Top 5 Best Free Page Builder WordPress Plugins for You

There was a time when for creating websites, one needed to know the coding basics. However, today, the advent of Content Management System (CMS) and site builders have eased the work for millions. There’s no debate. If you’re planning to build a website, you can do it with a best free page builder wordpress Plugins.

As you might know, WordPress is popularly used for creating websites and blogs. Needless to say, it powers a giant number of websites across the net. This free, open-source software is a major success due to the wide range of benefits it offers, one of them being plugins.

What are plugins? They are the assets of WordPress. To put it in simple language, they are software which augments the functionality by adding extra features to your site. Quite interesting, right?

What is a WordPress Plugin Development?

If you don’t have the budget needed to spice up your website, don’t worry! WordPress offers a wide range of both free and paid plugins and yes, the free ones are too good anyway.

As already mentioned, WordPress plugins are extremely important for your site as they enhance the functionality. Basically, plugins are PHP scripts, which also provides the basic framework of WordPress. These plugins, when embedded into themes, complete your website.

You’ll find thousands of plugins in WordPress. You can create your own custom plugins too. This will make your site unique and help it stand out.

How Many Types of WordPress Plugins are there?

Can you guess the number of plugins present in the WordPress plugin repository? If your answer is in hundreds, you are completely wrong. You’ll be surprised to know that there are more than 55,000 plugins. And yes, you can add as many plugins to your site as you want.

Usually, they don’t slow down the performance of the website. However, if you are using complex ones, then it might degrade the speed to a certain extent.

You can find plugins of various types adding various features like contact form, SEO improvement, malware scanning, caching, analytics and social media integration. You can even get plugins for landing pages or creating an online shop or marketplace. Amazing, isn’t it? Let’s explore the world of plugins!

Top 5 Best Free Page Builder WordPress Plugins

Page building is the crux of website development. If you’re looking for ways to build your site, WordPress offers you some drag and drop Page builders which require no knowledge of coding. Thus, creating, editing and customising pages are no longer a headache.

Elementor Page Builder

Even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, using this plugin is not at all a problem. If you’re struggling to put up a perfect website, Elementor Page Builder is the key. This plugin, developed in 2016, has extravagant features and helps you add different designs and styles, enhancing the visual and functional richness of your website.

It gives you the power to position and style elements according to your own choice. The Elementor interface is very easy to understand and use. You can preview changes (which take a few seconds) and yes, you need to update every small change you make.

Elementor offers you a responsive website. This is purely free and open-source. Here’s another premium version of the WordPress plugin:

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is the premium version of Elementor page builder. If you want extra functionalities, you should definitely opt for Elementor Pro. You had certain limitations with the free version, but with the pro version, you are given cent percent freedom to customise every bit of your website. You’ll get many Elementor pro themes to make your website a better one.

There are extra modules which are embedded in the pro version like forms, custom CSS, motion effects, animation, 404 page, headers and footers, 300+ templates and blocks. In other words, website building is no more a tedious task. Agree?

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WPBakery Page Builder

This WPBakery Page Builder, which works with all WordPress themes, is another drag and drop page builder which offers a wide range of features and services. It is used for creating websites, blogs or even a portfolio. Some of its features include:

  1. Inline frontend editor
  2. Backend editor
  3. A template repository from where you can download any template
  4. Multiple styling options

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is another feature-rich, drag and drop page builder. It has a user-friendly interface and lets you build responsive websites. You’ll get lots of elements which you can add to your site to enhance the look and the performance.  There is a feature called the Theme Builder with the help of which you can create custom theme layouts.

You can enjoy CSS transitions, slideshow and carousel backgrounds, WooCommerce support, hiding elements among others. You’ll also get various templates for sliders, headers and footers. And guess what, you can create your own templates and embed them in your site too! It also offers you SEO optimisation, a crucial factor in determining the success of your website.

Divi Builder

This advanced page builder is one of its kind. The WordPress plugin includes hundreds of templates, responsive websites and inline editing.

It is basically part of the Divi theme but you can use it separately. You can edit both the frontend and backend using this. It has a very friendly interface, includes 46 modules which you can use in your website, 316 included templates and you can even add custom CSS.


SeedProd is very easy for beginners. You get 100+ landing page templates, already built smart sections and blocks, social media icons, 404, coming soon pages, spam protection, integration and bloat free code. It is no way inferior to the other 4 and has been appreciated by users time and again.

Elementor Popup – A Plugin for Adding Popups on Your Website

You’ll find popups on most websites you open today. Yes, we agree that sometimes, they are annoying. However, most of the time, they convey an important message. Elementor has recently launched the Popup plugin. No, you won’t find it in the free version, because this popup builder comes with Elementor Pro, enriching its features.

Without any kind of coding, you’ll be able to add various pop ups like email opt-ins, cookie consent, contact forms etc. It gives you the freedom to change the design and function of the popups. You can even use widgets with the popups. You’ll get advanced options: conditions, triggers and advanced rules.

  1. Conditions: You can select the target place where the popup appears.
  2. Triggers: You can choose which option will trigger your popup. For example, if someone clicks a button, a popup might occur.
  3. Advanced rules: You can choose how many times a user can see the popup and also make changes to your popup.

Elementor WooCommerce – A WooCommerce Builder

If you’re planning to make a website for a shop or a marketplace, Elementor WooCommerce is the ultimate solution. It contains widgets which your product page needs.

Ranging from Add to Cart button to product price, from product image to product rating, Elementor WooCommerce offers you valuable features. The WooCommerce REST API, which was introduced in WooCommerce 2.1 allows the data to be created, deleted, read and updated using the JSON format.

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Top 5 WordPress Form Builder Plugins for Your Website

There are several areas where you need to embed forms in your website. Some examples include contact forms, subscription forms and survey forms. Any idea how to include those in your website? Yes, WordPress offers form builder plugins to ease the job.


This is a drag and drop form builder which is very popular in the market. There are pre-built form templates and it offers you a responsive one. Your user can upload images and you will get instant notifications after a form submission. You can add add-ons which will enhance the functionality of the form. Some examples include PayPal add-on, Drip add-on, Custom CAPTCHA, geolocation data and signature add-on.

Contact Form 7

After installation and activation of this plugin, you can use it to create and maintain multiple contact forms, utilise simple mark-up to change mail content and customise the form. It also supports Ajax spam filtering, CAPTCHA, Ajax Powered submitting and yes, there are many other extensions which will add more features to your contact form.

Gravity Forms

If you want to create advanced forms, Gravity Forms plugin should be on your list. You can avail 30+ form field inputs, conditional logic which gives you the option to hide or show certain lines, notifications after submission of a form, advanced calculations, file uploads, responsive design, save and continue among others.

Visual Form Builder

This is another form builder plugin which provides you with a fully functional form in very less time. Following are some of the advantages you’ll get:

  • Adding fields in your form in a single click
  • Anti-SPAM system
  • Managing form entries in your dashboard
  • Automatic updating of form entries in the WordPress database
  • Exporting entries to a single file
  • Multiple field layout options

Formidable Forms

If you’re looking for a form for polls, surveys and quizzes, Formidable Forms is the solution. It is basically a drag and drop form builder which helps you create forms for a quiz, survey or even registration and displays the form data with views. You can even create calculator forms with this plugin.

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Check Your Website Plugins Using the WordPress Plugin Detector

Have you ever thought while going through another website that “I wish I could do the same to my own site”? If yes, then we get you. Now, instead of guessing which plugins can serve the purpose, you can use a plugin detector.

There are lots of plugin detectors which you will find. In some rare cases, the detector might not be able to perform its job efficiently but in most of the case, it detects the plugins correctly.

Are You Ready to Build Your Website?

So, you saw how a WordPress plugin like a page or form builder can make your task really easy. WordPress is a really user-friendly platform. With no prior coding knowledge, you can hit sixes. So, if you’re ready to start creating your website, let’s choose the right plugin and get going.

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