Top 12 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes & Plugins for You

Are you willing to create a WordPress site? Whether it’s a blog or news site, it’s an excellent choice to build your website on WordPress. And it’s not just because it’s free, but because you get some amazing varieties of themes, templates and plugins here.

A website gains traffic when its interface is user-friendly and engaging. WordPress additionally provides the benefit of an easy-to-use backend too. So creative designs, user-friendly backend and cost-effectiveness are some reasons why this platform has more than 400 million users all over the world. lets Discuss below about best free wordpress blog themes & plugins

What All Do You Need to Build a WordPress Website?

Be it a blog, ecommerce, news or brand website, there are a few things that every website needs in common. These include the following:

  • Domain: The name of your URL.
  • Hosting: A service that makes your website visible on the internet.
  • Theme: The design and layout of your website.
  • Plugins: Various features that add functionality to your website.

Let’s say you want to start a blog on WordPress. It is about travel and you want to call it “Around the Globe”. So, the domain you buy will be “”. However, it is only after you buy the hosting, your website becomes “”.

The theme of this website is nothing but its design. The color of the header, the font styles, the way you display posts on the home page and other similar aspects. Now since it’s a blog, you’ll be having some ad space here too. These ads won’t be there on display if you don’t have a plugin for AdSense.

You get the point now?

If yes, then it’s time to check out for these things.

Where to Set-Up Your WordPress Site?

You’re probably already a fan of WordPress if you’re on this page right now. However, did you know there’s a major difference between and This difference mainly lies in the cost you incur for creating your website.

The reason why is popularly known as “self-hosted WordPress” is not because the hosting is free. No, hosting is never free anywhere. However, the entire backend that you receive will be free.

Domain and hosting always have some annual charges that you have to pay. However, other costs you incur is for the backend, theme and plugins. In case of, all of this is actually free. You just need to install the software in your computer, which hardly takes 5 minutes. Once you’ve setup your account, you have free access to the themes and plugins there.

Now, free themes and plugins are good cost savers. However, because of the same reason, they’re very common. You don’t want your website to look just like another one, do you? That’s the reason why I have some amazing themes and plugins listed here for different types of content-based websites. These include blogs, magazines and news sites.

Let’s check them out.

The Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Most bloggers prefer using WordPress as it’s easy to use. More than that, you get some amazing WordPress blog themes – both free and paid ones. Here are some unique themes that you can use for yours:

best free wordpress blog themes

Veen – Minimal & Lightweight Blog for WordPress

This WordPress blog template is known for its high speed and light weight. It is most suitable for photography, travel, biography and personal blogs. You get 2 languages on Veen – English and Spanish which you can translate easily. Along with that, you get 11 custom widgets, compatibility with AMP and a great SEO score upon choosing this theme.

TinySalt – Personal Food Blog WordPress Theme

The name explains what this theme is for – food bloggers. It has some amazing features that are especially helpful for presenting your recipes. And that’s not all – there are plenty of variants to this theme, enough to keep changing your look from time to time. You have 4 different post styles, 8 layouts, 10 post templates, 12+ options for home page and 32+ variations.

Uppercase – WordPress Blog Theme with Dark Mode

This theme is amazing for literally any blog that is rich in content. Users will get the feeling of using an app when they’re on your blog as they have the option to toggle to dark mode. A lot of people enjoy doing so these days and nothing would excite them more than finding the option on the web browser too. The smart colours you use for the fonts will switch automatically with the mode.

WordPress Magazine Themes

There’s quite a difference between having a magazine and a blog. So, the themes you choose do vary, though many themes are suitable for both. However, I’ve listed those that are most ideal for typical magazines – whether you provide print versions or only the electronic versions.

Bimber – Viral Magazine WordPress Theme

This is one of the bestselling themes for magazines, designed to make your site go viral. It is 200% faster, 40% smaller and has 75% lesser thumbnails. The CSS optimization, smart plugins and dark mode make it super-light and super-fast to load and render.

The Issue – Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

This is another bestseller and highly-rated theme for magazines. You’ll get more than 8,000 different post layout variations, 10 different header styles, 10+ custom widgets, dark & light modes, 2 review styles, 2 mega menu styles and infinite typography options. What makes it super-friendly for magazines is that you can setup sponsored posts, smart lists, lightbox galleries, advertising, Ajax live search and shopping links with great ease.

wordpress blog themes

The Fox – Minimal WordPress Blog Magazine Theme

This is an elegant theme for a magazine site, though it also suits blogs, news and ecommerce sites. So, you can imagine the flexibility that you have with this theme. You have 7 different gallery styles, more than 1,000 options for the main design and versatility with headers, footers and side bars. Most importantly, you can highlight live and sponsored posts very well, which is important for a magazine and news site.

WordPress News Theme

Whether you’re a popular newspaper or a news-cum-blog site, the theme you need needs to highlight the most recent and trending articles. Your site is bound to be really active with posting as trending headlines can appear any moment. Here are some themes suitable for any kind of news site:


Could a theme have a simpler name to define itself? You can use it for any type of a news site – whether it’s current affairs, lifestyle, cryptocurrency, fashion, food, entertainment, travel, luxury web development or viral content. You can integrate YouTube videos, social media posts, Google AdSense and many custom plugins here.

Networker – Tech News WordPress Theme with Dark Mode

Even though it is more popular among technology-based sites, this theme can be used by any magazine, blog or news site. You have numerous design options here along with dark & light mode and smart colours. Stuff like live search, social media & YouTube integration, multi-lingual support, opt-in forms and social share buttons that are important to any news site are also there.

Zox News – Professional WordPress News & Magazine Theme

The plugins you’ll get for free in this theme are worth $78 if you purchase them separately. These are very unique and specially designed for news sites to increase page views and engagement. There are 8 different article layouts, 5 featured post layouts, 800+ Google fonts and unlimited ad units & colours that help you create a unique design.

WordPress Plugins

Whether you create a blog on WordPress or a magazine or news site, you’ll need similar types of plugins for these. Following are some important ones that every content-based site needs:

 wordpress blog themes

Pro Google AdSense Tools Plugin for WordPress

If you want to make money through your site, you will need a WordPress AdSense plugin. It is extremely informative and easy to use. You will be getting multi-language support and multiple customizable reports on the ads you display.

WordPress Flipbook

This plugin is ideal for magazine sites if you want your readers to get the feel of reading your hard copy. If you present your content with a lot of images, this plugin will enhance the look and feel of your website.

Prestashop Integration in WordPress

This WordPress blog plugin is a bestseller due to the useful functionality it provides. Here, for blogs where you’re promoting products directly, you can insert an “add to cart” button right on your page than giving external links. You can add the entire store on your site itself yet don’t have to look after the transaction at all!

Are You Ready to Create Your WordPress Site?

You can choose to build a WordPress blog gratis or pay very little extra for something extraordinary. Using self-hosted WordPress will save you a lot of recurring money even if you use the paid themes and plugins. This is because charges you for the backend itself, which is free on

You don’t have to be a web developer or designer to build a website anymore. What say, ready to setup your WordPress account?

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