Agricultural Drone Technology

What is the Drone?

drone technology in agriculture? The drone is a technological aircraft that works without a human pilot. It’s totally maintained by computer device or remotely.

To tell the truth, drones operate with different degrees of freedom and freedom. And above all human operators controls them through a device or remote.

At first, the military applied drone technology. It is used in commercial, scientific, recreational, agricultural, and other applications as well.

Agricultural Drone Technology:

Most importantly, we use agriculture drone technology to help increase crop production and monitor its growth. Not only the Drone but also the robotics technology is making huge progress in the agricultural industry.


It is so because there is a reduction in farmland, depletion in resources, and global food production demand is growing rapidly. Above all need to replace the traditional agricultural methods with smarter and more convenient agricultural solutions.

Moreover, for this, drone technologies have helped humans in their work a lot. Mainly it is used in Africa and the areas which can help to build sustainable agriculture.

Most importantly, drones are developing rapidly. And as agents of modification with a wide range of applications from agriculture to wedding photography and entertainment and organization asset preservation.

Moreover, they need much less time and energy. Besides, they can reach anywhere and everywhere.

 Furthermore, a single man can easily handle and control it with the utmost perfection. Although he is sitting at a distance place or location.

In simple words, drones are one type of mini pilotless aircraft. However, people can operate them not only with the help of a remote control system. But also to make access through a modest app installed in their handsets or smartphones.

To tell the truth, a typical drone generally consists of two parts. The first part is the most important ‘nose’ which has the sensors and the navigation systems. The second part is the body.

It comprises all the other techniques which are very essential for the drone to operate and complete its function.

Most importantly, all the worldwide acceptance and implementation of drone technology is easily spreading up in the world across regions and sectors.

Under these circumstances, India is also no exception to it. A team of scientists who are working in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee. Under the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has already developed drone technologies. Even they launched applications in the agriculture and railway track monitoring work with precision.

 Farmers are using artificial drone more nowadays because it provides many advantages like:

  • However, the farmers can identify trouble spots with the help of the agricultural drones which can survey the crops for them periodically to their liking.
  • Moreover, the farmers use these changes to further improve crop production along with management.
  • Indeed, the farmers can see their fields from the sky with agricultural drones.

  • Most importantly, this bird’s eye view helps in resolving many issues like revealing many problems easily which needed hard labor before.
  • Not to mention that pest and fungal infestations along with soil variation and irrigation are among some of the problems.
  •  Actually, to improve farm efficiency and crop yields and to get a richer picture of their fields, the digital imaging and sensors used in the drones can help them do these tasks very efficiently.
  • Moreover, there are Multispectral images that can show a visual spectrum view, as well as a near-infrared view, and the combination, can show the difference.

Furthermore, previously farmers can not always see in the naked eye which is the difference between unhealthy and healthy plants. In fact, for assessing crop growth and production, these views are very useful.

Agricultural drone spraying:

Drone technology in agriculture

In the first place, in the field of agriculture, innovative technology is implemented by spraying pesticides using agricultural drones.

Besides the spread of plant diseases can be prevented by spraying pesticides using agricultural drones.

Furthermore, with the use of agricultural drones, within half an hour, the pesticides can be sprayed on the farmland. moreover, it can also spray herbicide in remote or difficult to access areas and control invasive plants.

Best drone for agriculture:

Most importantly, agricultural drones have two parts:

  • First, fixed-wing agricultural drones:

To tell the truth, these drones are the best for covering huge agricultural land rapidly and due to its high speed. So the image quality of these drones may suffer.

Indeed, the best drones under this category are:

  1. Trimble UX5.
  2. drone by HoneyComb.
  3. senseFly eBee SQ.
  4. Sentera Phoenix 2.
  5. PrecisionHawk Lancaster 5.
  6. AgEagle RX.
  7. AGERpoint: New Smyrna Beach, United States.
  8. Astro Digital: Mountain View, United States
  9. Deveron: Toronto, Canada.
  10. Gamaya: Lausanne, Switzerland.
  11. TellusLabs: Boston, United States.
  12. Secondly, Multi-Rotor agricultural drones:

Actually, these drones are better than fixed-wing drones when used for spotting and for detailed surveying tasks. Close-in scouting. As its speed is slow, so it gives better resolution and accuracy than fixed-wing drones.


Most importantly, these drones can’t cover a high range and their coverage per flight is also low.

Some best drones under this category are:

1. Phantom 4 PRO.

2. indigo AG.

3. AGCO Solo.

4. got by Aerial Technology International.

5.senseFly exam.

6. Sentera Omni.


 Agriculture drone companies:

Some drone companies are listed below:

  1. Skycision: Pittsburgh, United States.
  2. Aerobotics: South Africa.
  3. Mavrx (Acquired by Taranis): San Francisco, United States.
  4. AgEagle: Neodesha, United States.
  5. American Robotics: Cambridge, United States.
  6. Sky: Markham, Canada.
  7. PrecisionHawk: Raleigh, United States.
  8. Sensefly (Acquired by Parrot): Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland.
  9. Ceres Imaging: Oakland, United States.
  10. Sentera: Richfield, United States.

Agricultural drones for sale and their price per unit or per piece:

1)Pf-a 57 W AGRAS MG-1S Agricultural Drone Camera:

Rs 8 Lakh (Pudupakkam, Chennai).

2)Agriculture Spray Drone – Customized:

Rs 85,000 (Saravanampati, Coimbatore).

3)DJI S1000 Agricultural Drone:

Rs 3 Lakh (Sadar Bazaar, New Delhi).

4)Agricultural Drone:

Rs 1.2 Lakh (Mohan Pur, Kolkata).

5)ASAP Carbone Fiber Agriculture Drone 5 LTR:

Rs 2.5 Lakh (Nandur Naka, Nashik).

6)Carbon-fiber and Steel Dji Agras Mg -1 Agricultural Drone:

Rs 8.11 Lakh(Gandhinagar, Dist. Gandhi Nagar).

7)AGRAS Agriculture Drone Sprayer Agriculture Drone Sprayer, for FARMING:

Rs 89,000 (Abhiramapuram, Chennai).

8)DJI AGRAS – MG-1s – Agriculture Pesticide spraying Drone:

Rs 8.4 Lakh(Bow Barracks, Kolkata).

9)Agriculture Drone Spraying 5 liter:
Rs 3.5 Lakh (Peelamedu, Coimbatore).

10)Electronic technologies 10Ltr Agriculture Spraying Drone 610:
Rs 3.8 Lakh (Korramenugunta, Tirupati, Dist. Chittoor).

11)Under Development- Gl 5 Agriculture Spraying Drone- 5 Litres:
Rs 1.5 Lakh (Chennai).


As agriculture drone is the solution to a lot of problems in Information Technology, therefore in just a few years, it has especially been advanced.

Moreover, a new morning for the farmers is brought by these drones which will perhaps in the future. It becomes fully automated and provides all the data required in farming.

But, drones have a shortage too and many countries can be serious security risks along with privacy concerns are rising. Therefore, safety concerns are hampered with this technology.

Most importantly, these deficiencies are required to be improved with agricultural drones. And the new generations do not face any harm from this new technology.

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