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How to Buy the Best Drone Camera for Beginners?

Drone Camera
Written by Shikha Mehta

For all you photography lovers, have you ever tried using a drone camera? If not, you’ve landed on the right page!

What is a drone?

Also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), it’s an object that can fly through your control. When you fix a camera on it, you can take pictures and videos of a wide area from a height. So, if you go to a great place or have a wedding, drone camera photography is really helpful in taking top view images.

So, does having a flying camera sound fun to you now? Let’s see how you can select one for yourself.

Factors for Choosing the Best Drone Camera for Beginners: Buying Guide

If you’re considering buying a drone for the first time, you need to look for one that’s easy to operate. When you rode a bike for the first time, didn’t you fall? Well, this time you’re almost going to fly!

Let’s see what you should be looking for in your very first drone:

1. Your Purpose

You have a camera, why do you need a drone? Honestly, I recommend you to buy it if you’re really passionate about photography and videography. Since it shoots from the top and covers a wide range, a drone camera video is far more useful than what you’re capable of taking on your phone.

2. Size, Weight, and Form

The most common form you’ll find is the quad-copter drone, also available for kids. The smaller and lighter your UAV is, the more convenient it is to operate. A simple and compact object is less likely to bang into pillars and poles as compared to a complex one.

3. Ease of Operation

Is it a remote control drone? If not, don’t go for it. Being a beginner, you need clear instructions to operate it. A remote which has easy to understand buttons along with a user manual attached to it makes it simpler for a new user to fly his camera.

4. Battery Life

How long will a battery last? It’s very important for you to know that not only before you buy it but also before you fly it. This decides how long can a drone fly at a time. It can range from 5-30 minutes. You need to decide based on when and where you’ll be using it.

5. Flight

Now that’s actually the most important thing you look into. How high can it fly? The height can range between 100  4000 meters. Since it’s something new for you, I suggest you to start flying at a lower height. However, for later usage, the higher you fly, the better is the view.

6. Sturdiness

Now that is especially important for a first time user. You have more than 90% chances of crashing into a pillar or wall. You don’t want it to break on the very first flight, do you?

7. Price

It is better for the first drone camera price to be less. You’re just learning with the device. It isn’t advisable to learn with a professional drone, even if you’re a photographer wanting to move a step ahead. Always learn with the low cost device and then go for the complex and expensive ones.

8. Spare Parts

In a box of drone cameras, all parts of the device should have an extra alternative. This especially applies to have extra propellers or propeller guards if you’re a beginner. In case you crash, they’re useful. An extra battery is also essential so that you can enjoy using the device for longer.

9. Additional Features

It’s not necessary for a starter but if you get any at a low cost, why not! You can consider some like a drone GPS to be very useful in case you lose sight. An automatic return can be set up in case of loss of connectivity too. Other features include live video streaming, pre-programming of flight and the follow-me function.

If you’re still young, I suggest you should look for a small drone camera for sale first. Since you don’t know how good you’ll be at this, your risk should also be less. However, one thing I can assure you: once you get the hang of it, you’re going to have a great time.

You can take an aerial view of your city, shoot the beautiful landscape of the mountains, shoot an event and do so much more. In fact, even for commercial use, the agricultural drone and robotics technology is making huge progress in the and global food production demand is growing rapidly.

Isn’t it more convenient than changing your postures and angles for the best shot all the time?

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