Top 13 Music Instruments for You

What is that one thing that calms a stressed mind and enhances a good mood too? It’s music – whether you listen to it or play it yourself, it works like magic for anybody. However, when you’re playing music instruments as a hobby, it tends to keep your stress level down under most circumstances. Here are detailed best musical instruments for toddlers.

In short, playing a musical instrument is very healthy for your mind and body. If you’re willing to learn how to play one, then the best music instrument store is right here – on the web. Let’s check out some great deals available out there.

Classical Music Instruments

The world of music has more instruments than you probably know. This is a list of different instruments that play rich, cultural music.

Arctic Neo Violin Kit – Violin 4/4 with case, bow & Rosin

This violin has been designed perfectly for anyone to use – whether a beginner or a professional player. It is lightweight and made entirely of wood to give you the right sound. The top is made of pine wood, the finger board is made of ebony and the back as well as sides are made of maple wood. The package contains a full-sized violin in a proper case with a bow and a rosin.



Price: ₹3,999

DronaIndia Tambourine Hand Percussion Musical Instrument

If you’re fond of classical and folk music, then this tambourine is really fun to play and listen to. Hand-made by Indian craftsmen using wood, steel and nylon, it creates amazing music with the metal jingles. You can play Italian, Greek, Turkish, classical, Persian, pop, gospel and rock music using this instrument.



Price: ₹120

Punam Flutes C Natural Medium Right-Hand Bansuri Size 19 inches

The flute is a favourite of many classical Indian music lovers. This one is 19 inches long, made with bamboo and designed for beginners. In fact, due to its easy grip and authenticity, even professional flute players prefer this one only. You can play it on stage and use it in the studio for music recording as well. When you’ll receive the order, it will be available with a proper cover.



Price: ₹2,184

Star Musical African Free Style Rope Tuned Djembe Musical Instrument Percussion Hand Drums Tribal Dholki with Free Premium Quality Waterproof Multicolour Bag and Belt – Apple Red (10 x 20 Inches)

This classical instrument is hand-crafted with a single piece of mango wood, goat skin and nylon ropes. The edges are waxed while the ropes are tied perfectly to produce authentic sound. It is available in plenty of colours – red, black, orange, blue, yellow, green and natural (not painted). You’ll be getting it with a bag that you can wear on your back and carry it anywhere easily.



Price: ₹3,500

Alesis PercPad | Compact Four-Pad Percussion Instrument with Premium Sounds (Black)

Designed for drummers in a band, this instrument adds electric percussions to your beats, thus enhancing your music even more. Compact and easy to use, it has got 4 velocity-sensitive pads with 25 built-in percussion sounds can be placed anywhere and connected to amplifiers, speakers, recorders or headphones.



Price: ₹9,581

amiciSound Thumb Piano 17 Keys Musical Instrument Kalimba with Engraved Notes and Tuning Hammer

This little instrument is called a thumb piano due to the way it is designed and played. While the base is made of pure wood, the keys you need to use are metallic. It is extremely easy to play and comes with an instruction manual so that even beginners can play it. You even get stickers in the pack so that you can mark your keys to remember your tune.



Price: ₹2,079

East top 10 Hole 20 Tone Diatonic Harmonica Mouth Organ Key of Ab with Blue Case, Standard Harmonicas for Professional Player, Beginner, Students, Adults, Children, Kids as Best Gift

This wind instrument is perfect if you want to play blues, jazz, rock, folk or country music. It compliments several other instruments, including guitars, violins and flutes. This harmonica is of the finest quality – having a 1.2 mm reed plate, anti-rust electroplating, combs made of non-toxic plastic and 10 holes. It is waterproof, easy to clean and comfortable to play.



Price: ₹1,685

Digital Keyboards – Popular Music Instruments

If I go to a music store near me and look for a keyboard, the best music instruments would be of Casio. Due to this reason, a Casio keyboard price is higher than others. However, when you shop online for a piano keyboard, you’ll find many more varieties and great deals on any Casio digital piano too. Take a look.

Casio SA-46 32 Mini Keys Musical Keyboard (Black/Green)

Are you looking for Casio keyboards for your child? If yes, then this is one of the greatest choices of a Casio piano you can make. It has 10 built-in songs along with 100 tunes and 50 rhythms. There are 32 mini-sized keys, 5 percussion buttons and the ability to switch between a piano and an organ tone. Your child can connect it to headphones while playing too.



Price: ₹2,370

RockJam 49-Key Portable Digital Piano Keyboard with Music Stand, Power Supply and Note Key Stickers

Designed for learners, this digital keyboard comes with 49 keys, 10 instrument sounds, 10 rhythms and 8 percussion sounds. There are two reasons why students will love this. Firstly, you can practice in private by connecting it to headphones so that no one can hear you. Secondly, you can record whatever you play to monitor progress. Cool, isn’t it?



Price: ₹3,799

Casio CT-S200 Casiotone 61-Key Portable Keyboard (Red)

Available in 3 different colours – red, black and white, this sleek and stylish keyboard can be used by any beginner or player. You can really enjoy learning how to play through its music scoring feature and the piano roll display. It has 400 built-in rhythms and a tempo range of 20-255. Enjoy learning at your own pace, practicing with one hand at a time.



Price: ₹7,813

Casio CTX700 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

If you have taste for a wide variety of music, which includes Indian classical, piano and many more, then this keyboard is the right choice for you. It comes with 61 piano keys, 600 tunes, 195 rhythms, 21 Indian tunes, 26 Indian rhythms, 100 arpeggios, 12 auto-harmonize effects and 160 songs. The best part is that you can play along with your favourite songs and record them too.



Price: ₹9,970

Guitars for Sale

Electric and acoustic guitars are my personal favourite. They have a great aesthetic appeal along with having a melodious sound. These are the best two I found of each.

Juârez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway, 038C with Bag, Strings, Pick and Strap, Black

If you’re willing to buy a guitar online, then this one is available at a great deal right now. It is made of just the right materials and designed with the perfect string height. Having 18 frets and smooth tuning pegs, it’s a perfect acoustic guitar for beginners. You’ll be getting it in a proper guitar bag with extra strings, a shoulder strap and 2 picks.



Price: ₹1,890

RockJam RJEG02-SK-RD Electric Guitar Starter Kit (Red)

If the guitar store has been unreasonable to you, then check out this deal for once. You’re getting a 10-watt electric guitar of a full-size with a nylon strap, a bag, extra strings, picks, whammy, amp and even lessons. It’s got a 3-band equalizer, making it flexible to use. Suitable for beginners, band players and professionals, it is the #1 best seller online right now.



Price: ₹5,999

On a Final Note

The best music instrument store is actually on the web as it has more varieties and options than any one particular shop. Moreover, you get discounts on every single instrument out here. Once you learn to play them, you’ll enjoy listening to yourself, especially through audio devices like headphones and amplifiers. Which one of these music instruments do you picture yourself playing?

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