Top 14 DSLR Camera Accessories for You

A DSLR camera needs more than just 2 careful hands. Even though they seem “lightweight”, they’re not something you can hold in your hand and move around the whole day. In fact, that makes it vulnerable to wearing and tearing if it starts raining or if you bang it against a pillar. Cheap DSLR camera accessories are discussed below

There are plenty of DSLR camera accessories you need to support your camera – either for taking better shots or for maintaining it.

Let’s take a look at both categories one at a time.

DSLR Camera Accessories for Taking Better Shots – Camera Lens, Camera Stand and Filters

To support better photography and videography, having an extra camera lens, one flexible camera stand and a lens filter helps a lot. Only by shopping online, can you find such amazing deals for taking better shots from your camera. Take a look at the best ones available out there:

1.    Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35 mm f/1.8G Prime Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Camera (Black)

If you’re looking for Nikon lenses, then this one is compatible with all the DX-format cameras. It is a 35 mm wide lens, having the closest focus distance of 0.3 metres. It is perfect for portrait photography, having a maximum aperture of f/1.8.



Price: ₹14,490

2.    Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8G Prime Lens for Nikon DSLR Camera

This lens is compatible with the Nikon F series. However, it works equally well with the DX format of cameras too. Having a focal length of 50 mm and a maximum aperture of f/1.8, this lens is perfect for scenic photography, even in dim light.



Price: ₹12,900

3.    Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300 mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR Lens for DSLR Cameras (Black)

If your Nikon camera is in need of a better-quality lens, then this one goes with literally any model. Compatible with DX, FX and DX crop mode formats, it has a focal length of 70-300 mm, the maximum aperture being f/4.5 to 6.3.  Perfect for low-light, nature and event photography.



Price: ₹16,290

4.    Digitek DTR 550LW Lightweight Tripod (Maximum Load up to 5 kg), 5.57 Feet Tall for Digital SLR & Video Cameras, Made Aluminium Material (DTR 550LW)

What do you need with a great camera to take the best pictures and videos? It’s the support of a camera stand that enables you to take the best shots. Digitek DTR 550LWis lightweight and thus easy to carry. It is compatible with any camera you might be owning, has a 3-way head and can go up to 5.57 feet.



Price: ₹1,749

5.    AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod (Black)

For event photography and videography, the right support for a still camera is a monopod. This one is lightweight, sturdy and 67-inches long. It has a ¼-inch universal thread mount and 4 leg sections, which make it extremely flexible to use.



Price: ₹1,249

6.    AmazonBasics Circular Polarizer Filter- 52 mm

Do you ever wonder whether the landscape images you see are real or edited? I’ll disclose one of the possibilities apart from computer editing – it’s camera filters. When you attach this filter to your camera lens, the colour of every object outside will appear richer. This is because it reduces reflection of light as well as its glare, thus intensifying the depth of the objects.



Price: ₹849

7.    Tygot 13-inch Flexible Gorillapod Tripod with Mobile Attachment for DSLR, Action Cameras & Smartphones

As funky as this may look, it is designed flexibly enough to wrap it around a pole, tree or ship rail to shoot pictures and videos from anywhere and at any angle. It is highly portable, lightweight and flexible to fit any camera – DSLR or even a smartphone.



Price: ₹599

8.    Hanumex Green BackDrop Background 8×12 Ft for Studio – Camera Accessory

For all studio owners out there, check out this green curtain that gives an amazing backdrop for portrait and still photography. The curtain is 8 x12 feet and has fully stitched edges. It is made of pure muslin cotton and has rod pockets on every edge to drape with ease.



Price: ₹549

Accessories Needed to Maintain Your DSLR Camera

This is a list of some bags, cases, chargers and cleaners that you need to maintain your camera and protect it from wear and tear. If you have an expensive professional camera, you’ll truly need these to make it last lifelong:

9.    AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories – Black

Designed for professional photographers, this camera bag fits in 2 DSLRs, 3-4 camera lenses along with other accessories like a camera stand. It is lightweight, thickly padded and adjustable shoulder straps so that it comforts you and protects your expensive devices at the same time.



Price: ₹1,969

10.  AmazonBasics Camera Lens Protective Pouches – Water Resistant

Do you own multiple lenses and are super-protective about them? If yes, then in addition to having a camera bag, get these camera lens protective pouches at a great deal. You’ll get a set f 4 pouches, all of different sizes but made of the same water-proof and protective material.



Price: ₹749

11.  ENVIE Charger for AA & AAA Rechargeable Batteries (ECR 11 Fast Charger)

Meant for busy professionals using their camera the whole day, this super-fast charger will charge 2100 mAh batteries in 1.2 hours. Just insert your batteries in it and check its status on the LCD screen. It takes 4 AA/AAA batteries at the most in one go.



Price: ₹550

12.  AmazonBasics Large Point and Shoot Camera Case (Black)

To store a DSLR camera, you can’t just use any backpack. Every part of your camera is extremely precious and so it needs a bag that has pockets for every accessory and proper padding in the interior as well as exterior to protect it from breakage and rain.



Price: ₹499

13.  Gizga Essentials GZ-CK-104 Professional 6-in-1 Cleaning Kit (Air Blower, Cotton Swabs, Suede + Plush Micro-Fiber Cloth, Brush, Cleaning Solution)

Owning a DSLR is not something only to enjoy. You need to maintain it well for it to last as long as you want. This maintenance kit has everything you need to keep your camera clean – dust blower, cotton swabs, a micro-fibre cloth, an antistatic cleaning brush and a lens cleaner.



Price: ₹279

14. YANTRALAY SCHOOL OF GADGETS Universal Waist Belt Buckle Adapter for DSLR Camera (Black)



Price: ₹322

To Sum it Up

For a professional, having a DSLR camera is not enough. You need many other support accessories along with it.

You’ll need a different lens when you’re shooting inside a banquet and a different lens when you’re shooting at a hill station. You may hold the camera in your hand and take a picture of your friends. However, to video shoot a wedding, you’ll need a camera stand.

Under all circumstances, you need to store your camera in a proper bag and your spare camera lens in a case. They need regular cleaning, especially after coming back from a shoot.

So, which of these camera accessories are you yet to buy following your DSLR purchase?

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