How Does 3D Graphics Animation Help in Marketing & Advertising?

3D Animation Advertising
Written by Shikha Mehta

Have you seen the ad where 2 camels drink water from a bottle? Well, of course, you’re not allowed to do that to animals today. This makes it obvious that the entire ad is made using 3D graphics animation.

3D animation is seen everywhere today. Graphics can look like photographs when given a third dimension. So does animation look real if you give it that kind of a texture and light effect?

Even if you want the cartoon feel, 3D is preferred over 2D, especially for the characters. A 3D character has a stronger impact than a 2D one.

Various Applications of 3D Graphics Animation in Marketing

Marketing involves a lot of things. The chain of activities from product design to after-sales service are all part of marketing. You need 3D graphics and animation for the following:

  • Product Design: Suppose, you’re into automobiles. Before making a car, you’ll design a 3D model on the software. The animation will help you demonstrate the design before you go into manufacturing.
  • Brand Website: Say you’re a furniture brand. Your home page could have a video demonstrating your 3D models. Suppose, I look for a chair. The detail page can have a 3D video demonstrating the look and use of the chair.
  • Advertising: I can mention the zoo-zoo cartoons or the Apple Perspective ad as different examples of using 3D animation. This sector uses a lot of animation, whether 2D or 3D.
  • Content Marketing: Today, content is given special emphasis on selling a product. Samsung used 3D animation to demonstrate the features of Tab A (tablet). The video can be used by their YouTube channel, social media, and even product blogs.
  • Presentations: Promotion is no more about mass advertisements anymore. If you’re an organization working for a greener earth, you can conduct presentations in schools and colleges. Students can learn about you through 3D animation videos.

3D Logo Animation

Every company or brand has a logo. Animation effects given to it can capture the attention of the audience before you’re about to present something to them.

One common place where you’ll see it is in the cinema hall. Production houses and multiplexes emphasize their brand to the audience using 3D animation before starting the film. This is strictly for brand awareness.

There are plenty of logo animation makers on the web which you can try using for free. You can use the clip for:

  • Making a cover video for Facebook
  • Creating a video ad
  • Giving a presentation on your brand
  • Making your website look attractive

2D VS 3D Animation in Advertising

A lot of 2D animation is used compared to 3D by brands for advertising. Both have their own effects that attract the audience.

Against 3D, 2D has the following benefits and visual effects:

  • 2D animation can even be done with still images and text.
  • You can be more creative when you use 2D characters, like the 7up cartoon.
  • If you want to show a very simple illustration, 2D is a lot more reasonable.
  • The visual has simplicity, creativity, and information that the viewer absorbs easily.

Against 2D, 3D animation videos have the following benefits and visual effects:

  • You can create your own space which has no boundaries or limits.
  • It doesn’t have to look cartoonish; it can have a realistic effect.
  • You can re-use even a part of the video in another one.
  • Given a third dimension, the special effects that you can create are a lot more eye-catching.
  • These videos involve a lot more graphic representation than text, making it easy for a viewer to remember what he saw.
  • Since 3D animation comes at a higher level, it helps in creating a better reputation.

Other Industries Using 3D Animation

If you love watching videos on the net, you’ve seen plenty of 3D animation in all sectors. You may or may not realize it since giving a realistic effect is very simple. Marketing and advertising firms or departments use a lot of animation.

Following are some other industries that need this technology to run:

The biggest advantage of animation is that it allows the artist to explain his point to his audience in the simplest way. If you were given the opportunity, what would you present using 3D graphics animation?

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