Top 6 Best Video Editor Software and Apps for You

Do you want to start your own blog or YouTube channel? Or you just want to make videos to promote your brand on social media? Whether you wish to create your own videos to make money or simply want to make a special virtual birthday gift, there are Best video editor software and apps for every purpose.

Every video editing software or app that I’ll be talking about here are absolutely free. You get a lot of paid ones too, but trust me, unless you’re a professional videographer, advertiser or filmmaker, you don’t need those. Basically, all these are free video maker apps, designed for those who may not be professional video makers, but wish to make money out of their video still.

And if it’s for personal use – I think a mobile app should suffice you. In fact, it would be easier to use too.

What Can You Do With a Basic Video Editor?

Usually, for an original video, the best thing to do is shoot it yourself with real people. However, in spite of doing that, you’ll need a video editor. The basic job of this software is to compile two or more photos and/or videos and make it into one video.

You can add background music or songs, subtitles, credits and animation effects to it too. There are roughly 3 types of videos I can tell you can make:

  1. A basic slideshow that just has pictures scrolling one after the other with text and background music. Even though it’s kind of obsolete, it might work if it’s a birthday wish for a friend.
  2. A combination of multiple videos with may be some pictures and GIFs added here and there. Adding a background music to it would make it look better. This is what most people do for invitations, wishes and promotions.
  3. Taking a long shot video, cutting out what you want and adding some background music to it. This is what YouTube channel owners, bloggers and some brands do.

Uses of a Video Editor

On today’s date, I think we all tend to watch a video every day. An average person spends 84 minutes watching online videos per day. So, that alone gives you the opportunity to make money out of your own video – even if you’re showing people something as simple as how to make rice.

Now if you have your own brand, you can’t survive without making your own videos today. That’s because you need to have an online presence if you’re selling stuff on today’s date. And when I say online presence, I mean you at least got to be on Facebook or Instagram.

So, here’s a video editing software or app can help you, even if the video editor and video maker are not so “professional”:

  • You can compile pictures, videos and music to create your own original video for your YouTube channel or social media.
  • Even if you shoot your own video, you’ll need the video editor to add some background music and cut the scenes you don’t want.
  • If you have your own website, you can make an animated GIF or short video that you can stream on the home page.
  • You can make product videos for Amazon or any other e-commerce site.
  • These days, everyone’s gifting a personalized video on birthdays and anniversaries since meeting in person has become a risk – you can easily do it with a good video making app.
  • You can make and send video invites to people for your events – whether it’s for a Christmas party or a wedding.

These are professional and personal uses of a video combined – one that cannot be made till you use a video editing app or software. So now, let’s see what you can use for making the best video for your brand, blog or friend.

Best Video Editor Software

Free Video Editing Software for PC and Laptops

When we want to make a video professionally, most of us will prefer doing it on our PC or laptop. And if these are to be made on a regular basis, having a software installed in our computer is always better than going online all the time.

So, here are 2 of the best video editing software that you can download for free on your laptop:


The Movavi video editor for Windows is available for free download, whereas other video makers are paid software. Here’s what the free software provides you with:

  • Colour filters
  • Adding captions
  • Making smooth transitions
  • Cropping and turning the video
  • Cutting parts of a video
  • Adding background music
  • Other special effects like styling, zooming and stabilizing

If you’re looking for a paid version (which could obviously provide you with more features and better quality), you can check out the Movavi Video Suite online.


This is also a free video editor for pc. You can download it for Windows, Mac and even kindle. Even though it has a paid version, the free one itself provides you with a bunch of excellent features:

  • Has 50+ transitions and effects to add.
  • Is easy and fast to use.
  • Can add text and visuals at 360°
  • Has features like adding movie credits, 2D to 3D conversions, text animations and controlling speed of video playback.
  • You can compose your own audio mix and add narrations too.
  • Crop and trim videos with ease.
  • Export your file in any format.

Best Online Video Editor – Free

If you occasionally upload videos, then using a video editor online might make more sense to you. There are plenty of free video making websites out there. I’ll just tell you 2 really great ones:

Video Editor Software


This online video maker has got more than 4 million users. It comes loaded with plenty of tools and is extremely user-friendly. Following are the features available for you:

  • Merging videos
  • Resizing videos
  • Cutting and cropping clips
  • Rotating the display
  • Compressing the video
  • Creating a slideshow
  • Adding background score
  • Cutting and muting the audio
  • Showing a video in reverse form and adding loops
  • Controlling the speed of video playback
  • Adding filters
  • DPI converter

Adobe Video Editor

Yes, Adobe has a video editor online, and the name is Adobe Spark. It is the best video editor for YouTube because of the quality of output that it delivers for you. Following are the things you can do (all you have to do is create an account):

  • Trimming your clips
  • Choosing a display format – either square or wide screen
  • Compressing the video
  • Adding background music, songs or narration
  • Creating slideshows
  • Adding text in the form of captions, subtitles or credits
  • Playing with colours and effects
  • Creating videos with professional themes
  • Publishing them directly from there

Best Video Editor App for Mobile Phones and Tablets

Now if you’re making a video full of birthday wishes for your friends or family, you’re probably going to do it on your phone while lying down on the couch or bed. So, you can choose the best video editing app from here, depending on what you want to make:


This free app is available on mobile phones, tablets and Chromebook, for both Android and iOS. The free app will provide you with plenty of features but the output might have a watermark of their logo. Here’s what you can do:

  • Combining and blending pictures and videos
  • Adding text, filters, background score and special effects
  • Controlling speed – slow motion or hyper lapse
  • Cropping and trimming clips
  • Various animation tools
  • Volume control
  • Reversing a clip
  • Publishing and exporting the final video

If you want to make a video with KineMaster without watermark for free, you need to look for KineMaster Mod APK.

 Video Editor Software

Slideshow – Music Video Maker

If a slideshow video is all you have to make, probably for a college presentation or something sweet for your friends, then this is a very convenient app. Here’s what you can do here:

  • Get some free music clips
  • Add your own set of photos and videos
  • Create photo music videos
  • Add text and colour filters
  • Control the playback speed
  • Publish directly on social media

Which One Would You Go For?

Well, most of these video makers provide with more or less the same features, yet they differ in their own way. For example, you can add text everywhere but the font style will differ for every app or software. There are colour filters in every app, but the actual colours of these filters vary from app to app.

The first thing you see is where you comfort zone lies – over the phone or over the laptop. Next, you compare the interface and styles you’re getting to make your video. Is anyone giving you an extra something you might need? If yes, then go for that video editor! The bottom line is – it needs to work for you. Isn’t it?

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