How is WooCommerce the Best Ecommerce Plugin to Use?

Are you a WordPress user looking for e-commerce website solutions? Gone are those days when building an online store was stressful. Today, WordPress has made website-building much easier with its plugins. You will find a best ecommerce plugin for wordpress. And if you want to create an online store, the plugin you need is WooCommerce.

Are you hearing the term for the first time? If yes, then let me give you a brief before we proceed further.

It is a free and versatile WordPress plugin and the best choice for thousands across the world. If we go into statistical figures, 28.19% online stores use WooCommerce. Don’t you think it must be having amazing features to attract such a huge mass? Let’s dive into the details.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free, open source and easy-to-use plugin offered by WordPress. It is the best and ultimate solution to those who are willing to build an ecommerce website. In other words, you can own a WordPress shop by clicking a few buttons here and there!

WooCommerce makes your work really simple. It helps you build a website in a very less amount of time and is suited for all types of online stores. You can invest your time in other useful stuff like managing the merchandise of your store or promoting your brand. To add a cherry on the top, it is absolutely free till date. However, if you want extra functionalities, you can always install add-ons which can cost you some extra bucks.

Thus, you see WooCommerce helps you invest both money and time. Don’t worry about the configuration; even if you are a beginner, you will find it pretty easy!

How does it Work?

Like WordPress, WooCommerce is also really easy to handle. It is definitely not rocket-science. You can get this WordPress webshop in just 3 simple steps:

  • After installing WordPress, you have to download and activate the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Select a theme according to your needs and start working on adding your content and products.
  • After that, if you want, you can add WooCommerce extensions which will add more features to your online shop.

And your website is ready. Now, let’s check out the features that you need to work on when using this WordPress online shop.

WooCommerce Payment Gateways

A payment gateway allows people to pay for the stuff they buy. They are basically third party applications that help secure transfer of payments between buyers and sellers. Needless to say, it is the most crucial part of your online store.

Some of them charge you extra in the form of transaction and maintenance fees. Due to security reasons, it is better to use more than one way for payment. Also, location is an important factor – you have to choose one which is the most popular and safe in your region.

Keeping in mind the above factors along with the cost and the security, you can choose one from the list offered by them:

  1. Stripe: If you’re an international seller, then Stripe is the best choice for you. It is a renowned payment gateway which works fluently in both your mobile and desktop. It accepts payments using several debit and credit cards, Google Pay or Apple Pay, and is completely safe to use.
  2. Amazon Pay: This is completely free. This enables customers to stay on site during the whole process. They only need to login with their Amazon account, select a delivery address and make the payment. Don’t need to worry about any fraud cases as it is taken care of by Amazon itself.
  3. PayPal: PayPal Checkout is free and accepts major credit cards and debit cards. Your customers can use PayPal even without having a PayPal account. They can also avail the benefit of pay in 4: they can pay in four interest-free instalments.

Other payment gateways offered are Square, PayFast, Braintree, eWay, PayPal advanced etc.

WooCommerce Inventory Management System

Store inventory needs to be managed and is quite a tedious task. It requires time and effort which is quite stressful and demanding. However, with WooCommerce, you don’t need to panic. It offers you some great inventory management plugins which render inventory management in a few clicks.

Here’s a list of some top inventory management plugins provided by WooCommerce:

  1. Smart Manager: You will get this from Store Apps and as you have guessed it, this is one of the best inventory management systems. Some of the features include Inline edit, infinite scrolling, bulk edit and automated calculations.
  2. ATUM: This is a free plugin and has a 5/5 user rating. Some of the features are advanced search with filters, product data edit and inventory PDF export.
  3. WooCommerce Stock Manager: This plugin offers you a single screen to manage your inventory. Product filtering can be done with this plugin. Also, you will be able to transport your data using this.

Other inventory management plugins include TradeGecko, WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager, Orderhive inventory management and WooCommerce Out of Stock Manager.

The Best Ecommerce Plugin For WordPress

Choosing the right plugin with WooCommerce is equivalent to the tip of the iceberg. It’s time to walk you through some amazing WooCommerce plugins.

best ecommerce plugin for wordpress

WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)

Do you know what the term point of scale means? Yes, refers to the place and time when the customer makes a payment. The Point Of Sale plugin is not a third party interface. It will enable you to manage both your physical and online store simultaneously.

You can manage multiple registers and outlets, attach notes and include discounts with the help of WooCommerce POS. For doing so, you’ll be provided with a Point Of Sale front-end where you will be able to make the changes.

WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

Want to turn your site into a multi-vendor one? This plugin will turn your site into a marketplace, much like Flipkart and Amazon. Vendors and marketplace owners can sell products in your site. They can edit their product list as well as view their transaction history and order details upon becoming a seller.

WooCommerce B2B Plugin

If you need a B2B functionality, this plugin is the most appropriate for you. This B2B or Business to Business plugin has plenty of features. It hides price from the guest users, handles GST and controls available payment & shipping methods.

WooCommerce Shipping Plugin

WooCommerce offers you some amazing shipping plugins. Shipping is one of the most important factors. Choosing a correct shipping plugin is very important as you’ll need to deal with your customers often. To get a seamless shipping experience, choose an optimum shipping plugin like WooCommerce ShipStation Gateway, ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin and WooCommerce Advanced Shipping.

WooCommerce Dropshipping

Dropshipping is now made easy with the help of the WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin. It helps users manage a dropshipping store. Notifications will be sent to your dropshippers as soon as you receive new orders. No, you don’t have to send them, it happens automatically with the help of this plugin. It also generates a packing slip and sends it with the mail, which your dropshipper can use. WooCommerce dropshipping plugins include AliDropship, WooDropship and DropshipMe.

WordPress Ecommerce Themes for WooCommerce

Do you want your e-commerce site to look unique? If yes, then WordPress offers you various themes that are compatible with WooCommerce and work with it seamlessly. Yes, we know it is quite difficult to swim the sea of options to select the perfect theme.

Given below are some e-commerce themes which are compatible with WooCommerce, SEO-friendly and responsive. Most importantly, compared to the free themes, they’re used by lesser people and have greater flexibility:

best ecommerce plugin for wordpress

Organic Web Shop – The WooCommerce Eco Theme

This is a theme, which is suitable for organic/ eco/ farm products like food or fruits. It offers you some great features such as:

  • Multiple colours and background images (which you can customise quite easily)
  • Extended footer along with widget area
  • Extra shop menu
  • Sticky menu
  • Clean design

Bold. – A Responsive WordPress & WooCommerce Theme

This theme is suited for all kinds of products like furniture, fashion etc. Much like the previous one, this theme offers you multiple features like unlimited colours, column settings, responsive design and sticky menu.

Wokiee – Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This multipurpose theme provides innumerable features. Let’s explore some of them:

  1.     More than 25 amazing homepage layouts
  2.     4 layouts for the product page and 6 for the shop page
  3.     Product filters
  4.     Various kinds of headers
  5.     4 footer combinations
  6.     Quick view popup

Franco – Elegant WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This theme comes with some premium and powerful plugins. The features and plugins are as follows:

  1.     Responsive design
  2.     Unlimited colours
  3.     Slider plugin
  4.     Contact form
  5.     Store locator
  6.     16+ homepage layouts
  7.     Readymade internal pages

ecommerce plugin for wordpress

Shopkeeper – Ecommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

The last one in our list, Shopkeeper, is a user friendly theme. It is easy to install, and is updated regularly. You’ll get header and footer customisations, 700+ fonts, various background colours, custom CSS, adjustable logo size among others.

Are You Ready to Build Your New E-Commerce Site?

Thus, you see WooCommerce is something which will help you come out of choppy waters. As you have guessed it, it is certainly not a white elephant. You don’t need to think twice; building a new ecommerce deal is no more a great task. With a few clicks, you’ll get through the whole process. So, what are you waiting for? Install WordPress, download WooCommerce, get the theme you like and start selling!

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