Dive Into The World Of Android Software

Dive Into The World Of Android Software
Written by Mohammad Khalid

A mobile operating system is a type of operating system designed for mobile phones, tablets, etc. They are designed especially for mobiles as the desktop operating system is not supported by mobile phones. These include some basic features of desktop OS and some additional features for mobile phones. They got popular after the emergence of smartphones in the technological era. The most famous mobile operating system is android And Android Software and applications are Users Friendly.

What is Android Software?

Android is based on Linux and has some additional features also. It is designed for providing setups on tablets and mobile phones. It was developed by the Open Handset Alliance consortium with Google sponsorship. The first-ever revelation was done in 2007 and first
android oriented smart-phone was launched in 2008.

It is known as Android Open Source Software(AOSS). It provides a direct manipulation interface framework at the home screen to the users. The actions like swirling, touching, zooming, tapping are done on-screen, and a virtual keyboard is used for typing purposes.

What Does an Android Developer Do?

A person who is associated with the android sector for any application development processes is known as an android developer. They are recruited by the app development agencies for developing apps in Android OS. This job is specifically skill-based and their demand is very high in the sector. It is so because they need to know every terminology of coding because they design applications by using programming languages. Their task is to develop Android Software and applications with professionalism ensuring new features and error management. They stay tuned for the latest technological trends and work according to that so that the users could enjoy the latest features.

How Does Android studio Works?

Android Studio is an IDE for Android Operating System officially. Its main aim is to provide leading quality tools to build the best-rated applications for customers. It provides the fastest alternatives for coding techniques to work upon. It has many features to attract the
developers. Like, the Apply Change feature changes the restored settings of the currently running app. Secondly, the Android Emulator ensures the efficient running of the applications. intelligence features provide access to check more than 365 lines at a time. Moreover, its best part is that it is built in such a way that it works on all Android-based devices.

What Is BlueStack?

BlueStack is an American origin company for the production of BlueStack App Player. It is basically mended to ensure the working of Android applications on PCs with different OS. It works on Apple devices also. It is absolutely safe for every laptop, desktops, etc and there is no evidence against the motion. This Emulator has attracted millions of users all over the world. It provides a very easy integration facility for all android applications. Its framework resembles Android very much. To ensure the quality experience, time-to-time updation is a must. The only requisite for this emulator is its storage issues. It requires a good portion of the storage system. So, the application may create complexities if there are any storage problems otherwise it’s very helpful.

Youtube video downloader for Android

YouTube is the world’s leading application and website after Google. It provides a multimedia platform to its users to seek video clips. The increasing popularity is evidence that proves the fact. There is also a facility to download the youtube videos for further reference. Many users take the help of different applications that enable this task. These downloading apps are very helpful because it helps the user to permanently access a particular video instead of searching for it again and again. Apps like tube go, Snap Downloader, YouTube By Click, 4K Video Downloader. Softorino Youtube converter, Allav soft, Vidmate, Clip Grab, Airy, Video proc, Tube mate, Free make, and many more. These applications are the most trendy ones. There are many more in the following category. To have access to these apps, one can download them on their devices from websites or the play store.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is an Android affiliated app store. It is the official app store for Google users. It not only allows applications but also books, music, games, etc. Except for Apple OS apps, reinstall the applications can be freely, or some times charge, downloaded from the Google Play Store. All you need is to sign in via the Google account. It has a huge number of users. It was launched by the Android market in 2008 for all the android devices. A newly added feature is the Google Play Instant which gives access to the users to experience a particular app for once even without downloading it.

You Should Know About MyPhoneExplorer

My Phone Explorer is a freeware desktop application to manage Android applications. It works for Sony Ericson also. Developed in Austria, this application can be accessed in many different languages of the world. Its users increase with a rapid multi-application of millions and billions since 2007. The developer of the application was FJ Software Company. The connection for this app to the phone is assured by infrared connection, USB connection, WI-Fi, and Bluetooth. After connection, the phone to which the app is connected has to build a secure connection by filling addressing credentials. Once the connection is secure then the users have access to all the facilities including the calendar also. The application provides beautiful features to ensure a perfect relationship with the user. It also has a facility to save instructions like messages, emails, etc from the PC to the phone directly.

Android Software latest version

On comparing the launch year and present scenario, we can derive the conclusions that technological features are changed. So, with the current modifications, the Android Operating System has also updated their versions in order to provide the best facilities to the users. Android started with the very basic version of Android 1.0 launched in 2008 and now it is presently working with Android 10. The versions in between were Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream, Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, Lollipop,
Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and Pie. The latest version of Android was launched by Google in 2019 as an initiative Android Q better known as Android 10. It works better when it comes to security updates, location control, dark theme, gesture navigation, sound
amplifying, and live captioning systems.

Screen Record

Can I record the screen of my device?

If this question arises in anyone’s mind, then the answer will be yes. To ensure the recording of a playing video, game, chats, etc, this screen recording feature is very good to use. This provides an apprehensive recording of the digital activities of your devices when needed. Though Android has still not created an application for this but still there are many applications to do that. Like AZ Screen Recorder and many more applications are there by the name Screen Recorder. Some of them ensure both audio and video recording and some are only video recorders. So, it is better if to check the details and reviews for perusing the tasks.

Android manager

Android device managing apps are very helpful. Their main purpose is to provide security to android devices. When the user drops their devices or is locked, then these apps work for the same. When these apps are installed, they need a legitimate Google account. It keeps a track of the device and can be useful to get it back by tracking the culprit through maps. It also provides a good security system in case the phone is locked.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a web application to manage the data and file items of PDF format. The original app was launched in June 1993. The main function is to create edit and manipulate the PDF documents. It is compatible with all kinds of data including textual formats and
image content also. The application is safe and secure to use and tested by the Adobe team.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is used to create content. It is supported by every web browser including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. It was developed by the Future Wave Macro media Foundation in 2005. It is a common content provider for game applications and graphical user interface software. Adobe Flash Player is used at the preview time to preview the content created before actually using it. It can be run on desktop, laptops as well as mobile phones. It has good script interfaces like XML, JSON, AMF, and SWF. It also supports multimedia graphics. It works on MP3, FLV, PNG, JPEG, and GIF content styles without any complexity.


Android is Operating System is a very popular Operating system when it comes to phones. The best quality features and prevailing advantages make it more popular for the devices. It supports all formats of content like 2D and 3D graphics to provide a better environment for both content and gaming applications. It is affordable in many languages which is a significant reason for its usage. The Java created OS has enrolled many features for the customers and makes manipulations when needed. It gives access to all the video, audio, multimedia, and gaming facilities. The latest versions Of Android Software with exotic features at an affordable price are behaving like a cherry on the cake.

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