Best Essentials Phone Accessories

We all want our phones to last long, isn’t it? that’s the very reason why we look for all kinds of mobile accessories like cell phone cases, screen protectors, waterproof phone pouches, phone stands and phone holders. Here are details best essential phone accessories

No matter what mobile phone device you own, you’ll find anything you’re looking for to use for the phone more safely and conveniently. From iPhone accessories to cheap phone cases for Android devices, everything’s available online at great offers.

So, let’s first take a look at some mobile phone cases and tempered glass screen protectors.


Our smartphones are an increasingly essential part of our day-to-day. Everyone needs to protect and
secure their phones by themselves. In 2022, the number of smartphone users in the world today is
6.648 Billion, which translates to 83.72% of the world's population owning a smartphone. However,
smartphones are just a platform that can be enhanced using awesome accessories. So, we are taking
a look at the 20 most essential accessories for smartphones you can buy in 2022.

Here are the 12 smartphone accessories that I consider must-haves.
Let’s have a look at these accessories.
1. Screen Protector
2. Case
3. Headphone
4 Backup Battery 
5. Cleaning Cloth
6 Bluetooth earbuds
7. Phone ring holder
8 portable Bluetooth speaker
9. Gaming Controllers
10 Waterproof pouch
11. Skin
12. Selfie Stick
13.Headphone adaptor

Mobile Accessories for Protection – Cell Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

The most popular mobile phones are Apple and Samsung devices. Hence, this list has the best iPhone cases, which includes an iPhone Xs phone case for you too. You can even buy a tempered glass kit for a reasonable price – one that has accessories needed for installation too.

Even if you don’t find your Android or Apple phone case, you can get a custom-made cover for whichever model you have – online and at a super reasonable rate. Let’s scroll ahead to find the right phone protector.

1.    Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter Back Cover Case Designed for iPhone 11 – Crystal Quartz

Did you just buy an iPhone 11? If yes, then this jazzy and glittery iPhone 11 phone case can make it look all the more amazing. It’s made of durable TPU, which is known for high resistance and toughness. Hence, you’ll be able to protect your phone from scratches, cracks and scuffs no matter what you bang your phone into or how badly you drop it.

Price: ₹679

2.    SupCares Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy M21/M31/M30s/M30/A30/A50/A50s with Installation kit

Nothing scares us more than our phone falling on the ground or meeting with any similar accident. We all use tempered glass to protect our screens and LCD. However, it’s important that you have a good quality tempered glass screen protector. This one has a hardness level of 9H, is anti-scratch, water and oil resistant and 0.33 mm thick. Moreover, it comes with all necessary items for installation.

Price: ₹259

3.    TheGiftKart Transparent Crystal-Clear Samsung Galaxy M21 / M30s Back Cover Case | Shockproof Soft TPU Case | Cushioned Edges for Ultimate Protection (Transparent)

As our phones are becoming more and more delicate, the need for sturdy back covers is increasing. Designed for the models Samsung Galaxy M21 and Samsung Galaxy M30s, this is one of the few transparent back covers that is not only sturdy but also padded around the corners for extra protection. Hence, you can keep the original colour of your phone and protect it from damage too.



Price: ₹149

4.    WOW Imagine Galaxy M21 / M30s Flip Case | Leather Finish | Inside TPU with Card Pockets & Stand | Magnetic Closure | Shock Proof Wallet Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy M30s / M21 – Chestnut Brown

There are two main things we keep in our pockets – our phones and our wallet. However, what if I say that you need only one? Check out this new mobile cover, which also acts as a wallet. Designed to fit M21 and M30 phones, it’s made of leather, has both back and front protection and has pockets to keep your cash and cards. Cool, isn’t it?



Price: ₹299

5.    Tip ‘n’ Top Polycarbonate Back Cover for Customised – Multi-coloured

If you’ve got a simple, black phone, you’d probably love to have some fancy and custom phone cases. Now, you don’t have to find your model’s cover online. Just mention the model and get your own customized cover made with a design or photograph of your choice at reasonable rates. Made of polycarbonate, the cover is sturdy enough to protect your phone from any kind of damage.




Price: ₹299

6.    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case Designed for iPhone Xs/iPhone X – Matte Black

When you have an iPhone X or Xs, protecting your phone from accidents without spoiling its original look is very important. That’s why this iPhone X cover is not only crystal clear but has cushioned bumpers on the edges and is resistant to yellowing. In fact, it is available in different colours, where only the edges have colours while the flat part of the cover remains transparent.



Price: ₹1019

7.    Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XR/11; EZ FIT, Installation Kit Included, Case Friendly (Transparent) 2 Pack

It’s no big deal to install tempered glass on your phone by yourself. Made for iPhone XR and 11, this screen protector comes with wet wipes, a microfiber cloth, an alignment tool and a user manual. It has a hardness level of 9H along with an oleophobic coating, thus protecting your screen and LCD from all kinds of damage and shocks.



Price: ₹999


8.    Ted Baker Fashion Mirror Folio Case for iPhone Xs Max, Protective Cover iPhone Xs Max for Professional Women/Girls – Arboretum

If you’re looking for cute phone cases for iPhone Xs Max, then this back cover is perfect for you. The Ted Baker phone case has an electroplated back shell that ensures that your phone is always safe from any kind of damage. On the other hand, the flip-back magnetic closure allows comfort calling and makes it compatible with wireless charger stands.

9.    BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch Cellphone Dry Bag Case for iPhone Xs Max XR           XS X 8 7 6S 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 + Note 8 6 5 4, Pixel 3 2 XL, Mi, Moto up          to 6.5 inch – Grey (Pack of 1)


There’s nothing better than having completely waterproof phone cases when you’re travelling. This is a phone pouch that you can wear around your neck. Whether you’re going to a water park or snorkelling in the sea, you can now carry your phone in this case. You can operate it completely even under the water, up to a depth of 10 metres.


Price: ₹289

Mobile Accessories for Comfort – Phone Holders and Stands

Mobile holders and stands are needed when you’re driving, working and travelling. A mobile tripod is more helpful for taking pictures when you’re travelling, while other phone holders prove to be more helpful on your desk or in your car. Here’s a shortlist of these mobile accessories to help you with both:

10.  Tygot Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod Stand Holder for Mobile Phones & Camera, 360 mm -1050 mm, 1/4-inch Screw + Mobile Holder Bracket

Ever since our smartphone cameras have become so good, they’re all we use wherever we go. Even if we do carry a camera, we always take pictures on our phones as well. For this very reason, this happens to be a phone stand which is also flexible enough to hold cameras. This makes it easy for us to take some amazing landscape photos and group photos.



Price: ₹699

11.  ELV 4mm Thickness Aluminium mobile Stand (3.5 – 8 inches) – Black

Made of anti-slip rubber pads, this mobile stand is very useful when you’re working, reading or watching something on your device. It can hold any smartphone that has a thickness of up to 10.1 inches, which includes a phone cover that is thinner than 15 mm. Made of anti-skid and anti-scratch silicone pad, it protects your phone while making it convenient for you to use on your desk.



Price: ₹169

12.  Spigen QS11 Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Mobile Phone Holder

When you’re driving, taking calls becomes difficult. However, some of them cannot be missed either. This car phone mount will make it super easy for you to use your phone while driving. Compatible with almost all brands, it has a strong, magnetic hold on your phone, can rotate 360° and has a super-sleek design.



Price: ₹799

13.  HIKER Mini Magnetic Car Dashboard Mount Mobile Phone Holder with Metal Body (Made in India) (Black)

Having a sleek and minimalistic design, this magnetic mobile phone holder is extremely useful to use in your car. You can actually stick it on any flat surface. The magnet is made of original 3M adhesive and is unbreakable. Since it is a magnetic phone mount, it is can hold a phone of any size. You can get this in 4 different colours, including black.



Price: ₹299

On a Final Note – Which Mobile Accessories are Your Type?

While we all need tempered glass, the choice is something we make for mobile accessories like phone cases and car phone mounts. If you’re confused about how to choose, here’s a tip – durability and quality always come before the look. After all, we’re buying them to protect our phones and make them last longer, isn’t it?

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Conclusion:: The main purpose of buying cell phone accessories is safety. They also help you take full
advantage of your cell phone. Most of the accessories are produced by third-party manufacturers so
it becomes doubly important to buy only from genuine sellers. However, keep in mind, first-party
accessories also cost much higher than their counterparts.And the best part about third-party
accessories is that they are quite affordable and usable.

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