How Much Does a Car Interlock Device Cost?

How Much Does a Car Interlock Device Cost?
Written by Shikha Mehta

Manual car breathalysers are more available in the market as compared to the automatic devices. As of now, it is compulsory for only people caught drunk driving to install breathalysers in their car. However, if you drink often, you can voluntarily install one too. A voluntary car interlock device cost is lesser than the ones leasing compulsorily for DUI.

You may not have a habit of Drinking Under the Influence, but if you do drink, it is safer to install a breathalyser in your car. If you even occasionally lend your car to others, you should definitely volunteer for installing the device.

You probably know how a car breathalyser works. Considering that these devices save you from committing a hideous crime when you’re not in your senses, these devices are very reasonable. However, they vary from person to person, model to model and car to car.

Factors Influencing Car Interlock Device Cost

Ignition interlock devices can be taken under lease as well as purchased for lifetime. Usually, people who have to install a device as per penalty under DUI, they have to install it for a fixed period of time. On the other hand, many also choose to install one voluntarily.

Following are the factors influencing the cost of car interlock devices:

Reason of Purchase: If you purchase a device voluntarily, the cost will be cheaper as compared to penalty for DUI. Most volunteers will purchase a device for lifetime while the ones who are installing out of compulsion will lease it for the time period provided to them.

Financial Condition: If you are leasing compulsorily but cannot afford the rental fees, based on your household income and employment status, if the court allows, several of your costs can be cut down. Allowances such as discounts, rebates, free installation or first month free are available.

Car Model: Your installation cost will depend on the car to quite an extent. It may vary between $50-$150, depending on how old your model is, how it starts and the ease of installing the device in it. Newer models that will come out now will be comparatively friendlier.

Duration of Installation: If you wish to take it on lease, your rental fees will vary depending on the time duration you lease it for. If you purchase it voluntarily, you pay a lump sum amount, costlier that what you might pay for a year, but it is solely yours for lifetime.

Cost of Car Interlock Device When Taken on Lease

Travelling 3 miles in a cab might cost you around $6. However, if you rent a breathalyser in your car, it will cost you nearly $3 a day. That’s half the price you would have paid a cab.

Depending on your duration of lease, the supplier and the model of your car, your monthly rental will cost you anything between $50-$90 per month.

Some suppliers even offer free installation, while others may charge anything between $50-$150. It is usually a bit higher than the rental fees, being a one-time cost of a technical service.

Now, suppose you are asked to install an ignition interlock device for 2 years. considering the long duration, your monthly lease might be less.

Say, your installation as well as uninstallation cost is $70 each and your monthly rental is $50 per month. Now, let’s see what your cost comes after 2 years:

Installation charge: $70

Rent paid over 2 years: $50 x 24 = $1200

Uninstallation charge: $70

Thus, your total comes to $1340 for having a breathalyser in your car for 2 years. Moreover, what you do not now is whether it is a fresh device or a used one that is being given to you. If it is used, how many people have blown into it?

Fact to consider, isn’t it?

Well, you should at least assure that your lease agreement provides you with a free replacement in case of these 2:

  • Damage due to car accident or natural disaster
  • Robbery of the device

Cost of Purchasing Ignition Interlock Device

Now, we come to a lifetime purchase which is usually voluntary. As of now, we have very few suppliers who have devices designed for voluntary purchase.

One such device that you can conveniently purchase online is Skyfine USA Volunteer Ignition Interlock Breathalyser Device.

You do not pay in instalments here, but for a lifetime purchase, you are getting an unused, fresh device for $899/- only. If you compare it with the cost of renting a used device, you are eventually paying less.

Moreover, if you contact them, you’ll get $100 off along with free shipping too! They even assist you with the most convenient location where you can install your device.

Benefits of Purchasing a Car Interlock Device Over Leasing

By now, you clearly do see the benefits of purchasing voluntarily for lifetime than leasing:

  • It is cheaper in the long run, unless you are renting for a very short period. If asked to install a device for a year, it is better to buy it.
  • You get a way better quality as well as warranty for the product. It is a fresh, first-hand device for sure.
  • Compulsory purchase implies you have been charged for DUI. Before you get there, purchase voluntarily and save yourself from the crime and the fine.

We all see why we need ignition interlock devices in our cars. There may come a time when ignition interlock devices can be made compulsory for all cars. As of now, the lifetime cost is comparatively lower than a 1 or 2-year lease. How much would you want your car interlock device cost to come to?

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