6 Smart Technology Gadgets You Should Have

5 Smart Technology Gadgets You Should Have

If you were to choose between getting an awful lot of appliances or an all-in-one device for creating a complete smart home, what would you choose? Well, I think the answer is too obvious, unless you need a better insight into smart technology. Smart tech isn’t just applicable for your home, but also for your … Read more

Simple Guidance For You In What Is Quantum Computers? .

Simple Guidance For You In What Is Quantum Computers? .

A quantum computer is any gadget for calculation that utilizes unmistakably quantum mechanical wonders, for example, superposition and ensnarement, to perform the procedure on the information. In an old-style (or regular) computer, data is put away as bits; in quantum computers, it is put away as qubits (quantum bits). The essential guideline of quantum calculation … Read more

If Sensor Technology Ruled The World We Would All Be Happy

If Sensor Technology Ruled Theworld We Would All Be Happy

Sensor Technology working principle: The Paris Air display is one of the most important shows for airplane manufacturers. Some of the valiant pilots perform exquisite stunts to exhibit the velocity of their planes. A tilt sensor is certainly one of the essential components of this computer-assisted circuitry, and it’s far a kind of transducer. This … Read more

How Can a Heart Monitoring T-Shirt Save Your Life?

What feels better – 12 leads of an ECG machine attached to your body or a comfortable t-shirt performing the same function? That’s what a heart monitoring t-shirt is – a comfortable version of an ECG or electrocardiogram machine. If you’ve worn a smartwatch before, you can probably figure out how this t-shirt works. Technology … Read more

How Can Brain Chips in Humans be Beneficial?

Brain Chips in Humans

Are you wondering whether brain chips in humans actually even exist in the first place? Well, your concern isn’t totally wrong, because as of now they don’t! However, scientists have been creating a human microchip that can be implanted in the brain. Now, what possibly comes to your mind when I say something like that? … Read more

What is a Human Microchip and How Does it Work?

Human Microchip

How would life be if your hand was all you needed to pay your bills? Well, a human microchip can actually make this imagination turn into reality! A microchip inserted in your hand not just replaces your credit card, but also your keys, tickets, and passport. So far, this little piece of storage was a … Read more

The Dholera Smart City Project

Dholera Smart City

We sure know a city, but how is a “smart city” different? So far, Dholera was a small town in Gujarat. Now, it is being developed into a city using technology. So, what is this Dholera Smart City project all about? The Indian branch of SmartHomes Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has initiated this project. In order … Read more

what is the passenger drone?

Passenger drone

what is the passenger drone? The demand for the drone is very high in the present day, as it is used to facilitate various tasks, most of which is used for a camera shoot. Besides, more and more efforts are being made to exploit the drone as the drone has been innovated as a passenger … Read more

5 Things You Need to Know About 5G Network

5G Network

From 2G to 5G network technology has been advancing faster than our generations are, isn’t it? The era of the mobile internet has changed the way the world operates. Whether you want to buy a pencil or propose to your girlfriend, you’re just going to pick up your phone! This craze began after NTT DoCoMo … Read more