6 Best Farming Machines that Every Farmer Should Have

Do you still live in a world where you plough fields using bullock carts? Or even worse – by hand? Best Farming machines are meant to make your work a lot easier as a farmer. They’re a one-time investment and a lot more efficient than manual labour.

Not all machines used in agriculture are too expensive for farmers. You can easily find farming machines for sale, especially the used ones. So, if you’re scared that you can’t afford agricultural machinery, it’s time to break the myth.

Best Farming Machines for Poultry Farms

Do you have a poultry farm and want to know about the best farming machines for improving yield? All you need to do is stay connected till the end.

Poultry farming is a hot business having a huge number of consumers of poultry products across the globe. However, this farming incurs a lot of challenges and therefore leads to massive losses at times.

To overcome such situations and to pre-estimate the chance of a probable unlikely event, farmers are automating their farming process by introducing machines across their production units. Let us know what are the various machines & technologies that are being used nowadays.

  • Thermal cameras – As you know, it is very important to maintain the temperature at your poultry farm. This imaging ensures the heat map across your farm is constant and informs your once any issue occurs.


  • Robotic Cleaning & Aeration – Sanitizing the farm and aerating the beds are very important in this farming practice. Robots can be installed for this task to reduce manual labour and related cost.
  • Automated Egg Collector – The task of collecting eggs when done manually is quite tedious. Therefore, automated machines can be installed which will systemize the process of egg collecting.


  • Remote Detector – Deadstock can affect the health of the other birds in the fleet and therefore needs to be removed at the earliest. The use of drones can be beneficial here to detect dead birds from the livestock.

Why Do You Need Farming Machines?

We made machines to make work simpler, faster and more perfect. So, the same applies to agricultural machines too. This is one sector that is a lot dependent on nature – no matter how much technology we invest in. However, using machinery saves plenty of time in doing things that are in our hands.

Jobs like ploughing, tilling, harvesting, weed removal and fertilizing the soil can be done in a few hours or minutes even (depending on the size of the land) when you use machinery.

To sum it up, the following are the benefits of using them:

  • It reduces labour to a great extent.
  • You can get a higher yield.
  • Using advanced machineries like AI-enabled irrigation control and tractors helps you keep a record of your operations and conditions of weather, soil and crops.
  • Advanced machinery and technology can also help you produce a better quality food as you understand your crop requirements with more precision.
  • In the long run, it is more cost-efficient as you don’t have to pay continuous wages for manual labour.

When it comes to reducing your labour, saving time and making your operations more efficient, let’s check out the different farming machines that will help you the most.

Tractor Machinery

These are the backbone of agriculture and are also considered to be expensive for a lot of farmers. However, if you see it from a long-term perspective, investing in tractor machinery will actually help you save a lot of money.

This is because tractors are used for all farming operations – from ploughing to harvesting. Every other farming machinery that you need will work best when you attach them to your tractor. Let’s take a look at the other 5 machines that you can attach to your tractor.

Ploughing Machine

Ploughing is generally the first step of farming for growing crops. In this process, you turn over the upper layer of soil to bring nutrients to the surface. This also helps in maintaining the moisture of the soil.

Earlier, tools and bullock carts were used for ploughing fields. This took really long and a lot of energy from the labourer. If the soil is hard or dry, it takes even longer. Following are the types of machinery that you can use for ploughing at a better speed:


These ploughs have simple designs of curved blades. They cut through the soil and lift it in one go. Usually, you attach them to gas-powered tractors to drag them on the field. If the soil is too hard, you might have to attach metal blades to it for better efficiency.

Best Farming Machines


If you want lesser soil turnover on your field, chisels are better than mouldboards. They have metal shanks or teeth attached to the frame that breaks the soil. You’ll get these teeth in various sizes, which you need to choose according to the size of the tractor you attach it to and the amount of soil you need to turnover.

Rotary Tillers

This is a motorized plough with spinning blades. So, you can use some of these ploughing machines independently or attach them to your tractor. It can loosen the soil up to 7 inches deep and is very efficient for hard soil.


Also known as harrow ploughs, these frames have 3 sets of 14-38 inches deep disks attached to the frame. Just like rotary tillers, these are also very efficient for extremely hard and dry soil. However, they aren’t self-driven – you need to pull them with a tractor.


When you need to dig really deep into the soil, enough for improving irrigation and mixing water, air, nutrients and fertilizers, you use subsoilers. Also known as the mole plough, they have rake blades or rippers attached to the frame that is very efficient for intense ploughing.

Seeder Machine

Seeding in agriculture requires a lot more skills than just placing them in the soil. When you’re seeding a single plant in a pot, you can place it by hand. However, when you want to achieve the highest yield, you need to place plenty of seeds in the right depth and at the right distance from each other – not an inch more and definitely not an inch less.

Seeding machines help you place these seeds at equal distances from each other at a much faster speed than manual tools. These devices are also attached to your tractor for achieving the efficiency you need.

The following are 3 common types of seeder machines:

Seed Drills

These are devices that place your seeds at the right depth and distance from each other. After placing them in the soil, the device also covers them with soil in a way that it gets sunlight but is protected from pests. You need to attach these devices to your tractor which will then pull them across the field. They don’t work independently.

Here’s how they work:

  • They have a plough attachment that digs into the soil to create furrows.
  • Then, the seed hopper drops seeds one at a time. The distance between the tubes dropping the seeds can be adjusted.
  • The harrows at the back of the seed drill will then cover the seeds with the soil on top.

 Farming Machines

Broadcast Seeder

These machines are also attached to tractors and spread seeds, fertilizers lime, sand and other necessities in the soil. These devices only have the seed hopper in which you put the seeds or fertilizer. From here, the seeds are dropped into the soil through a spinning plate, which ensures they’re equidistant.

Seed cum Fertilizer Drill

These machines combine the efficiency of the above 2 as they are nothing but seed drills with an extra attachment to drop fertilizer. Thus, they work in the exact same way as seed drills do but can additionally spread fertilizers and other necessary ingredients in the soil too.

Slice Seeder

This machine is mostly used in gardens and lawns for growing grass. The machines have vertical blades that cut slices on the soil which are ½-1 inch deep. Then, it places the grass seeds at an equal distance in these furrows.


A planter is capable of planting seeds at an equal distance row-wise along with clearing debris and weeds from the soil. Here’s how it works:

  • The front part of the planter has a trash wheel made of blades. They clear up the debris and weeds from the soil.
  • Then, you have the disc opener – again made of blades that dig trenches in the soil for seeding.
  • You fill the seeds in a box which falls in these trenches when the gauge wheel connected to it rotates. It has a sensor which helps the farmer detect the distance between the seeds, their exact depth and the number of seeds planted.
  • In the end, the closing wheels at the back of the planter will cover the seeds with soil again to prevent pests from eating them.

Agriculture Spray Machine

Any spray that you use has liquids – be it a perfume, water or in the case of an agricultural sprayer, pesticides. You can use it for irrigation too, but it is more efficient for spraying pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in the soil.

Sprayers can be hand-operated or pulled by tractors. The latter is always more convenient to use for obvious reasons. You get plenty of different types of sprayers, based on the volume and pressure with which you can spray the liquid. Here’s how they all basically work:

  • The basic structure comprises a tank, a pump, pressure regulator, valve, hose and nozzles.
  • You need to pour the liquid into the tank first.
  • If you need to reduce or increase the pressure, you first work with the regulator.
  • As soon as you press the button, the valve goes down which pushes the liquid goes up the pump.
  • When the liquid leaves the nozzles, it comes out in the form of tiny droplets.

An agriculture spray pump price varies on the basis of the type of sprayer you use. It could be anything from $30-$8,600. Of course, the cheapest one is just a manual backpack sprayer while an automatic spray machine for agriculture is likely to cost the most. A basic backpack agriculture spray machine with a battery starts from $150.

best farming machines

Combine Farm Machine

More commonly known as a combine harvester, this machine efficiently helps in reaping, threshing, gathering and winnowing the harvest. If you’re growing grains like wheat, rice, oats, barley, corn, sunflower, soybean or flax, then this machine is really efficient.

Here’s how it works:

  • It has a header, spinning augers, conveyors, thresher, grain tank, elevator, a side pipe and a straw chopper.
  • The header cuts the crops from the ground and takes them in.
  • Then, the spinning augers take the plants to the conveyor.
  • Here, the thresher does the main job of separating the grains from the rest of the plant.
  • One conveyor then takes these grains to the grain tank while the residue goes to a separate conveyor.
  • When the grain tank is full, it goes up the elevator and is taken out from the side pipe. You usually transfer it in a separate cart that is carried by tractor.
  • Meanwhile, the straw chopper cuts the residue into finer pieces and then throws it back on the field.

Cow Grass Cutting Machine

This machine is more useful for those who are into dairy or poultry farming. This is because you use this only to prepare food for your cows, chickens or horses. More commonly known as chaff cutters, they cut straw or hay into smaller pieces which makes it easier for animals to eat and digest their food.

Here’s how it works:

  • It comprises 2 feeding hoppers, a cutter, a gear-shifting device, spindle, crusher and draft fan.
  • The feeder cuts the grass and sends it to the crusher.
  • Here, the grass is crushed into finer pieces and then goes out through the fan.

Where to Avail Them From?

Now that we know what you need on a farm, the bigger question is where to avail them from. There are plenty of suppliers who sell farm machinery. You have marketplaces where you can get second-hand goods as well as first-hand branded machinery.

Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd and John Deere Farm Tractors are popular brands for getting good quality equipment.

Among marketplaces dealing in second-hand farming machines, you have Tractors and Machinery and Affordable Farm Machinery.

Are You Ready to Visit the Market?

Farming machines are a necessity now if you want your agriculture business to truly grow. The precision with which you can do farming only comes with agricultural machinery and automation. The above machines are meant for activities that would take way too long if done manually.

So, want to check out any farming machines you can get for sale?

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