Know 5 Things to Buy Best CCTV Camera System for Home in India

Why do you need the best CCTV camera system for home in India?

Do you have too many valuables that attract thieves? Or do you leave your two-year-old child with her nanny and go to work? A home security camera can be installed for many reasons. If you know yours, it will be easier for you to understand which CCTV system is appropriate for you.

Before I go on, let me ask you:

What does CCTV stand for?

It’s a “Closed Circuit Television”. The word itself says it needs a television that displays everything the camera sees in a closed boundary. Even if you install it outdoors, it can see up to a limited distance.

Now, in order to choose the appropriate CCTV camera system, let’s take a look at the options available first.

Types of CCTV Cameras for Home

Where will you be installing the camera? Usually, CCTV camera installation is done at the entrances, parking lot, and basement. If you want to keep a watch inside too, the living room, balcony, kitchen, and dining can have it.

Based on location, CCTV cameras can be classified as:

  • Indoor Camera: This is the camera you would place in the living room, kitchen and basement. Usually, they give a black and white view and are capable of capturing images in low light.
  • Outdoor Camera: This is the kind you need at the entrance, lawn, parking space and balcony. They’ll have wider coverage and can work flexibly in the daylight, moonlight and dark night.

Now, if you need one system for both indoor and outdoor, you need to choose which camera can deliver good quality images for both:

  • High-Resolution Camera: They are needed for your entrances and balconies to capture clear images ranging between 470-570 TVL.
  • Low-Lighting Camera: They are more appropriate for basements, where lighting is low and you still need a good quality image.

Residences usually need very simple cameras. If you’re looking for one for your home, I won’t waste your time describing the types of cameras that are used only in high-security areas like borders, military camps, police stations, or even commercial areas. Let’s just see what your home requires.

Buying Guide: How do You Choose the Appropriate Home Security Camera?

You need to consider the following when you are making an important one-time investment for protecting your personal assets as well as family members:

1. The Iris or Eye of the Camera

If you closely look at a camera, it has a slit on its eye that helps it focus on the view. A camera can have a manual iris as well as an automatic one. You will have to manually set the focus in another direction for a manual iris while the automatic iris doesn’t need your labor.

2. How Will You Set It Up

A wireless camera is way easier to set up than a wired system for obvious reasons. Since time is short in the busy world, you’ll always look for a more efficient device.

3. Why Do You Need It?

Do you live in a bungalow? If yes, you will attract thieves, for which you need a good quality camera that can capture images in the darkest hour too. If you can connect it to the generator, it is even better since thieves can always cut the power supply.

4. Connectivity

Since you need the camera mostly when you’re not home, it should be able to connect to your smartphone. Make sure there’s a mobile app that can alert you when there’s an emergency.

5. CCTV Camera Cost

That is to be judged on the basis of your budget, the quality requirement, and the brand you are purchasing.

You can choose to keep hidden cameras in your house too. That would be more convenient as the thief you’re trying to catch won’t be alert. If you have little kids at home, make sure it is out of their reach.

With CCTV, you make the security of your residence stronger. So, don’t you think it’s easier to rush home while a problem occurs than to get to know afterward?

Apart from homes, workplaces require greater security. For that, you can check out biometric scanners for mentoring labor as well as increasing security.

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