How Many Hyperloop Routes Are Planned Across the World?

How Many Hyperloop Routes Are Planned Across the World?
Written by Shikha Mehta

How would it be like making a last-minute plan to go to another city and implementing within minutes? Well, it’s only possible if one of the Hyperloop routes connect these 2 cities. You know how it is supposed to work – travel through the partial vacuum to gain speed faster than air travel.

Of course, it’s not coming any time before 2021. However, you can imagine that once travelling through a vacuum is available to you, how convenient it will be for you to meet your friends and family in different cities.

At the initial stage, Hyperloop will be available in only a few cities. As and when usage and demand increases, the routes will expand connecting the country. Let’s take a look at the planning of Virgin Hyperloop One.

Initially Proposed Hyperloop Routes

Hyperloop had proposed routes initially in several countries. These include the USA, UAE, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Finland, Israel, China, Korea, Russia, Poland, India, Corsica, Germany and Netherlands.

Within these countries, several routes were considered and then shortlisted to 10. Let’s take a look at the 5 winning countries here.


  1. Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal: This route covers 25% of Canada’s total population. While it takes 5 hours to drive from start to finish, Hyperloop pods will cover the distance of 640 km in just 39 minutes. If you start from Toronto and want to get down at Ottawa, you’ll take 27 minutes while the distance between Ottawa and Montreal is covered in 12 minutes.


  1. Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh: This area around the Great Lakes has 20% of the country’s population active. While Chicago to Columbus will take 29 minutes, Columbus to Pittsburgh can be covered in only 18 minutes. So, a total distance of 785 km between Chicago and Pittsburgh is covered in only 47 minutes.
  1. Dallas-Laredo-Houston: This Texas triangle also has stations at Austin and San Antonio. The time between each of the consecutive stations will be as:
  • Dallas to Austin: 19 minutes
  • Austin to San Antonio: 8 minutes
  • San Antonio to Laredo: 16 minutes
  • Houston to San Antonio: 21 minutes
  1. Orlando-Miami: The two extreme opposites of Florida are almost 4 hours apart by road and heavily congested. With the Hyperloop way, the time reduces to 25 minutes only. This allows 50 million people to save time on travelling every year!
  2. Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo: The entire region of Colorado can be covered in less than 30 minutes. There are stations at Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, I-76, Denver International Airport, DTC, Silverthorne, Vail and Colorado Springs between Cheyenne and Pueblo. A total distance of 580 km is covered in 24 minutes (Cheyenne to Denver in 9 minutes and Denver to Pueblo in 15 minutes).


  1. Mexico City-Guadalajara: The 532 km route has stations at Leon and Queretaro. The total distance is covered in 38 minutes, the break-up being:
  • Guadalajara to Leon: 13 minutes
  • Leon to Queretaro: 12 minutes
  • Queretaro to Mexico City: 13 minutes


  1. Edinburgh-London: With stations at Manchester and Birmingham, this route will cover a distance of 666 km in 50 minutes only. If you start from Edinburgh, here’s the distance between each station:
  • Edinburgh to Manchester: 24 minutes
  • Manchester to Birmingham: 12 minutes
  • Birmingham to London: 14 minutes
  1. Glasgow-Liverpool: Passing through Edinburgh, New Castle, Leeds and Manchester, this distance can be covered in only 47 minutes. Here’s the time you’ll take between each consecutive station:
  • Glasgow to Edinburgh: 7 minutes
  • Edinburgh to Newcastle: 14 minutes
  • New Castle to Leeds: 13 minutes
  • Leeds to Manchester: 7 minutes
  • Manchester to Liverpool: 6 minutes


  1. Bengaluru-Chennai: Passing through Kolar, Palamaner, Chittoor and Kanchipuram, this Hyperloop route will cover a distance of 234 km in 23 minutes. If you want to stop at Chittoor, you reach in 12 minutes from Bengaluru and 11 minutes from Chennai.
  2. Mumbai-Chennai: Passing through Pune, Kolhapur, Dharwad, Tumakuru, Bengaluru, Vellore and Sriperumbudur, the distance of 1102 km will be travelled in 63 minutes. From Mumbai to Bengaluru, you’ll take only 47 minutes. In fact, if you take this pod, you can reach Chennai from Bangalore in only 18 minutes.

How Will Travelling Become Easier with Hyperloop?

Initially, Hyperloop is connecting a few cities within a state or country. However, as and when these routes expand, you’ll see that travelling from one corner of the country to another will be really quick.

You gain the following advantages by travelling in Hyperloop pods:

  • Travel faster than ever before at a cheaper rate.
  • Make last moment plans to another city.
  • Get luxuriously comfortable seats to relax while you travel.

So far, Hyperloop routes are planned within countries. However, it can be made possible over the years to connect different countries for faster travel. In fact, Musk says that it is possible to travel to Mars in the pod without the Hyperloop tube.

Can you imagine the revolution Hyperloop can bring in transportation across the world?

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