Save Money: Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet.

Life is getting busier with time. It is a tough task to balance outside world and your home, especially, the cleaning part. It is where the best robot vacuum for thick carpet comes to scene. It gives great relief to your hectic life.

Robot vacuum cleaner keeps your house clean without you are being moving around from one corner to another corner. It’s like commanding your maid to do a work, while you sit back in comfort and watch. 

In fact you have to spend good salary after your maid but robot vacuum cleaner is a one-time purchase. With proper maintenance it can easily last till its warranty span or more.

What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaner is an automatic cleaning device. Its self-drive mode feature cleans the floor without individual touching it. 

It comes with features like programme-controllers, sensors, robotic-drives, etc. robot vacuum cleaners are also called Roomba or Rob-vac.

This robotic vacuum cleaning device is not newly heard. During pandemic it has become more popular in household arenas.

 This auto vacuum cleaner implemented now with advance technology then previously. It’s armed with sensory features to avoid tumbling down or bumping on objects. 

It is easily accordant with ‘Alexa’ and ‘Google Assistant’, which makes cleaning chores, a simple process. Also you can instruct the robot vacuum cleaner with your mobile to clean your house. 

best robot vacuum for low pile carpet

The Engineering and Working of Robot Vacuum Cleaner:   

These cleaning robots have become a popular cleaning home appliance for households in recent times. Robot vacuum cleaner is user-friendly in nature and cost-effective. Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners, these robotic vacuum devices can self-navigate and clean your floors.

 It can easily detect obstacles and avoid it. It is armed with self-charging function which means human intervention is not required for charging. 

The robotic vacuum cleaners consist of a vacuum pump, which is the basic waste collector. For easy movement the device has two tractor wheels along with castor wheels. 

The length of the vacuum pump’s opening is smaller than the diameter of the device. So, roller brushes and side brushes are added to the device for adequate cleaning.

Theses brushes detects the wastes that come across to the suction opening. These brushes effectively clean a bigger area. They can be very helpful especially in cleaning the corner areas of the house.

The robotic device is also equipped with a mopping attachment. This mechanism controls the pressure in the water chamber of the mopping attachment. This controls the water flow via cotton plugs inside. Thus makes this mopping array capable of removing difficult stains.

To prevent the obstacles while cleaning, the machine contains optical limit switches in the front hemisphere. It has bumper cover attached inside. 

Whenever, the device bumps into objects, the bumper cover operates the optical limit switches, which further generates electronic signals.

 To process this signal a smart controller in equipped inside. This smart controller is the brain of the robot vacuum cleaner. These smart controllers control the speed of the individual wheels.

 This motor controlled wheels turn in the opposite direction which allows the robot vacuum cleaner to take a turn.

This machine also includes gyroscope sensors and wheel encoder. These sensors help the machine to accurately turn angles. 

On the other hand, the wheel encoder will detect the exact distance by counting the wheels rotation.

The robotic machine contains Lider sensors which continuously emits laser. The return pulse helps the bot measure the distance between the robot and the surrounding objects while rotating.

It creates a 2D map of your room. It also uses a smart algorithm which helps to follow the accurate cleaning path effectively. So this device can easily recognize objects like walls, chair, table, the room. 

The robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with mobile phone which makes it more user-friendly. 

It is easy to integrate a handy mobile application setting. It instructs the device for the go and no go zones on the floor, cleaning schedules, specific cleaning area, etc.

The robot vacuum cleaner can climb up to 2cm height. To prevent tumbling down the stair, three optical proximity sensors are placed at the edge of the cleaning device.

This sensor comes with a light emitter and photo-detector. The generated light from the LED gets reflected back from the surface which then received by the detectors.

If the machine is about the tumble down, the smart controller measures the distance of this reflected light and immediately stops the robotic machine to change the direction.

A camera along with 3D depth sensor is attached to the font of the robotic device. The sensor and the camera maps the front region in 3D and avoids obstacles like tangled wires, clothes, mess created by pets, etc.

A sensor fusion technique is applied in the robot vacuum cleaner to map the entire room in the house. This helps to detect the accurate cleaning path. 

While cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner may need to get charged. Best part is you don’t need to charge the robotic device. It comes with self-charging function.

It will find its path back to charging point and recharge itself. Once charged, it gets back with it hassle free cleaning process. 

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Features to be Considered While Purchasing the Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet

Before buying any electronic device it is wise to dig into every possible detail about the product. If you are thinking to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner, then the following features should be taken into consideration:

  • Ability to detect obstacles:

No point using a robotic cleaning device if it not capable of recognizing obstacles. The best robot vacuum cleaner for thick carpet is the one that has camera and sensor to detect obstacles while cleaning.

  • Best filter type:

Robot vacuum cleaners having HEPA (or High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is best option for people with breathing problems, especially Asthma. 

This filter type removes 99.97% of dust particles (size: 0.3 microns) from the air that passes through it. 

  • Ability to detect cliff:

Every robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with cliff sensor. Cliff sensor is capable of detecting high areas or cliff. 

As it detects a cliff it helps to change the direction of the robotic device to prevent falling from the height and getting damaged.

  • Dustbin size:

The robot vacuum cleaner consists of dustbin. The dustbin size is measured in litres which may range from 0.25 – 1litre. 

If you have a bigger room and opt for small bin size, then the cleaning will be less efficient which will also need human intervention. So a bigger size dustbin is a better option for effective cleaning.

  • Integration of app:

The robotic device comes with a unique app integration feature. Download the device app in your mobile. With the app you can control and instruct the robot vacuum cleaner for effective cleaning.

 You can also direct the machine to clean a specific area as per your need. Besides, controlling with the app, you can also set a cleaning schedule. 

Top end robotic cleaners also allow integration with smart assistants like Google assistant, Siri and Alexa for a simple and smooth control.

  • Longer battery runtime:

This automatic cleaning machine comes handy without the hassle of cords. But you need to charge the battery of the device to keep it running.

 Battery with small shelve life needs frequent charging. This can make the cleaning process difficult and time taking. So for quick cleaning, opt for batteries with long shelve life.

  • Ability to map the house:

The robotic machine comes with a distinctive feature of house mapping. Through inbuilt camera and different sensors, this device can map the room clearly.

This helps the robotic device to follow the exact cleaning path and detect cliffs to prevent falling, while cleaning.

  • Ability to clean corners:

Cleaning the corners of the room without any manual help is an excellent feature of this robotic machine. These machines can detect obstacles especially corners with the help of sensors.

So the automatic cleaner can easily clean the corners of the rooms. It is advisable to avoid buying bulky robot vacuum cleaners as these have the tendency to skip cleaning the corners.

  • Mopping facility:

For a complete cleaning, robotic device comes with both vacuuming and mopping facility. This feature makes life a lot easy. 

There are robotic cleaners which come only with vacuuming feature. But it is better to purchase robot vacuum cleaner having both the facility.

  • Noise level:

Before buying this automated vacuum cleaner check the noise level. A noise is an important factor to look upon

. Robot vacuum cleaner with a higher decibel of sound may cause uneasiness for your ears.

You should opt for a lower decibel sound robotic device so that you can be at peace while the cleaning is still going on. It is advisable to read the product review if you are purchasing online.

  • Ability of self-emptying:

A few models come with the function of self-emptying debris into the bin. But others have to empty manually. It can be a real hassle if you are living in a big house. A self-emptying function can make it hassle free work.

For small houses this self-emptying feature is not necessary unless you desire to buy it.

  • Suction power: (

For thick carpets or rugs a robot vacuum cleaner with top-notch suction power is necessary. Usually this robotic device has three suction levels- low, medium and high. But a premium model consists of four suction levels.

The unit for suction power is represented by Watt and Pascal (Pa). Presently most of the device comes with 2000 to 2500 Pa unit.

  • Moveableness:

The robot vacuum cleaner can kept anywhere in the house but an ideal place would be against the wall from where it can easily move around. 

The flat wall should have the proper space to install the charger station. This becomes easy for the robotic machine to come back to its original place. It can get charged if the batter is about to die.

  • Maintenance:

Maintenance of the automatic device is easy. But it should be maintained frequently for effective cleaning. 

The brushes and bristles of the device should be cleaned properly.

The cleaning manual gives an easy guidance for cleaning the robot vacuum cleaner. Maintenances process takes few moments only.

best robot vacuum for thick carpet and pet hair

Certain Questions May Arise in Your Mind before Buying Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Robot vacuum cleaner has become a popular name in most houses. It is because of the smart features of the device makes our life easy. But before buying a robot vacuum cleaner certain questions may strike in your mind.

Following are the answers of those aroused questions that will clear all your doubts before buying the automated cleaning devise:

  • Robot vacuum cleaners are good or bad for carpets?

Robot vacuum cleaners are a great choice for a trouble free cleaning of your flooring. But keep in mind that not all models are capable of cleaning carpets and rugs.

 Models with high suction ability are a better option for carpet cleaning. So can we say do robot vacuum work on carpet or not?

Basically two things decide whether a robot vacuum cleaner can perform well on carpets or not: type of robot vacuum model and type of carpet. Let’s discuss the two factors broadly:

  • Type of model:

Accurate cleaning of carpets depends on the type of model of robot vacuum cleaner. The present models are highly advanced in technology. 

These are armed with smart and much needed feature which works well on both flat floors and carpets.

Numerous robotic cleaning devices are developed for deep cleaning the carpets. One such model is the iRobot Roomba S9+ which has 40x the amount of suction power for deeply cleaning the carpets.

Another model is Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum has a suction power of 2000 Pa units. With such suction power dirt are easily sucked in by the device. These are possibly the best robot vacuum for thick carpet.

  • Type of carpet:

The second factor to consider is the type of carpet. Thinner carpets are easy to clean by the robotic vacuum, but thicker carpet can be a challenge.

New robotic vacuum claims having the carpet deep cleaning ability. But mostly manufacturers say that their products are suitable for carpets with low to medium pile, and not for high pile.

  • Can robotic vacuum work on high pile carpet:

Robot vacuum device can clean low pile carpet with ease. But when it comes to high pile carpet, it’s a troublesome task for the robotic device.

A high pile carpet is soft, loosely woven and has long fibres that allow your feet to sink in the carpet. So a normal robot vacuum can find it difficult to clean and the wheel may get stuck on the long fibres.

So some models are developed keeping in mind the cons of high pile carpet cleaning. Such model types are equipped with huge wheels, heavy suction power and ability to adjust height.

Such features make cleaning on high pile carpet uncomplicated. For example Roomba high pile carpet like Roomba 960 from iRobot is considered the best robotic or the best robot vacuum for high pile carpet.

  • Which is the best robot vacuum for low pile carpet?

Low pile carpet is flat and dense with short fibres. This type of carpets is easy to clean. So robot vacuum cleaning machine do not face trouble to clean such carpets.

The high pile carpet vacuum cleaner works very efficiently on low pile carpets. But normal or standard robotic vacuums like iRobot Roomba S9 is considered the best robot vacuum for low pile carpet.

  • Can robot vacuum clean rugs with fringe:

Robot vacuum cleaners can clean carpets and rugs with ease. But carpets or rugs with fringes can give hard time to the robotic device. Robotic cleaning device has rotating brushes which clean the debris as it move along.

 These rotating brushes may get tangled with those fringes. This can lead to a mess while cleaning. Either it may get stuck and damage the rug or the brushes may get damaged

The lighter rug with longer fringe will create difficulty for the robotic device. Both the rug and the machine will mess up.

However, Roomba can clean the rugs with fringes only when the rug is heavier and fringes are not too long. Then, Roomba can easily run over the rugs with fringes while cleaning it. 

One such model is Roomba i3 EVO which is sturdy and repairable. This is good with rugs, and the fringes do not tangle up quickly. So far it is the best robot vacuum for rugs with fringes.

  • How robot vacuum makes pet hair cleaning hassle free?

Most of us love pets. Our fury companion can shed their hairs all over the house. It can easily sweep of the floor but the pet hairs those get stuck on the carpets on rugs can create a real hassle while cleaning.

A robot vacuum cleaner can be a boon to this cleaning hassle. Some models are built keeping in mind this problem. These models come with smart features and sensors, and tremendous suction power to collect every pet hair stuck on carpet.

Pascal (Pa) is the metric unit of suction power. Generally, the higher the suction power, the higher the cleaning efficiency.

Models such as Proscenic M7 Pro and Ecovas Deebot Ozmo N8 Pro+ come with 2600 Pa of suction power. Both the models excel in sucking up furs or pet hairs from carpets and rugs. These models are by far the best robot vacuum for pet hair.

  • Which is the best robot vacuum for thick carpet and hardwood?

Robot vacuum cleaner is a blessing for trouble free cleaning in our daily lives. These automated devices can easily clean on hardwood flooring. 

But cleaning thick carpets can be little complicated. So robot vacuum with high suction powers are available for deep carpet cleaning.

  • Robotic vacuum for thick carpet:

Cleaning thick carpets can be a troublesome work. Though robotic cleaning machine makes cleaning simple for us, but not all robot vacuums can handle thick carpet cleaning.

Usually thick carpet vacuum cleaner comes with suction power ranging from 1800 Pa to 2500 Pa can efficiently clean dirt from thick carpets. 

Even some advance robotic vac have boost mode feature that easily cleans carpet dirt when senses a carpet. For example, iRobot Roomba S9+ is best robotic vacuum cleaner for thick carpet. 

  • Robot vacuum for hardwood flooring:

The robotic vac is anytime the best suited automatic cleaning device for hardwood flooring. These automated devices can easily clean even surfaces.

Before opting for a robot vacuum for hardwood few points should be kept in mind. The robotic cleaner should be capable of clearing debris staring from fur-hair to big chunk of wastes.

Some best robot vacuums for hardwood floor cleaning are Roborock S7, iRobot Roomba 981, Wyze Robot Vacuum, Yeedi K650, etc. these are well tested.

The respective above mentioned robotic vacuum models are the best robot vacuum for carpet and hardwood.

Differences between Robot Vacuum, and Canister and Upright Vacuum:

A robot vacuum is capable of self-cleaning with navigating, mapping and overcoming obstacles facilities. Upright vacuum cleaner is capable of thoroughly deep cleaning carpets and rugs. Canister is flexible and capable of cleaning wider areas.

Robotic vac is self-working so no one is at the charge of action. But upright vacuum and canister is operated by an individual. Robot vacuum can accidently suck in objects which need no cleaning. But with upright vacuum and canister it is not the same as it is in-charge of a person.

Upright vacuum and canister can be time-consuming while cleaning and bulky. But robot vacuum come in sleek shape and is non-spacious and light weight. Time is not a factor when comes to robot vacuum’s self-cleaning facility.

Most of the robot vacuum models now come with both vacuuming and mopping features which makes cleaning chore very simple. But the upright vacuum and canister is only capable of vacuuming. Cleaning with upright and canister can be tiresome due to its heavy weight.

Robot vacuum comes with self-emptying feature, where it empties the debris in the bin itself. In case of upright vacuum and canister, an individual is in-charge to empty the waste.

5 Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet:

Having robot vacuum cleaner at home makes your household chores lighter. The growing demand is quite surprising. 

After a thorough research we recommend you top best robot vacuum for thick carpet which is worth purchasing. Following are the details of 5 best robotic vacs:

  1. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)  Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal:

Product Description:

The i7+ model makes your life comfortable with its smart automated features. Roomba with its advance technology can easily map your house and can navigate its cleaning path without creating a massacre.

 As it is accordant to Google Assistant and Alexa, you can sit back, give your instruction. It effortlessly cleans your house as you relax.  Its 10x the suction power ability and self-emptying function makes your life a whole lot easier.

Product Features:

  • Roomba i7+ is equipped with self-emptying feature with which it can empty itself for about 60days.
  • It’s 10X the suction power ability and premium 3-Stage cleaning system sucks in all the dust and dirt.
  • i7+ comes with vSLAM navigation facility which easily maps your house and navigates the route while cleaning. 
  • While cleaning if the batter goes low, i7+ having self-charging feature can go back to its charging point, get recharge and again begins from where it stopped.
  • You can instruct from voice assistances or iRobot home app to clean any type of mess anytime, it will clean up in no time.
  • With its smart house mapping feature it not only cleans your house but also avoid the ‘keep out zone’ areas.
  • You can fix a schedule in the iRobot app and get going with your other work white i7+ does its cleaning smoothly.
  • It comes with dual multi-surface rubber brushes which are highly effective for cleaning pet-hairs, carpets and hard floor.
  • Having Imprint link technology it can do both vacuuming and mopping on after another.


  • It is equipped with self-emptying ability.
  • i7+ is powered by iRobot OS.
  • It comes with customizable ‘keep out zone’ facility.
  • Both vacuuming and mopping features are in-built.


  • Occasional manual emptying may be needed if long hair or big wad gets clogged in the port.
  • It might get stuck to floor vents.
  • Create loud noise while emptying the wastes.
  1. Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot Self-Empty Xl, Robot Vacuum with IQ Navigation:

Product Description:

The shark IQ Robot Self-Empty Xl, comes advance function of both self-emptying and IQ navigating. This amazing product takes you to a next level comfort zone. 

From mapping, navigating, cleaning to emptying debris, it does all the work itself. As it performs its job smoothly, you enjoy a relaxing time.

Product Feature:

  • The Shark IQ Robot can hold dust and debris for up to 45 days.
  • It comes with non-washable filters.
  • Its high level suction power can deep clean from large to small size wastes.
  • This product can remove pet hair and long hair with its self-cleaning brush-roll and that too without wrapping the hair.
  • You can instruct cleaning through voice assistants or app with which it is well integrated.
  • It’s equipped with smart house mapping feature for an effective cleaning.
  • This model cleans row by row and navigates room by room methodically.
  • Its self-charging feature stops human intervention.
  • Shark’s multi-stage filtration traps 99% dust, dander and pet allergens.


  • This product provides 50% better coverage with systematic cleaning.
  • It comes with dual edge and corner brushes.
  • This is designed for homes with pets.
  • It comes with powerful suction for deep cleaning.


  • Shark makes loud noise.
  • It takes long time to get back to its charging dock.
  • The bag less disposal bin is tricky to empty.
  • The algorithms it uses seem to be confusing.
  1. Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner:

Product Description:

Roborock S5 MAX makes your household chores lighter with it vacuuming and mopping facility.  Your home needs different level of cleaning on different floors and different rooms. 

Use the in-app to instruct different intensity of cleaning in your house. Then let it do its job while you relax or go out.

Product Feature:

  • Roborock S5 MAX is capable of customizable mopping.
  • Its Precision LiDAR navigation along with adaptive route algorithms leads to efficient cleaning every time.
  • This product has a suction power of 2000 Pa which effectively lifts debris from carpet and floor.
  • Its precision mapping facility saves up to 4 levels of map.
  • This model is well integrated with Roborock app and voice assistance for a hassle free cleaning.


  • Roborock S5 MAX can reach under sofa and bed.
  • Ideal for homes with pets.
  • Batteries can go on for 180mins.
  • Its advantage sensors prevent it from falling.


  • The moisture guard plastic plate gets displaced easily.
  • Can get stuck on high pile carpet.
  • The Roborock app does not support multiple maps and does not remember zone setups.
  1. ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner:

Product Description:

ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro+ makes daily hectic life simple with its smart features and well-connected home service robotics. 

With its all-in one vacuum and mop function, it eases the cleaning part. The self-emptying debris facility makes it a must buy product for every household.

Product Feature:

  • Deebot N8 Pro+ comes with self-emptying feature and holds dirt up to 30days.
  • It detects and avoids carpet while mopping.
  • This product has 2000 Pa unit of power lifting suction which thoroughly cleans the carpet.
  • Deebot N8 Pro+ is armed with TRUEDETECT, a laser-based 3D technology which helps to prevent objects like wires, slippers, pet-food, etc.
  • It comes with TRUEMAPPING navigation and aerospace-standard dToF detection sensors which generates maps with 4X greater precision and 2X greater range.


  • It provides in-depth cleaning experience.
  • This model is equipped with vacuum, mop and carpet detection features.
  • Automatically empty the dustbin after cleaning.
  • Fully automated connectivity throughout your house.


  • The product does not self-empty pet hairs.
  • Frequent charging is needed.
  • It takes long time to get fully recharged.
  • The vacuum can only remember 2 floors and it takes a lot of time to remap.
  1. iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum:

Product Description:

Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum can be connected from anywhere for an effortless cleaning. It’s well capable of sucking in large to small particles of dirt from hard floor and carpet. 

Its sensor alerts it for deep cleaning in specific areas. Schedule cleaning on the app get free from hassle free cleaning chores.

Product Feature:

  • You can schedule your daily cleaning in the home-app or voice assistances for a smart home cleaning.
  • This product comes with 3-stage cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes for cleaning the complicated areas.
  • Roomba 692 has cliff detect sensor which prevents it from falling down the stairs.
  • It can navigate under and around the furniture and corner edges with the help of its advance sensors.
  • Dirt dictation sensors alert the robot to sense dirtier areas and immediately clean the place thoroughly.
  • It can clean for continuous 90min before getting discharged.


  • Roomba 692 is powered by iRobot OS.
  • It suggests extra cleanings during higher pollen count or pet shedding season.
  • This model comes with automated docking and charging facility.
  • Its auto-adjust cleaning head alerts it about the height of the carpet.


  • It is a noisy vacuum.
  • Roomba 692 does not intelligently cover the oddly-shaped areas of the house while cleaning.
  • The iRobot app fails to properly instruct the robot.
  • The dustbin is very small.

How to keep Robot Vacuum Clean?

Robot vacuum cleaner no doubt brings ease to our hectic life. But to maintain the other way round partnership, maintenance of robot vac should be looked into. The basic maintenance begins with cleaning the device.

First thing to do is to empty the dustbin of the automated device. If the device comes with mopping feature, the water reservoir for mopping the floor has to be rinsed every time the function is operated. The mopping cloth should be changed every time the process begins and ends.

If you have pets at home, then you have to remove the parts of the inner box for in-depth cleaning. Even the brushes also need complete attention frequently and the cleaning of the drop sensors as well.

Buying Guide for the Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet:

With time a whole lot of new innovations and technologies are coming up to advance human life in a broader way. It makes life easy and comfortable. Human beings also enjoy every core of this advancement of life.

 One such innovative technology is the development of robot vacuum cleaner. This automated cleaning device is a blessing for humans to a lighter feel on part of daily chores. 

Robot vacuum cleaner is the best choice for automatic and smart cleaning of home. It is user-friendly in nature. Proper and easy maintenance can lead to a longer warranty. But all models may not have the same capacity of cleaning.

This is a popular device in many homes. But the question comes that why should one invest on robot vacuum? This buying guide will provide you primary details on what will you gain by purchasing this gadget.

  • User-friendly:

Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaner, the robot vac is far more easy to use. Since it is a self-working cleaning device, all you need is to just schedule the time and area of cleaning. 

Rest it will perform its job smoothly while you finish other works or chill out or even you can go outdoors.

  • Work-efficiency:

With time more advanced form of robot vacuum is being developed. Such advancement is a boon for human life.

 With different advance features like vacuum, mapping, navigation, moping, various sensory alerts, camera, strong brushes, self-emptying, suction power, etc. have given a new meaning to cleaning as a chore.

Robot vacuum is a highly efficient cleaning device should be present in every household.

  • Time-saver:

In today’s hectic life, cleaning a troublesome chore which we most of the time feel like avoiding. But with the introduction of the robotic device, cleaning has become a hassle free duty.

 The robot vac can clean effortlessly even if you are not at home or busy with some other work. The machine automatically goes back to its charging dock and recharges itself. Then it starts from the point where it stopped.

So its self-cleaning ability does not consume your time only to cleaning.

  • Ability to work on different surface:

This product is capable of working on different surfaces. With its different detecting sensors, it can easily clean on carpets, rugs and hard floors.

These sensors alert the vacuum of different floor coverings and objects. So the device also cleans accordingly.

  • Detecting different dirt:

Robotic vac comes with different in-built sensors. These sensors help the device to detect different dirt from large to small size and deeply clean them.

  • Easy storage:

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, the robot vacuum is far more advanced. It has a sleek look. It does not need huge space to store. This device is light in weight so it can be easily transported from one place to other.

  • Boon for aged and handicapped people:

Robot vacuum comes as a blessing and a perfect solution for handicapped and elderly citizens. This device makes cleaning completely hassle free for them as they cannot do this chore on their own. Now they can sit and relax watch their house getting clean.

  • Budget-friendly:

With increasing popularity and demand in the market, the robotic vac has become cost-effective. People can now easily afford this product for smart living.


Though robot vacuum makes human life comforting, but different models have different capabilities and different cleaning intensity. This article gives you a complete over view of what exactly a robot vacuum is, how it works, and highlights the features and essential factors to buy the best robot vacuum for thick carpet, rugs, flooring and pet-hair.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. Can robot vacuums go over bumps?

Ans: If the robot vacuum is presented with bumps at or below the indicated limit, then it is not a matter of concern.

  1. Does the shark ion robot work on thick carpet?

Ans: Yes, the Shark ION robot will easily go over the thick carpet.

  1. Will I robot work on shag carpet?

Ans: iRobot may not work on shag carpet as the cliff sensors may get stuck on the long fibres of the carpet.

  1. Does the shark robot vacuum work on high pile carpet?

Ans: The shark robot works really well on high pile carpet because it the only one with the highest wheel span.

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