Learn How To Do Custom WordPress Website Design.

Did you know that 26% of the world’s websites are made on WordPress? Whether it is ecommerce, a blog or a portfolio, a WordPress website is easy to create, handle and promote. This is because custom wordpress website design is very easy to Design.

Website development is like training your employees. It decides the success of your store or profession. It will be your tool of communication with the outer world. WordPress makes the work much easier and hassle-free. We’ll learn more about it as we proceed further.

Why Create a WordPress Website?

Do you know that WordPress was initially a blogging tool, and later turned into one of the most popular Content Management System?

WordPress is free, one of the main reasons for its popularity.   The next factor is that it is easily customisable with loads of themes and plugins. You don’t need to know coding to create a website or blog, as WordPress helps people to develop sites without any prior coding knowledge. Also, it is SEO friendly and very easy to manage.

Today, people are more concerned about the safety of their websites as the web is full of corrupt people. On the other hand, WordPress is totally safe and secure. So, when a platform is offering a sea of features, that too at zero or minimal cost, why look for another option?

All of this explains the reason for the popularity of WordPress.

How to Use the WordPress Website Builder?

wordpress website builder

WordPress website building is not at all a mammoth challenge. It includes some easy steps but first of all, you should get familiar with the WordPress UI:

  • Before starting to work on WordPress, you need to buy a hosting platform.
  • After installing WordPress in the hosting platform, you can select a theme.
  • Use the page builder and install extra plugins to increase the functionality of your site.

If you follow the aforementioned steps, Website building will be like a walk in the park, we bet.

WordPress Website Development

You should be able to build your own website from the very beginning, it is definitely not rocket science.

First things first, you need to decide a domain name. You need to buy the domain name and a hosting for your website. Your hosting provider should be compatible with PHP version 7.2 or higher, HTTPS support and MySQL version 5.6 or more. You need to link your host name and billing details before proceeding further.

After that, you need to install WordPress from your hosting provider. The installation can be single-click or manual, depending on your hosting provider. After completion of the installation, you’ll see a welcome message, posts, media, pages, comments, appearance and plugins.

There are a few steps you need to take care of before choosing a theme and proceeding further. You need to set permalinks (a permanent link for a page or post), make your site public, set your website title and tagline and set your time zone.

WordPress Website Design

Coming to the design part of the website, we now take a look at WordPress themes and page builders.

A template is the design layout for a single page whereas theme provides the design for the entire website. Thus, it is crucial to select a proper theme suited to the needs of your website. Some themes are free, some themes cost some money. The difference between them lies in the features and functions they provide.

After selecting a theme, you need to select a page builder plugin. Page builder plugins are extremely important for your website. WordPress provides great drag and drop page builders like Elementor page builder, Elementor WooCommerce and Elementor Pro. Apart from that, you’ll get WPBakery, Visual Composer, DiviBuilder and SeedProd. For installing these plugins, you need to go to Add New under plugins and install and activate it.

custom wordpress website design

WordPress Website Templates

You’ll get a lot of WordPress templates and themes in the library. We agree that deciding one from them is quite a tedious task. Don’t underestimate the free ones, many of them function better than the paid ones. However, the paid ones are definitely better in most of the aspects. They are regularly updated and supported, have lots of plugins and provide extra features.

You can get templates and themes according to your own choice. Whether you have a one page site, an Ecommerce site, a News site or a portfolio website, you’ll get themes catering to each of the categories separately.

WordPress One Page Theme

If you’re planning to build a one page site, then trust me, it is a very good decision as long as it serves the purpose. That’s because you’ll escape the complex network of multiple pages and content. They are simple, straightforward and very easy to maintain. This is why you’ll get a lot of one page themes in WordPress, and they include professional ones too.

Patti, a parallax one-page theme is absolutely perfect for your one-page site. It is versatile, equipped with lots of customisation options and yes, it has the WPBakery page builder and Templatera. The premium plugins that come with this theme include some great features. Some of these are responsive design, parallax backgrounds, media slideshows, solid theme options panel and search engine optimisation.

WordPress Ecommerce Website Theme

If you’re planning to build an online store, WordPress provides you with great ecommerce themes to help you. These themes are specialised for giving you an Ecommerce platform, to help your sprawling business reach new heights.

PeakShops is a WooCommerce theme which is reputed for ecommerce websites. It has pre-built demos, theme customisation options, bundled plugins, responsive layout, SEO ready and social media integration.

WordPress News Site Theme

You might be surprised to know that Forbes, the New York Times, CNN, and Quartz: all of them use WordPress. Yes, WordPress offers you some great news site themes, which exclude unnecessary information and blocks, and engage readers efficiently. You’ll definitely want a theme which will seize the interest of the readers and provide the latest, up-to-date and relevant content.

Newsmag is a theme which will serve the purpose. It is AMP Ready and has integrated newspaper plugin, WPBakery Page Builder, 25 custom widgets, WordPress Booster framework, speed booster plugin, Ajax login system and much more.

WordPress Site Builder

WordPress site builders are important as they, along with the themes, decide the UI and the performance of your website. It provides beginner-friendly, drag and drop page builders which are very easy to customise. They require no coding and to add a cherry on the top, brings out great results. Let’s explore some best page builders in WordPress.

wordpress website design

Divi Website

Must have heard about Divi, haven’t you? It is considered as one of the best WordPress website builders. It comes in both the forms: frontend and backend builder. The frontend or the visual builder is a drag and drop builder, that allows you to create a custom website according to your needs. It uses sections, rows and modules as the three main building blocks.

It has a unique feature which is the Collapse option. Along with it, it allows unlimited revisions, includes pre-built page layouts, 46 content modules and much more.

Elementor – The Free WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is a free page builder that also includes the drag and drop feature. Apart from that, it offers 90+ widgets, 300+ templates, auto-save option, in-line editing, global fonts and colours. It works with all WordPress themes to deliver an impeccable interface. You don’t need to buy the Pro version to avail the features, the free plan is more than enough.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual website builder. It promises fast speed, wide range of customisation options, smart landing pages, pre-built conversion elements to engage more traffic. You’ll get ultra-flexible column layouts, attractive text and image combinations, full-width layouts, great hover effects without any coding knowledge.

Self-Designing VS Hiring a WordPress Designer

Thinking of self-designing the WordPress site or want a WordPress designer? There are pros and cons for each. Let us look into them.

First things first, you need to consider the budget. Nothing is free, and also shouldn’t be. Web developers will charge you for designing your website. On the other hand, if you do it yourself, it will save some bucks.

Next, you need to know WordPress. No, we are not talking of coding, but you should be someone who is familiar with WordPress. You don’t need to know it in detail, just a basic understanding will help. With time, you’ll get to know more things and eventually, progress.

If you want a custom design and functionality, you need to hire a WordPress designer. It may be that you are not satisfied with the features provided by WordPress, and in that case, you’ll definitely need a professional designer.

WordPress Website Cost

While creating a WordPress Website, you’ll need to invest on two things:

  1. WordPress.com
  2. Hosting

WordPress.com comes with 4 plans: Personal, Premium, Business and ecommerce, the cost varying for each. You need to buy a hosting plan too. A couple of host providers are available for free, but it is recommended to buy a hosting service from the wide range of options available on the net.

Can You Get a WordPress Website for Free?

Yes, you can; you can get the WordPress Website for free including the hosting. Most of the hosting plans will cost you some bucks but yes, you’ll get some free host providers like 000web and AccuWeb hosting. Thus, you can create and host your WordPress Website for free, undoubtedly.

Would You Hire A WordPress Web Developer Or Make Your Own Website?

So, what have you decided? Do you want to develop your WordPress website on your own or hire a web developer for the WordPress web design? Whatever be it, don’t compromise on the quality of your website. Only 2 things matter – you have a website that works and the investment is worth it.

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