What is PHP Programming Language? | Learn Basic Introduction

What is the PHP Programming Language?

PHP is basically a programming language. It is regarded as a marvelous tool to create sophisticated and attractive web pages. The best feature of this PHP Programming Language is that it is a user scripted language. The tool was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Rasmus was a programmer of Danish-Canadian origin. How long does it take to learn a programming language?

Earlier the abbreviation stands PHP for Personal Home Page. At present, its full form is Hypertext Preprocessor. The language has many features but the most famous consists of its object-oriented nature, procedural, imperative as well as reflective.

PHP Array

An array is usually used when as a memory location in the program when a programmer needs lists of values of the same genre in the same program. Array memory allocation is also used in PHP Programming Language. In this language, an array is referred to as hashes and tables. Two types of arrays are recognized in this i.e. single dimensional array and multidimensional array. The multidimensional array has the arrays within one single array. Usually, an array is created in two ways, first by using functions and second by using square brackets. Inbuilt functions of language are generally used while doing array programming.

PHP Coding

Coding can be defined as the technique to convert a program into a particular programming language by using the language’s code. Though PHP is a web page creator like HTML yet the language provides simple codes to build pages instead of using a lot of commands. It has fixed start and end PHP statements i.e. <?phpand?>: respectively. Its file extension is named as .php. While writing the program, the user need not worry about the case sensitivity problem because PHP is case insensitive.

PHP Compiler Online

Compiling is the process of removing errors from the program. PHP Compiler online provides users the facility for editing the programs using online mediums before running. As a beginner, PHP can be accessed online rather than installing the application. PHP Sandbox, and ONLINE PHP COMPILER are the common facilities to do so. Here the screen will appear the same as in the language. The user just has to construct a program and compile it before running. The online mode does not have many facilities like in the installed version but it is useful for easy access.


CODEIGNITER is a facilitated feature of PHP language provided to the users. It is basically regarded as a developer’s helping hand in the way of creating elegant and creative web pages. It is a tool kit for a full-fledged web designer and is very handy also. The creators of the
Codelgniter facility was Ellis Lab earlier but now it is in the hands of the British Columbia Institute of Technology for the further betterment and professionalism tinge.

Server Side Scripting Language

Server-side scripting languages are specially designed to provide web pages or HTML pages without using complicated HTML tags. Dynamic webpages can be created by using these kinds of languages. They are purposely designed to ensure handcrafted web pages from the server’s side by using the language’s web page library. Examples of these languages are PHP and JavaScript. This kind of scripting also deals with the updation of the user’s personal profile. The script is usually hidden from the end-user.

how long does it take to learn a programming language

PHP For Beginners

PHP is a self scripting language whereby the user can create powerful web designs without using confusing HTML tags. Thus, its codes can be pasted on HTML. PHP is a perfect tool for those who want to start designing web pages as beginners. It is so because being
object-oriented also has simple codes that can be easily understood. The inbuilt functions and guides that are provided by the library are very useful to construct programs. PHP provides all the attributes to the programmer to regard it as a good language for beginners.

PHP Code Online

Many programming languages take time to get installed on the devices. PHP is also one of those languages which have a complicated installation period and steps. Thus, PHP programs can be written in online applications. There are software tools of a text editing nature that help to write PHP programs online. Those tools are-




These are the most famous ones. These tools provide access to the programmer to write the programs online but it is suggested to install an original version to enjoy more features and a professional environment.

Learn PHP Programming Language Online

PHP can also be studied by accessing a few online tutorials both free and paid versions of which are available online. Those course lists are as follows-

1- Stone River-learning
3- PHP101
4- Tutorials Point
5- Hacking with PHP

6- Codeigniter
7- Udemy course for PHP
8- W3Schools.in
9- Stack Overflow
10- Code course

In the web development sector, PHP and HTML are regarded as the top-rated ones. Thus, get a PHP tut online and start working.


Laravel is a PHP framework. Its creator is Taylor Otwell. Basically, Laravel deals with web page development based on MVC(Model-view Controller) architectural patterns. It is an open-source framework that too free of cost. Its eloquent object relation mapping
provides relations with the databases. Then, the Query builder of Laravel provides facilities to produce query programs. To provide bondage between links and their routes, a reverse routing system is incorporated. Other features also include class autoloading, view
composers, blade templating engines, etc.


PhpStorm is created by the Czech Republic-based company Jet Brains. It provides an integrated development environment for users to enjoy. The PhpStorm provides a rich code-editing system that provides a full-fledged facility for the formatting and editing of programs. The code auto-completion takes care of the classes, methods, and variables used in the programs. It also had a duplicate code detector for making every program individual in the content aspect. It also had an issue tracker system to detect the issues and ensure the testing and debugging.


Symfony is one of the classical standards of PHP language that is provided to the users. This framework provides there usability aspects of the used PHP components. Symfony was designed in 2005 by MIT licensing as free software. Its main task is to increase the pace of the codings and provide are placement to the repeated codes. It builds sophisticated web pages by giving access to configuration structures from libraries. Symfony also provides an amalgamation of all the processes including testing, debugging, etc.

Php for each

Php for each facility is only attributed to the objects as well as the array programming of the language. It basically gives easy access to the iteration sand loops of the array program. It is array sensitive and gives out the error when used with non-array variables and non
initialized array variables. It also provides customized iterations and references.

WAMP Server

WAMP is an acronym for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It provides easy access to the installation of PHP Programming Language on the user’s operating systems. W is not essential in other operating system cases.M and L are used instead of W in Mac and Linux respectively. Apache is the software that is concerned to serve the web page to the user by taking permission from HTTP. M stands for MySQL which is a database management software responsible for the storage of website personal info as well as user’s personal info. P stands for PHP. WAMP increases the designer’s speed of work and acts as a virtual server on the device for PHP.

MySQL query()

my sqliquery() is a predefined function of PHP language. This function deals with database management tasks and the issues related to the website’s database. It can only be accessed when the MySQL connection is ensured before using this. The function usually deals with the databases in string type. The mode of the result of the function MySQL query() is a constant as per the program. Return values can be true if the program is successful otherwise false.

PHP Developers

As the name suggests, a PHP developer is a person who develops web pages, websites as well as applications by using PHP language codes professionally. Their job is to create innovative texts and content for web pages in a provided time, tackle the difficulty and
compatibility issues on PHP and HTML, to use PHP in all forms available besides the original version of the language. They provide a full detailed study and description to the client and also have a duty to keep the website updated as per the technological issues and on a content basis also if requested by the clients.

how long does it take to learn a programming language

PHP Framework

A PHP Framework is a platform provided by the language creators to the users to develop web pages and applications. Its feature like reusability of repetitive codes, simple tags, and object-oriented nature provides the developer a good structural environment for the
completion of tasks. PHP works on MVC architectural patterns which provides a good interface between the host server and the other side. The framework also includes a facility of database management that ensures good quality info of the programs and data related to that.

so, I tried to highlight in detail above all sections on PHP for beginners hopefully it helps to practice PHP at home. why delay, start now!!!

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