely brought. Some super professional cameral might still be huge and have multiple detachable accessories but for creating videos or podcasts a simple, compact, easy to use camera is always preferred. Detachable and interchangeable accessories take up a lot of space in the travel bag and have the possibility of getting lost as well.

While looking for the best camera for podcast production, one must keep in mind that less (in size) is more.


Budget can be a concerning factor while buying a camera. Cameras for recording are generally pricey. So it is always advised to make a list of the features we want the camera to have and then check price range of the different cameras available in the market.

Since video blogging and video podcasting have become immensely popular in today’s world, different cameras have flooded the market and sometimes it can become overwhelming to choose a camera from so many options. We must be focused on what features we want, read reviews and compare budgets before buying a camera that is best suited for our purpose.

Other features 

Some cameras come with accessories such as interchangeable lens, covers, stands etc. We should always compare the cameras within the same range of money and then decide which one to buy. The main focus should be on resolution, noise reduction features and battery life more than extra accessories.

Editing software is also sometimes included when purchasing a camera as a free gift. Sometimes companies compromise on basic quality to provide extra accessories and software and lure the customers. Hence a good understanding of the necessary features and comparison with other cameras of same price range is highly advisable.


It is very important to find the best camera for podcasting since it can make a huge difference in the quality of the podcast. It can literally make or break the podcaster. Along with the content, the camera plays a vital role and hence should be carefully chosen.

Other factors like diction, body language, background, noise etc. must also be paid heed to and fixed if required. Editing is also a major part of podcasting and hence one must be a good editor or find someone who can help. Bad editing can invite trolls and may result in negative opinion about the podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

  1. What is the best camera for podcasting?

Ans- Thereare many cameras that are good for podcasting.Any camera having a high resolution and good

battery life along with good audio output can be used. Logitech, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Canon are the

most desired ones in the market.

  1. What camera is best for recording podcasts?

Ans- Canon EOS is one of the best reviewed cameras for recording podcasts.

  1. What is the best camera for podcasts on iphone?

Ans- The quality of camera on the latest versions of iphone are of high quality and can be used for podcasting.

All we need is a connector and a lightweight microphone and we are good to go.

  1. What camera do most podcasters use?

Ans- As per review on Google, the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is the best and most used camera for podcasting in                2022.

  1. Can I use a GoPro for podcast?

Ans- Yes, we can use GoPro for podcasts. Some of its main features include wide-angle lens, voice control,

video stabilization, and waterproof design making it an ideal choice.

  1. Are webcams good for podcasting?

Ans- Yes, most external webcams are good for podcasting. USB webcams can be used too.

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