How Can Brain Chips Works in Humans be Beneficial?

Are you wondering whether brain chips in humans actually even exist in the first place? or How Can Brain Chips work in Humans? Well, your concern isn’t totally wrong, because as of now they don’t! However, scientists have been creating a human microchip that can be implanted in the brain.

Now, what possibly comes to your mind when I say something like that? What do you imagine the microchip can do? Well, it neither makes you a machine nor will it allow you to read minds. Also, this isn’t a GPS tracker or an extra load of memory in your brain. Elon Musk has been making it heal brain diseases and injuries.

Now that I named the man creating it, you know it’s coming soon. In fact, his model is almost ready, all that is left to do is test it. In fact, he’ll also be applying for FDA approvals on the completion of testing.

How Can You Implant Brain Chips in Humans?

Brain implant isn’t a very new concept. Some surgeries involving it insert a similar device on the surface of the brain or the cortex.

However, this microchip is inserted behind the ear. It has electrode threads that are even thinner than a hair strand. They stimulate nerve cells, enabling proper functioning of the nervous system in case of a disease or injury in the brain or nerves.

Successful experiments have been conducted on monkeys so far. You need a robot to make a small cut and implant the chip in your brain. However, scientists are trying to make it as easy as a laser treatment.

How is the Microchip Supposed to Function?

The chip is enabled by Bluetooth that can be connected to a smartphone or a similar device. This is how it actually functions:

  • The threads of the microchip contain electrodes that can receive signals from neurons.
  • You need to wear a pod behind the ear, which is connected to the chip.
  • Information gathered by the chip from the neurons is transferred to the pod.
  • The pod is Bluetooth enabled. So, any data it receives is transferred to a smartphone.
  • The data helps doctors understand where exactly the problem lies in the brain and hence treat it effectively.

Who is the Brain Chip Supposed to Benefit?

The chip has got the ability to treat Alzheimer’s. The threads may be thinner than your hair but have as much power as 1024 electrodes. This makes it 10 times more efficient than the current medical devices.

_How Can Brain Chips work

Using Artificial Intelligence, these human microchips can enable any function that our brain is unable to perform. These include:

  • Restoring cognitive abilities, memory, or other functions of the brain
  • Enabling physical movement, hearing or vision
  • Coordination with robotic arms or legs

The Goals of Brain Implant of Microchip

The current human microchip developed in Sweden is inserted into the hand. It can open gates, make payments, and store ID information, or medical history. However, the brain implant is strictly meant for treating severe problems your body might face.

At an old age, when memory starts fading, thinking slows down and organs are on the verge of giving up, this chip shall come to the rescue.

  • This will be the most efficient medical device implanted with ease in the brain.
  • It will easily be integrated into the nervous system.
  • The functioning of the brain will become normal again, as an external device will help with communication.
  • Doctors will be able to check for problems and improvements a lot more easily and effectively, being able to give a better-quality treatment.

Unfortunately, these chips won’t make you any super-humans or robots. However, it can keep you young at the age of 85, by helping your brain function normally. It’s no medicine, it’s an aid to reinforce communication between neurons and the brain.

The day we can have brain chips in humans, the lives of several neuro-patients will change don’t you think so?

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