How Does GPS Animal Tracking work to Take Care of Your Pets?

Are you having a hard time training your pet and ensuring he’s around all the time? If yes, then there’s something that might make things easy for you. Have you heard of animal trackers? or Don’t Know how does gps animal tracking work? It is just like it sounds – a device that helps you track down your pet when you lose them.

When your pet is new, it tends to run a lot. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you can’t train him in one day. It will take a while for the pet to grow fondness and loyalty towards you. Till then, you need to be sure of his whereabouts – whether you’re at home or at work.

What are Animal Trackers?

When you turn on the live location in your phone and share it with someone, how does it work? With the help of Maps, the other person is able to locate your actual, real-time location. This helps when you’re lost and can’t find the other person.

Now, you can’t give a phone to an animal, right! That’s the reason why they need another device – something like a transmitter that helps you track down their real-time location. These transmitters are usually attached to their collars, which makes it convenient for both the pet and the owner. In fact, you can simply get a pet tracking collar for your dog or cat if you haven’t got them a collar yet.

So, an animal tracker is a device that your pet can wear around its neck. This tracker is connected to another device, usually your mobile phone through which you can track down your pet’s real-time location. A highly advanced device can also help you monitor their activities and movements.

Types of Animal Trackers and How They Work

All animal trackers modules are attachments to your pet’s collars. Today, they’re all made lighter, smaller and thus more convenient to use. Based on the technology with which they work, there are 4 types of tracking devices:

Radio Frequency Tracking Device

This is the oldest technology used for tracking down locations.

Earlier, these devices were bulky and heavy, making it very inconvenient to use. However, today they’re compact and lightweight, also using lesser power and working everywhere.

gps animal tracking work

How They Work:

  • The transmitter attached to the pet is connected to another device that you need to keep with you.
  • It sends unique signals to your device.
  • Upon catching them, the device can point you towards the transmitter.


  • Uses lesser battery power
  • Work in areas where there is no network
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Limited range
  • Functionality limited to location tracking

Bluetooth Tracking Device

These devices are connected to a mobile app that you need to install. You need to keep your Bluetooth on and connected to the device the whole time to track your pet’s location. However, the range of this device is limited to 10 meters only.

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How They Work:

  • Attach the transmitter to your pet’s collar.
  • Pair it with your Bluetooth.
  • Keep tracking them with the help of your mobile app.


  • The transmitter connects to other devices when yours goes out of range.
  • They cost lesser compared to cellular devices.
  • Works in areas where there is no network also.
  • Provides a very exact location.


  • Has a very limited range.
  • Consumes more battery.

Cellular/GPS Trackers

These are the most popularly used animal tracking devices. They have a GPS chip and a SIM card installed in it that enable you to track their exact geo location. Your smart phone app will not only tell you where your pet is, but also a history of his locations in the last 24 hours.

How They Work:

  • You need to attach the chip to your pet’s collar.
  • The GPS chip in the tracker receives signals from around 30 satellites revolving around the earth and sends it to your smart phone.
  • When the GPS is not in any of the satellite’s view, it alternatively receives and sends signals through Wifi.


  • Unlimited range
  • Good battery life
  • Provides exact location
  • Multiple features
  • Waterproof


  • Requires monthly subscription – hence costly
  • Won’t work in the absence of network

how does gps animal tracking work

Mixed Trackers

Considering the pros and cons of various individual technologies, we have tracking devices that use a combination of 2 or more to eliminate the cons. They have the efficiency of a GPS device but don’t need you to pay monthly fees.

How They Work:

  • The tracker has a GPS chip which gathers geo location data from satellites.
  • It sends this data to your app through a radio-based proprietary called Maze. So, there is no SIM card involved here.
  • The device refreshes at a much faster rate – in 10 seconds only.


  • More efficient
  • Does not require monthly subscription
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to setup
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • Comparatively lower battery life

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Why Do You Need an Animal Tracking Device?

Let’s face it – you won’t be with your pet all the time. That’s precisely when you’ll actually need your tracker. It alerts you in case your pet ran away, got lost or is in trouble. So, even after your pet starts loving you and is loyal enough to come back to you, having the device is important for his safety.

Following are the situations where animal trackers prove to be helpful:

  • When you’re at work and your pet is alone at home.
  • Any time you leave your pet free in the neighborhood.
  • When you take them outdoors on a picnic and leave them free.

Animal Tracker Guide – How to Buy the Best Pet GPS Tracker?

The point is that when your pet is not within your sight, his location should at least be in your range. Now, if you’re going out of town and leaving him with your friend, what you will be needing is unlimited range to be able to track your pet. This is the reason why GPS animal trackers prove to be most helpful for all pet owners.

Here’s what you need to look for in a GPS tracking device:

Weight: Your pet should be able to carry that tracker and be able to move around in his normal speed. So, the lighter the device, the better it is.

Unlimited Range: Whether you’re at work or in another country, you should know where your pet is in your absence. This is why you need the tracker to have a GPS chip.

Battery Life: Everything goes for a toss if the battery of the tracker dies out in your absence. Moreover, you wouldn’t like charging the device every single day. So, look for one that can last for 2-5 days.

Waterproof: No matter how much you train your pet, he won’t understand the tracking device is to remain dry under all circumstances. So, it’s better that it’s waterproof.

Additional Features: A lot of tracking apps have additional features like alerting you when your pet crosses a certain area or displaying exercise levels and energy levels of the pet.

Cost: Of course, this is a factor you cannot neglect. There are some trackers that use GPS chip but don’t require you to pay for a monthly subscription. They’re cheaper and equally good enough.

GPS Tracker for Dogs

If you have a dog, you’ll have to let him to the park from time to time. So, having a dog GPS tracker is a must. Following are some of the good dog trackers that you can consider buying:

Tagg GPS Collar for Dogs

This GPS tracking collar is for dogs that weigh at least 10 lbs. Apart from showing his exact real-time location, it alerts you when he moves out. The interactive map helps you guide your pet when he is lost too. Additionally, you can set fitness goals and track your pet’s activities here.

Other perks include:

  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good battery life

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive is a good brand when it comes to providing tracking collars for dogs. This model is 100% waterproof, compact and lightweight. Apart from monitoring his activities and live location, you can set-up a safe area along with an alert in case your dog leaves that area. Moreover, you can track your dog from any corner of the world and share the data with your family members too.

 gps animal tracking work

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

This is the most compact tracking device that you can attach to your dog’s collar like an accessory. You don’t have to provide any monthly subscription and the device will give you the dog’s real-time location through GPS, Wifi or Bluetooth. You can get a notification if your pet leaves his safe zone, activate colorful lights to find your lost dog at night and monitor his other activities. To top it all, it is rainproof, lightweight and very easy to use.

Tracking Device for Cats

Cats are a lot softer compared to dogs. So, in case you lose them, it might be even more difficult to find them. Not to forget, if she is new, there are high chances that she just runs away. So, following are some of the best cat GPS tracker devices you can get:

Pawscout Cat Tracking Collar

This is a lightweight, Bluetooth pet tracker for a cat or puppy. It has a rang of 300 feet, providing you with alerts on whether your cat is missing or around you. The app also provides you with other data regarding her health, fitness, activity and behavior.

CAT TAILER The Smallest and Lightest Bluetooth Waterproof Tracker for Cats

Working at a range of 328 feet, this device will work for months without recharging. It is like a keychain on your cat’s collar and very efficiently helps you search for your pet. You’ll know you’re close to finding her when the app alerts you “in range”.

BARTUN LTE Cat Collar with GPS

This cat GPS tracker helps you monitor your pet from any corner of the world. While the geo-fencing feature alerts you when your pet is out of the safe zone, the LED lights will help you locate her in the dark. It is compact, lightweight, waterproof and easy to use.

Would You Put a GPS Tracking Device on Your Pet?

It’s not always that your pet runs away. Sometimes, he could just go missing and would be looking for his way back home – just like you would go looking for him. There are so many types of animal trackers that you can use – with or without GPS. The former acts as an assistant when your pet goes missing. Meanwhile, the GPS tracker will help you monitor them 24×7 and tell you his exact location.

If you’ve had your pet for years, I’m sure you’ve experienced searching for him and know the feeling very well. Wouldn’t you consider having a tracker of either kind to ensure his safety?

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