How Can a Fiber Optic Light Kit Brighten Up within 1 Sec?

Have you ever hoped for getting a starlight ceiling in your room? If yes, then you need to get a fiber optic light kit for your ceiling. All the fancy star ceiling panels you see in planetariums and museums are mostly fiber optic ceilings.

In fact, fiber optic lights are also used in pools, stores, and Christmas decoration lamps. Basically, you have a wide variety of these lights that you can get to make your space bright and colorful. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Best selling fiber optic light kit in Amazon

Fiber optic light kit are on quite on the trend and people often get confused while searching them on Amazon as there are not much directives on how to use these kits or which are the best options to choose.

Here, we will be showcasing 3 products which can be considered in the category of the best.

Generic Plastic End Glow Fiber Optic Cable For Star Sky Ceiling Led Light

  • This product comes as a roll with a thickness of 0.75mm and 300 meter per roll Pmma.
  • This is quite flexible due to its small size and also very soft to handle.
  • This can be used to decorate curtains, room ceiling, TV screen edges.
  • The cost of this product is nearly $30 on

WorldCare RGB Flash LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Lights Source Engine iver

  • This product comes with a Power rating of 16W and a 24RF te Controller.
  • This product can be mounted in the ceiling top and has a dimension of 15x10x7 cms.
  • On, you can get this product for $53.

GlobalNiche Plastic End Glow Fiber Cable for Ceiling Light

  • This product has a thickness of 0.75 millimetres.
  • You get this in a roll with 300 m/roll Pmma.
  • You will get this product for nearly $27 on

What is a Fiber Optic Light Kit?

A fiber optic cable has a lot more uses than just providing internet access. The thin strands of optical fibers work by transmitting light. So, that makes lighting a basic application of this technology.

A fiber-optic light mainly comprises of a light source and a fiber optic cable. When you turn on this light source, the wire cable starts glowing as it refracts this light. The end of this cable produces more light and gives a spotlight kind of an effect.

How Does it Work?

If you are aware of optical fiber technology, you might be knowing the basics. The cable comprises a core and a cladding. While the former is a combination of multiple glass fibers that are extremely thin, the latter is a thick coating of plastic or glass that keeps the core intact.

Here’s how it provides you with brighter lighting:

  • On one end, you have the fiber optic light source from where rays of light enter the cable.
  • The core is large and the cladding is thin when the optical fiber cable is used for lighting. Hence, it traps more light inside the core, emitting brighter light from the other end.
  • If you want the entire cable to glow, then there will be some side-emitting fibers between the core and the cladding. They scatter the light in the core along the length of the cable, thus making the entire cable glow.

Why Use a Fiber Light?

The light that a fiber optic cable emits is brighter than its source. So, if you are using an LED light as the source, imagine the brightness of the fiber optic lamp.

The effect that fiber optic lights can create are unique and one of a kind. Moreover, they are free of heat and much safer to use. From star ceilings to colorful light decorations, you can make any space look beautiful with fiber lights.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • It’s only the light that enters the fiber optic cable – the heat emitted by that light doesn’t enter the cable. So, these lights are actually free of heat.
  • Most of them give neon light effects and change colors.
  • The material with which optical fibers are made is a lot stronger than copper wires and filaments used in regular bulbs. This makes them a lot more durable.
  • They’re a lot safer to use, especially for swimming pools because the material it is made of doesn’t conduct electricity.
  • They’re super-easy to install as well as maintain. This especially applies to having a fiber optic ceiling. You just install the cables above the ceiling, ensuring the light-emitting endpoints downwards. Meanwhile, the source of light could be as far as you want.

Different Fiber Optic Lights You Can Buy Online

Fiber optic lights aren’t that expensive, given that they are highly durable, super-safe to use, and are extremely bright. You can buy fiber optic lights for ceiling, swimming pools, and festive decoration. Check them out:

Fiber Optic Light Cable

This is a 328-feet or 100-meter-long cable which is super-flexible to use. You can shape this cable in any way you want, so you buy this if you can reshape it for multiple purposes. Each glass fiber in the core has a diameter of 0.75 mm. The color of the light depends on the source you’re using because the cable is completely transparent.

fiber optic light kit

Fiber Optic Light Kit

If you’re willing to have a fiber optic star ceiling, you can simply check out this kit. The package comprises of a music control light engine, 1 remote control with 28 keys, 200 fiber optic cables, an adapter, and a user manual. Once you install it in the ceiling and turn it on, you’ll get a realistic feeling of having plenty of stars just above you.

Fiber Optic Lamp

Fiber optic lamps look a lot different from the typical lamps we use. They look like a still firecracker when you light them up because of the way in which the fiber cables are placed. This one has a 13-inch tall crystal base that has a color-changing LED light bulb. You power it with batteries and then turn on the switch. This Christmas, this is something you can use to light up your house.

Led Fiber Optic Light Clips

These are actually wearable LED fiber optic lights. The clips you’ll wear have LED bulbs installed and the area where you insert the battery is hidden underneath. The fiber optic cables will hang down your hair strands. So, when you wear them and turn them on, your hair will be glowing! The best part is that these lights keep changing colors, which makes it a lot more fun.

Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

If you’re making your own swimming pool, then ideally you should be having fiber optic lights underneath. This is because they do not produce any heat and there are 0% chances of getting a shock. This pool light has an LED bulb with 6 different colors – white, yellow, blue, magenta, red, and green. You place it under the water and it will really enlighten the place.

fiber optic light

Which One Would You Like to Go For?

Actually, each of the above lights has a different place of application. The lamp is something you can place in the living room or gallery, while the lighting kit is mainly meant for ceilings. The brightest light you can actually have in your room is an LED light-sourced fiber optic light.

What do you say, this Christmas, would you like to try it out?

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