Top 5 Fastest YouTube Video Downloader Sites & Apps For You

Are you looking for downloading a song that is only there on YouTube? Well, how about I tell you that you could download the exact same clip you want from YouTube itself? Normally, when you save from YouTube, you can only view the video from there. However, I’m talking about using a Fastest YouTube Video downloader that helps you extract audio as well as video from YouTube.

A YouTube converter usually has both an mp4 downloaders as well as YouTube to mp3 converter. You can take videos that are copyright-free easily from there. Let’s see how this works.

Fastest YouTube video downloader for Android mobiles

YouTube videos when downloaded through mobile phones are as usual saved in the offline downloads folder of YouTube but the issue is that it acquires a lot of memory.

YouTube downloaders are the perfect solution to such an issue where you can download a video to your device and there delete it to clear up the acquired space.

There are many options available while you try online, but what about your fastest YouTube video downloader on Android mobile phones.

Well, there are plenty of options for this too but we would know about the best one. Undoubtedly, YouTube Go is the best option as it is quite a lightweight app 

This app from Google is great software as it not only provides the option to download videos but also gives the option to share. Yes, you can absolutely do that and that too without having an internet connection.

The only issue with this app is that it is a solo platform video downloader which means you can not use with for to download videos from other platforms. However, this should not be a reason to bother as your purpose is to download YouTube videos only.

What is a YouTube Downloader?

Just like the name suggests, it is an app or website that converts a YouTube link into an mp3 or mp4 file, which you can save in your PC or mobile phone. A YouTube downloader allows free download of any YouTube video that does not have copyrights.

This means that not all YouTube videos can be downloaded just like that. If you start downloading videos with copyrights, the site may be blocked by the government. This is the reason why not all videos can be downloaded. If you try downloading a copyrighted video, you might get a pop-up saying “this video is not available for download”.

How to Download Music from YouTube?

A lot of us download music and videos from YouTube to create our own video. We all find the best stuff available on YouTube only at times. When you want exactly the same thing, it is much better and faster to download it from there. You can download a copyright-free video from there and then import it in your video editor to create your own video.

The music or video has to be copyright-free, especially if it will be used for a commercial purpose.  A legal issue can get your video removed and block you from using a YouTube video converter too.

To do so, check the site or app for the formats they provide for download.

Next, you copy-paste the URL there and see the quality you wish to download.

There might be some videos where you won’t get the download button available – it’s for you to understand that the video is copyrighted and YouTube doesn’t allow any site to download it.

YouTube Downloader Online

Usually, the usage of such software is rare, which makes it convenient to do it online from any site. Every website takes its own time and speed to extract a video from a link and give you a file ready for download. The size and quality of the file you get may also differ.

fastest youtube video downloader

So, the following sites are the best I’ve seen for a YouTube downloader:


On this site, you can convert from YouTube to mp4, mp3, 3gp, Flv and WEBM formats. You can also choose between SD and HD for the output quality. Here’s how it works:

  • You copy the YouTube link that you want to save on the search bar they provide.
  • Once you hit the enter button, you’ll get a preview of the video along with a button that says “Generate Download Links”.
  • Choose from the variety of options provided for GenYouTube download that mentions the format and quality.


The formats available with this YouTube converter are mp4, mp3, M4A and WEBM. Just like the above site, you just need to copy-paste the link on their main search bar. What you’ll find below is a list of various video and audio formats along with the size and quality of output. You need to hit the download button for the one you find appropriate.

SS YouTube

This site mostly only provides you with mp4 and WEBM formats. You can only export the quality that the actual video has. So, if the video is 720p, you can’t export it in 4k format. The best part is that you can even download a video without sound if you want.

YouTube Downloader App for Android

Now if your usage is personal but a little more frequent, you might want it in your phone. The best YouTube downloader for Android is TubeMate. You can download videos or convert them into audio and save them in your SD card too.

There’s just one thing – TubeMate download isn’t available on Play Store as Google wouldn’t encourage this app for obvious reasons. If you want this app in your phone, you’ll have to use your phone’s browser to do so.

YouTube Downloader for PC

If you want to use a YouTube converter in your computer on a regular basis, sometimes an app is more convenient than a website. A free app available for Windows as well as Mac OS is YTD Video Downloader.

You can convert the videos on YouTube into mp3 as well as mp4 formats. YTD even provides a special music downloader for only downloading your favorite songs and playlists.

youtube video downloader

Which Type of YouTube Downloader Would You Prefer?

If you have a one-time usage of such software, using an online YouTube downloader is the best. Else, for regular usage, depending on the device you’re comfortable using you can download an app. What you mainly need to see is getting the required quality and format from the site or app.

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