Top 10 Best Doorbell Camera Without Subscription 2022 and Buying Guide.

Doorbell camera has become extremely important in today’s world. With the increase in crime rate and unrest situations all over the world, having this extra home security has become essential. There are many doorbell cameras that one needs to subscribe to, but there are many where there is no subscription required. Today we will know about the best doorbell camera without subscription.

Video doorbell without subscription is a necessity and convenient for our pockets as well. There are so many options in the market, that one person might be confused as to which one is good and which one is not that great. The video doorbell might be wired as well as wireless. People mostly look for the best wireless doorbell camera without subscription based on its popularity in recent times.

While looking for a video doorbell camera, generally people focus on its performance, features and cost. The quality of the camera is of utmost importance because if there is no clarity in the video, it all goes in vain. So finding the right camera for the house which is of good quality and has high resolution video recorder is the first step to home safety and security.

What is a video doorbell camera?

A video doorbell is an internet-connected intercom system and is also called a smart doorbell. It is connected to the web and used for security of the house. With its help we can see who has come to our doorstep or is ringing the bell. It is part of the smart security system.

A video doorbell camera offers peace of mind to the home owners. It helps us by showing us if anyone has been vigilant of our home or if there is a threat of burglary or break in. We get notifications at our mobile phone and can see live streaming of people who come to our doorstep. This is one step ahead of the standard home security system.

Video doorbells are very useful for people who are busy and away from home. Some video doorbells may allow interaction between people at your door step and the home owner even if he is at a remote place, away from home. This is done with the help of the camera and micro phone installed in the video doorbell camera setup.

Doorbell camera usually live streams whatever it captures and is very easy to install. Home owners can view the camera from their computer, phone or tablet. The Ring video doorbell made a change in the smart security system and made the smart doorbell popular among the people.

Video doorbells also help in getting packages delivered without the home owner being physically present there. Communication with the delivery agent is possible via video doorbell camera and hassle free delivery is made possible. Doorbell cameras do not record all the time but mostly they do when triggered. Trigger happens when camera detects motion and they start recording. Some of the best video doorbellscan record all the time but it is rarely available in the market.

We do not always need a Wi-Fi to install or connect a doorbell camera. A stable internet connection is enough for the camera to function properly. Depending upon the model, the video doorbell camera system can view from a range of 5 to 50 feet in front of them and also can record at night time with the help of night vision feature.

Some video doorbells require subscription while some can function without a subscription. The video doorbell without subscription can record and has interaction feature but might not be able to show past recordings after a certain period of time or missed events. It does not cause much problem because we get notifications as normal and can see real-time videos.

Subscription is important if we feel that past recordings can come in handy in any situation. Subscriptions can be monthly or yearly and the rates are nominal. Ring doorbell without subscription does all the functions apart from displaying old recordings. It is one of the best wireless video doorbell without subscription.Nowadays many models offer no subscription data storage as well where the recordings are stored using Wi-Fi locally.

Why do we need video doorbell cameras?

Video doorbells are doorbells having a built in camera which helps and protect the owner from package theft, burglary and possible breaks-ins. Missing delivery of packages can be very annoying and re-scheduling delivery can be a real pain. As such video doorbell cameras help us to know when a delivery package has arrived and the best ones also let us connect to the delivery agent immediately.

Video doorbells also helps us to know who is outside our house and if the visitor is worth our time and energy. It is a great way to avoid unwanted guests and provides a lot of security than the earlier practice of sneak peek which resulted in a lot of accident, conflict and mishaps.

Doorbell camera

There are some solid reasons to buy and install a video doorbell cameraand they are as follows –

1. Identification of remote visitor –

We are all busy in our day to day lives. Most of us are working in corporatesector nowadays which can be pretty hectic and tedious. We get to spend very little time at home and as such if the bell keeps ringing, it can be pretty annoying.

In earlier times we had to open the door and check who it is, some visitors would be important while majority would be unwanted. This used to irritate us a lot, but the new technology of doorbell camerashas revolutionized how things function. Now we can know who the visitor is, even from our office or some remote place.

Even when at home, It is always good to know who is the visitor and if it is absolutely necessary to attend the person.This is the primary reason why one should install a video doorbell camera. We can avoid a lot of waste of time/energy with its help.

2. Confirmation of package delivery –

In today’s busy world, people have ditched traditional way of shopping by visiting the shop directly and buying things from there. Nowadays people prefer to do online shopping as it is convenient and time efficient. We also get to choose from a wide range of options and get crazy discounts as well.

Online shopping is convenient because we can shop from anywhere, anytime of the day without wasting fuel, time and energy. The items are even delivered to our home. In such cases it is very important not to miss the delivery of the product as re-scheduling for the delivery can be time consuming.

When we are away from home, we often miss the packages that were supposed to be delivered to us. As such we are left with no choice but to either re-schedule or cancel the purchase. But with the help of doorbell cameras, now it is possible to keep an eye and interact with delivery executive. It helps us to avoid a lot of inconvenience at both ends.

Even if we are at different place and the package arrives, with the help of the best doorbellcameras, we can instruct the delivery executive to either leave it at the door step where we can keep monitoring until we reach home or we can ask him to come back later.

3. Repel Porch Pirates –

Many times items go missing from our porch or front yard. Of course it depends on the neighborhood we reside in, but sometimes this may happen anywhere. This is basically done by people who willingly steal our items form our porch / yard. These kinds of people are known as porch pirates.

A video doorbell camera helps to keep these kinds of people in check. Porch pirates are aware of the security video doorbellsystem that is installed and hence think before trying to steal anything from our door step. In a neighborhood where these kinds of thefts are very common, a considerable amount of reduction has been noticed after the implementation of the doorbell camera system.

Even if thefts of these sorts take place, it becomes very easy to track down the person with the help of the best doorbell systems. At times we can also catch them in the act and report them to the police if needed. So the video doorbell camera set up is a blessing in such cases.

4. Night Vision –

Alot of crimes take place in the darkness of the night. A doorbell camera can record any unwanted activities that takes place in our front yard. Once we have set up this camera system in our house, it is very unlikely anyone would try to break into our house and try a theft.

Thieves avoid such homes as they are well aware that video proofs will be recorded in the night vision mode. Those can be produced in front of the law of the land and lead them into trouble. So our houses are more safe and free from unwanted activities.

Mostly, the best doorbell camera has night vision feature and can record activities that goes throughout the night in the front yard or door step. Places near the woods are benefitted from this smart camera system to track wild animals that come out during night time. So it is a win-win situation for the all.

5. Easy to install and operate –

The doorbell cameras can be a wired video doorbell or a wireless one. Whichever form it might be in, it is usually very easy to install the doorbell camera. All we need to do is follow the instructions carefully and it can be done. We can also hire a professional electrician to do the job if we are not confident enough it install it ourselves.

Overall it is a very easy process. After installation operating this is again quite easy and straight forward with the app. With a stable internet connection or Wi-Fi system, one can easily sync it with smart phone / tablets / computers and use it on a daily basis, even from far off places. So the installation and usage of the video doorbell camera system is pretty convenient and user friendly.

Though the doorbell camera system is highly recommended and very useful but sometimes it can have some drawbacks too and it is important to know about them before purchasing a one –


  • A high speed internet connection is required for the proper functioning of the security video doorbell Without a good internet connection video transmission can be of low quality or blurry which may not serve the actual purpose of installing a video doorbell. Connection problems and delayed videos can also result from a weak signal. It is best to place the router near thevideo doorbell camera for proper connection.


  • Wireless doorbell cameras are battery powered which can be changed or are rechargeable. Battery operated video doorbell offer greater mobility but the batteries may drain out easily. It can be caused due to variety of reasons like location, weather and temperature. Charging the battery takes up considerable amount of time which might open a window or a doorway for the porch pirates or burglars to act upon.


  • Smart devices like doorbell cameras are open to the threats of hacking. Like any other devices people might hack into the system of the video doorbell camera and manipulate the contents. This is a major concern because the home security system can potentially become a victim of security threat.


  • The video doorbell camera system can itself be at a threat of getting stolen. People can wear masks and can steal the camera itself from our house. As such we need to buy and install a new camera.


  • Any doorbell camera has a limited viewing range; it cannot cover the entire front yard and can record only a limited area. Some of the best video doorbells have swivel feature and can record more areas but most of them are stagnant and have limited access. In such case it can create a lot of blind spots which a professional thief can use to his advantage.

So you can safely conclude doorbell cameras are extremely useful in today’s generation and save us from lot of potential threats. It also has some flaws or drawbacks like any other electronic devices, however we can clearly see the advantages outweighs the flaws and hence it is a wise decision to install this smart security system at our home.

Types of video doorbell cameras-

Video doorbell cameras are important because of their security and reliability. While mostly we go for or know about wireless video doorbells, it can be broadly categorized into-

  • Wired video doorbell
  • Wireless video doorbell

Wired video doorbell-

The wired video doorbell or hard-wired doorbell is basically a smart doorbell that connects to the old or traditional existing doorbell with the help of wires. So a normal doorbell is transformed into a video doorbell which gives better security to our home. 

Wired doorbell cameras are mostly of the same range as wireless ones. Since most homes have existing wiring they might go for a wired doorbell camera. It has some advantages as well. The best wired doorbell camera without subscription has same performance as those wireless ones without subscription.

  • The best wired doorbell systems provide a large option of different decorative styles to choose from. So one can go with a style that syncs with the home décor. It makes the doorbell system look part of the home and complements the décor.


  • Most wired doorbell is of the same price range as wireless video doorbells. So a person can easily choose which one is more convenient for them and don’t have to compromise in any way.


  • Wired doorbell has more designer options. It can range from ornate to retro, antique to sleek doorbell covers.


  • If the home has almost all the wiring required, a hard-wired video doorbell is easy to install. Most homes have an existing standard doorbell and wirings required for it. So all they have to do is connect the smart doorbell to the old one through existing wirings and one is ready to be more protected and secured.


  • If a video doorbell camera is completely hard-wired, a simple light button is enough for it to operate. Wireless video doorbells or battery-operated ones have a problem with recharging the battery since it gets drained out. In this case a light button will burn out as it will not be able to take so much load. With a fully wired doorbell this problem can be avoided.


  • A wired doorbell camera can have a wide range as long as we have wires that will support the same. Air transmission signal is not needed hence obstructions are less. 


  • A wired video doorbell can provide classic ringtones for the doorbell and is preferred by people who like traditional things. The wireless options have more modern tones usually. Unique doorbell ringtone is possible with hard-wired doorbells.


  • Electrical wiring through walls is required which means holes are made into the walls. Speakers are kept indoors while doorbell buttons are kept outdoors and a connection is made between them through the wires. The installation is simple enough if the tools are available. The wiring is usually wired into a transformer near the circuit breaker box. Upgrades and other installations can also be made with it. 


Wireless video doorbell-

Wireless video doorbell is the best video doorbell system as it is more advanced and hassle-free since it is free from wires. It is the trending video doorbell and more and more companies are now making wireless doorbell cameras. They are convenient and easy to use. 

For some wireless doorbell camera no subscription is needed. They work well equally though there might be some limitations. The best smart doorbell camera has a lot of features which help us to protect our home at night or when we are away, does not let us miss on important deliveries and let us see and interact with the person at our doorstep. The wireless video doorbell has some benefits as well. 

  • It is very simple to move a wireless video doorbell camera since it is devoid of wires. So we can shift it to any place as per our convenience without having to worry about the wiring.


  • One of the main advantages of a wireless video doorbell is that it does not require one to drill holes into the wall for wiring. This especially works well for people who live on rent but wish to get extra security for their house. Drilling a hole into the wall may not go down well with the landlords and a conflict might arise due to it. A wireless doorbell has this benefit over a wired one and there is no question of any conflict.


  • Installation is comparatively easy because the transmitter can be attached to the wall. The indoor receiver may be battery operated or it can also be plugged into the wall. 


  • The range of wireless doorbell varies between 150 to 1000 feet depending upon the model and its features. A lot of improvement has been made on this field when it comes to wireless video doorbell cameras. The earlier versions did not have so much range or the radio signals could not cover a large area. Video doorbell camera companies have worked magnificently on this matter to improve it. 


  • For huge homes, additional materials are available to enhance the signal range. Extenders can be added and better signal coverage can be received. 


  • Channels are also available to set the frequency. Sometimes a doorbell camera might get the signal of a neighbor’s smart doorbell. In that case, all we need to do is change the frequency and we are all set. 


  • Most wireless doorbells may be battery operated. This makes it easier to install and use. The batteries may need charging or changing. Good quality doorbell cameras do not need frequent change in batteries. Typically a battery can go on for 2 years without any problem before it needs replacement.


  • Wireless video doorbells give many option of a doorbell ringtone to choose from. Many people are annoyed with the standard classic ringtone and want something new and advanced. A wireless video doorbell offers ample variety on this front. Wired video doorbell is better if the home owner wants the classic tone but for some trendy ringtone, wireless one is always preferable.


  • Some high end models of wireless video doorbells offer some extra features that can come in handy for people with disabilities. Some offer intercoms, motion detectors and window sensors along with the doorbell camera. It can create a lot of convenience for the home owner. Some companies also install a flashing light along with the doorbell which helps people who have a hearing problem. This changes the entire home security scenario for the owner.


Wired or wireless, there are some features we must keep in mind before investing in a video doorbell camera. Without these features the results we expect might vary and not be as per our satisfaction. So one must definitely see that the these features to buy the best doorbell camera without subscription– 

  1. The camera must have high resolution. Full HD quality video transmission should be the aim. Nowadays most cameras come with advanced models that can record visuals in 1080p resolution.
  2. Night vision feature should be good. There must be clarity when it comes to night vision.
  3. Field of view must be decent. Most doorbell cameras have the up down swivel feature which makes it better to see who is at the doorstep or front yard. Some of the best video doorbell has the side to side swivel feature which makes it more convenient.
  4. Good doorbell cameras have strong motion detection capability and hence are more desirable. The safety they provide is unparalleled. Motion detection is one of the most important features while buying a doorbell camera.
  5. The source of power must be paid heed to. Whether it is electrical or battery operated, arrangements must be made accordingly. 
  6. Audio features of the camera are also very important and help us in communicating to the guest or delivery executive that is at our doorstep. There must be clarity when it comes to audio quality. Audio output is also important since good quality assures recording even minimal sounds that might take place in the front yard. 
  7. When we take a subscription, the past recording go to cloud storage and can be accessed later on as per our will unless we delete them. So one must always go for a smart doorbell that has enough cloud storage. Even if we decide not to subscribe, we might change our mind any moment due to various circumstances. Then at that moment there should not be any scenario where we have to compromise on our security.
  8. A good customer support system should be available because if any problem arises or we are stuck with any issue, we must have someone to approach and get it fixed. 

Home Security

What are the best video doorbells?

There are many models of video doorbells available in the market. It becomes a challenge to choose an appropriate one for our use. The following are some of the best video doorbell without subscription– 


Eufy security Wi-Fi doorbell- 

Product description- 

The eufy security video doorbell is a Wi-Fi doorbell which has a resolution of 2K. It is one of the best wifi doorbell without subscription. It has a local storage system and detects human presence well. Wireless chimes or ringtones are also available with it. It requires existing wires for installation of the doorbell. It is compatible with Alexa.

Product features- 

  • High-definition 2K image- The eufy security has a crystal clear image and resolution. It has HDR and correction of any distortion installed in the system. 


  • Extra cost- the eufy video doorbell has no extra hidden costs that might cause inconvenience for the pocket. Hence it is pocket friendly and has all the features required. We also do not need a subscription for it.


  • Real-time response- the eufy security video has the feature of two-way audio and hence communication between the owner and the person at the doorstep is possible. 

  • Human detection- The artificial intelligence system installed in this product can detect human beings from a stray animal and hence send notifications only when there is a human outside our door. It can detect shape of the body and the face pattern and hence do not mix up a human being with an animal.

  • Trendy ringtones- The eufy video doorbell camera without subscription has pre-installed holiday themed and trendy chimes or ringtones that the user can choose from. It also has adjustable volume levels. 


  • It looks sleek. The design is stylish.
  • It does not need a subscription cost. 
  • The time to start the video on the phone is fast.
  • Notifications come with photographs of the person at the door and it has angle plate.
  • It is pretty inexpensive compared to other models.


  • HDR photos are not very clear. 
  • The app sometimes logs off the user and hence there might be an issue in getting notifications.
  • The doorbell is easy to detach and hence can be stolen easily.


Eufy security battery video doorbell-


Product description- 

The Eufy security video doorbell is a wireless video doorbell. It is battery-powered and has wireless chimes or ringtones installed. It works well with Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a full HD resolution. It is a video doorbell no monthly fee is required for. The battery needs no charging for 120 days and it has artificial intelligence detection technology inbuilt. It also has two-way audio output.


Product features- 

  • Outdoor usage- The eufy security doorbell is made for outdoor usage and can be installed outside our door to cover the front yard and our doorstep.


  • Full HD- the eufy video comes in full HD resolution and hence has amazing video quality. It has 1080p resolution and features that give true color and full image of any person that comes to the door.

  • 4 months battery- The doorbell camera is battery powered and needs to be charged only once in 120 days. This makes it very easy to use and hassle free.



  • No subscription cost- It does not need any subscription and hence we save on the cost there. It works well without subscription. The data is stored locally and remains. No subscription is needed to store data. It can be done with the help of Wi-Fi and stored locally.

  • Sleek design- The design is sleek, the product is slim and user friendly. It is easy to install and use.



  • Head to toe image. 
  • High image quality without being affected by the weather or time of the day.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • They listen to customer concerns and work to fix any issue.
  • No monthly subscription fee required.
  • Customized motion detection zone is installed.
  • Good battery life.



  • Battery cannot be removed and charged so for about 6 hours the security system is down while charging.
  • Auto brightness system takes a while to adjust but once done there is no problem.


Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell- 

Product description- 

The Arlo Essential wired video doorbell has HD quality video. It also has a 180 degree view which makes it easy to have a wide field of view. It is one of the best video doorbell without a hub. Direct Wi-Fi is needed for it to operate. With an existing wiring, installation is pretty easy. It has night vision and two-way audio output qualities. 

Product features- 

  • 180 degree view– With this feature, we get to see more. It provides a wide angle view and hence covers more area to view. We can also see the person at our doorstep full length. 


  • Clear picture– low-light video recordings are also clear with this in-build HDR feature. The video quality is also high and provides a full HD video.


  • Quick alerts– The doorbell camera provides us with quick notifications when it detects any movement in front of the door. This helps us to react fast and not miss the person and interact with them if required.


  • Communication– The audio output quality is outstanding and also provides us with the opportunity to communicate with the person at the front door via the video doorbell
  • Arlo Foresight– This feature helps to know what triggered the doorbell video to start recording and hence we can see a little pre-clip before the person rings the doorbell.


  • Night vision– This feature helps to see what is going on in the front yard or door step even at night. It gives a clear picture and makes us feel more secured.


  • Weather resistance– The wired video doorbell is not affected by the weather and works fine in any weather conditions. This is a very useful feature.


  • Siren– It has a built-in siren which helps to get rid of the porch pirates or potential burglars. This provides an extra security to our home.


  • Wiring– Existing doorbell wiring is required to install this wired doorbell camera. With the required wiring, installation is quick and easy.


  • No hub– It can be connected to the Wi-Fi directly and used. No hub is required generally. If at all, it can be also paired with base stations or Arlo SmartHub.



  • Connects directly to wifi and do not need a base station or hub.
  • Good video quality with full image, wide view and night vision capture.
  • Audio output is superb as well. Good connectivity.


  • Might need subscription after trial period is over for recorded video footage.
  • Customer support can be tricky to deal with if you don’t subscribe.
  • Time to load and alerts system is not quick enough.


Morecam video doorbell camera- 


Product description- 

The Morecam video doorbell camera is a wireless one with chime and ringtones installed. It has camera motion detector as well. It has HD quality video recorder with night vision feature. It requires no subscription fee. It is battery-powered and has a good two-way audio quality output. 


Product features- 

  • Easy to install and set up– The video doorbell is wireless and hence drilling or existing wiring is not needed. This makes it pretty convenient and easy to install and set up. 


  • Local storage and sharing– It does not need any subscription and can be locally stored for free. It comes with a 32 GB SD memory card and hence data can be stored and shared with other people as well. 


  • Motion detector and audio output– It has motion detector in-built in the system and hence can trace slightest of movement and starts recording. The audio quality is also great and allows two-way communication.


  • Video quality– It offers full HD recording and hence the video quality is superb. It also has night vision technology for recording at night time. Crystal clear images and videos are the result.


  • Compatibility– This video doorbell camera works well with Alexa and Google Assistant. 



  • It takes less than 5 minutes to install this doorbell camera.
  • It lets us record voice messages for visitors to listen to.
  • With CloudEdge app, we can share recordings with other people.
  • It can also be connected to existing wiring, if required.


  • Customer support might not be too helpful.
  • The app might freeze sometimes.
  • Battery life could have been better.


XTU video doorbell camera- 

Product description- 

The XTU video doorbell camera is a wireless camera with chime. It is a Wi-Fi video doorbell which is battery operated. It is waterproof. It has full HD resolution and motion detector. It comes with a 32 GB pre-installed SD card and needs no monthly subscription. It also has two-way communication audio system. 

Product features- 

  • No subscription and data storage– This doorbell camera does not need subscription and comes with a 32 GB memory card that is pre-installed. It supports 128 GB data card. 


  • Wireless and rechargeable battery– this device is fully wireless and hence does not need any wiring support. It is battery-operated that can be recharged. It connects with the Wi-Fi.


  • Waterproof– The installation of this video doorbell camera is pretty easy and it is fully waterproof. This is especially a great feature for areas where it rains a lot. It is not damaged by the water and continues to work well.


  • HD resolution– It has full HD resolution and hence gives clear image and videos so that we do not miss out on important details. It also has night vision feature and keeps recording at night when it detects any movement or activity.


  • Audio output– it provides good quality audio output with a possibility to communicate with the visitor through the device. It can also detect motion well due to the in-built detector. 


  • We can see, hear and speak with the help of the device.
  • It is easy to install and has no subscription fee.
  • It is fully wireless and waterproof.
  • It is pretty inexpensive.


  • It works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and not compatible with 5 GHz.
  • Battery life could have been better.

AOSU wireless doorbell camera-

Product description- 

It is a wireless video doorbell that has 5 MP camera quality with ultra HD resolution and image quality. It has triple motion detection and with home base. It supports 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi and works well with Alexa and Google Assistant. It has 6 months battery life. 

Product features- 

  • 5 MP camera– This provide clear images. It also has ultra HD resolution which enhances the picture and video quality dramatically.


  • No subscription– It does not need any subscription to view old video recordings. If connected to home base, we can see recordings up to 60 days old. 


  • Battery recharge- This battery powered doorbell camera has an excellent battery life and needs to be recharged once in 180 days. 


  • No false alerts- It has triple motion detection and hence it does not give false alerts and unnecessary notifications. 


  • No blind spots- It has a wide field of view and hence it has no blind spots. We can see a person fully from head to toe and even see the floor where a package may be left.



  • It has built-in memory that can store up to 60 days of recording.
  • It has triple motion detector so it’s less likely to get a false notification. 
  • It has great battery life and can last upto 6 months.
  • It has a nice appearance and is not too expensive.


  • Audio quality could have been better.
  • The app might freeze at times though it’s pretty rare.


Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro-

Product description- 

The Amcrest video doorbell camera connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi directly. It has 1080p resolution. It is weatherproof and comes with a micro SD card. It has PIR motion detection and wide angle view. It works well with Alexa.

Product features- 

  • Wired power- This doorbell camera required existing wired power to function. It is not battery-powered. 


  • Audio and video- it has HD quality video with 1080p resolution. It has good audio output and allows two-way interaction. The data is stored in a 10 GB SD card. It is compatible with SD card upto 128 GB. It also has night vision feature.


  • Weatherproof- this doorbell camera is weatherproof and hence not disturbed by difference in temperature or climatic changes. It has a wide field of view.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity and warranty- it works with 2.4 GHz connectivity only. It comes with a 1 year subscription. It has 1 year warranty and lifetime technical support.



  • No subscription needed. The micro SD lets us view recordings. 
  • Customized area detection is available.
  • Instant alerts are available.


  • Installation can be tricky.
  • App is not too great and technical support is not too friendly.


Geeni Video Doorbell- 

Product description- 

The Geeni video doorbell has 1080p HD video quality with two-way audio output. It is weather resistant and has motion detection and gives out quick alerts. It requires 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity along with existing doorbell wiring.


Product features- 

  • 1080p resolution– It is a HD doorbell camera and hence has good quality video output. It also has great audio quality and allows interaction. 


  • Weatherproof– it is not affected by temperature or change in weather.


  • Alerts– it sends quick notifications. It has SD card slot and hence past recorded videos can be seen using it.


  • Connectivity– it connects to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and needs existing wires for installation. It does not require connectivity to a hub. It works well with Alexa and Google Assistant.



  • It is a wired doorbell and hence it is easy to install if there is existing wiring.
  • It has a chime controller. 
  • No subscription needed.
  • The app is user-friendly.


  • Memory card needs to be good to see past recordings.
  • Technical support can be better.


ZUMIMALL WiFi Video Doorbell Camera-

Product description- 

Zumimall is a wireless video doorbell camera with chime. It works well with wi-fi. It has full HD video resolution, night vision and motion detector installed. It has good audio output that allows communication. It has optional cloud storage system.

Product features- 

  • Battery operated– It is wireless and battery operated that can be recharged. The battery lasts up to 2-5 months after full recharge


  • Audio- It allows interaction between the owner and the visitor. It lets the owner pre-record audio message as well.


  • Video- It has full HD resolution with night vision installed. Thus we get good quality video and images.


  • No subscription- It has a slot for micro SD card up to 128 GB and hence no subscription is needed to view old recordings. . It is one of the best battery operated video doorbell without subscription



  • It is waterproof and hence not affected by rain. 
  • Easy installation and good support.
  • No subscription and easy to set up.



  • Batteries could be better.
  • Sometimes images can get stuck.

Blink Video Doorbell-


Product description-

this video doorbell has an option to be wireless or a wired one. It has audio communication feature, motion detector and chime app alerts. It has HD video quality and is easy to install. It works well with Alexa.

Product features- 


  • Battery and resolution– It is a battery operated doorbell camera with full HD resolution, making the picture and video quality great. 


  • Subscription trial– It provides a 30 day trial to subscription which can later be renewed or not.


  • Wired or wireless- It has both facilities to be a wireless video doorbell as well as can use existing wires for power. 


  • Quick alerts- It has motion detection and sends quick alerts to the user.


  • Weather-resistant– It is weather-resistant and does not get affected by varying weather conditions.



  • It is pretty inexpensive.
  • It can be wired as well as wireless.
  • Length of record time can be set.


  • If there is no subscription, one has to delete one video at a time. Bulk delete is not possible. 
  • Sync module needed for first time users.


Using Ring Devices without a subscription: what won’t work?


Ring video doorbell cameras are one of the best in the market and widely purchased. But nowadays many people prefer other models over it. The major reason for it is that it needs subscription to function properly.

Ring doorbell without subscription has limitations and the user cannot access to old recordings or check missed events. It allows only live streaming when subscription is not there. This is a major reason why people are opting for other models. Other features that needs improvement includes battery life and designs that can be better.


Best doorbell camera without subscription- Buying Guide.

There are certain factors one has to keep in mind before purchasing the best doorbell camera without subscription. There are too many designs and models to choose from and that might confuse us at times. The following guide can help us to buy the appropriate doorbell camera– 

Video doorbell recording options-

The recordings must be of good quality and the video doorbell must be able to record with slightest of movement trigger. It must have option to store the recordings locally without subscription so that old recordings can be seen whenever needed.

Doorbell camera viewing-

The doorbell camera must have a wide angle view and cover top to bottom image of the person visiting out doorstep. The field of view must be good for proper functioning.

Angle and resolution-

The camera angle must be broad and swivel to capture more area. The resolution must be full HD to get crystal clear image and video recordings. 

Battery powered-

Most doorbell cameras are battery-powered and needs recharge when the battery drains out. We must choose a good quality device which has long battery life so that frequent recharging can be avoided.

Advanced motion detection feature-

The best doorbell cameras must have the feature of motion detection. It must be able to detect motion from a human figure mainly. Sometimes false alerts are sent when the wind blows fast or a stray animal roams. The motion detector should be advanced enough to differentiate these.

Infrared motion sensors-

PIR based motion detector enabled smart doorbells use infrared motion sensors to capture slightest of the movement, even during night. This is a very important feature one should be aware of.


Smart home integration-

A smart doorbell completes the smart home integration fully. In today’s world, technology has taken over the world and all electronic devices are automated to build smart homes. As such, smart doorbell cameras become necessary to complete the picture.

Are smart doorbells recommended?

As we know in today’s world security of our home or work place is very important. With the advancement of technology, smart home integration is happening and hence smart doorbells are being purchased worldwide. The best doorbell camera without subscription provides the same security without being too heavy on our pockets and hence it is widely recommended.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)-

  • Do I need a subscription for a video doorbell?


Ans- Some video doorbell cameras need subscription to access past recordings while some provide memory card or cloud storage for the same. In such cases subscription is not needed. So depending upon the model, subscription may or may not be required


  • What is the best video doorbell without subscription?


Ans- Eufy security video doorbell is one of the best video doorbell without subscription. It needs no subscription and can store data or recordings locally that can be accessed later. Some have a memory chip installed while others have cloud storage options.


  • Can you get ring doorbell without subscription?

Ans- Yes, it is possible to get a ring doorbell without subscription.  It has all the functions that any good doorbell camera has. It can live stream and offer interaction between the owner and the visitor as well. The only problem is without subscription it does not allow the access of past recordings and missed events. So there are limitations.


  • Is there a doorbell camera that works without Internet?


Ans- No, doorbell cameras are smart devices and hence internet connectivity is needed. A doorbell camera might not need to be connected to the Wi-Fi but it needs a sturdy internet connection to function properly. Wi-Fi provides better connection. 


  • How long does ring doorbell save video without subscription?


Ans- Ring doorbell saves video for 30 to 60 days and it can be accessed during the trial period. After the trial period is over, it needs subscription to Ring Protect Plan to see past recordings.


  • What happens if I don’t subscribe to Ring?


Ans- If we do not subscribe to Ring protect plan, we will not be able to access to past recordings and missed events. We will anyway be able to interact in real-time and watch live feed without subscription. We will also get notifications as usual. 


  • Does Arlo doorbell require a subscription?


Ans- Arlo doorbell usually does not require a subscription. It still sends notifications, allow us to see real-time video and interact. However, without a subscription plan to Arlo Smart, some features might not be available like recordings will not be saved to cloud.

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