How to Make Money Through the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Are you an aspiring or emerging blogger? If yes, then know how to make money on amazon? If you haven’t considered joining the Amazon Affiliate Program, then it’s time for you to plan again. Apparently, if you have a good number of readers and followers, you can make more money through the Amazon Associates Program than just using Adsense.

So, if you want to start a blog or become an influencer, this is one program that is independent and can be a permanent source of income if you have a consistent number of followers. That means, irrespective of whether you have tie-ups with brands or not, you can easily make money through Amazon.

Combining income from Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate marketing, you can easily make at least $300-$400 in a day if you want to. Half the amount comes from Adsense and the other half comes from Amazon.

So, how does this possibly work? Let’s check it out.


How to make money on amazon?

You wish for big money in less time can find a simple solution through the Affiliate program of Amazon. The ones in the business claim that there are scopes of earning up to $15k a month if you know the tricks.

This brings us to the most vital question – “how to make money on amazon”. Let us try to guide you with this.

  1. You need to find choose a product which has high demand but the competition is relatively low in terms of affiliate sites.
  2. Proper keyword research using proper tools with impactful Search engine optimization. SEO is what will help you convert organic traffic to leads.
  3. Content should be informative with differentiation on volume of words which should be varying.
  4. Place the affiliate links appropriately in your website’s content so that lead generation can happen.
  5. Try to make your website attractive but simple. Too much complex website makes the crowd loose interest easily.
  6. Finally, you need to promote your website through easy marketing strategies. This can be done by use of social media or word of mouth. However, digital & social media marketing are the most preferred options nowadays.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Did you know that the arrow on the logo of Amazon points from a-z, indicating that you get everything from a-z on this site? This is one of the reasons why their affiliate program is so flexible and profitable at the same time.

No matter what category your blog or social media page belongs to, you can use this program to make more money. Usually, as a blogger or influencer, you can earn money by promoting a brand. You can charge the brand for posting on their product. At the same time, the presence of this brand on your page attracts followers on your page, which benefits you. This is exactly what we call affiliate marketing.

Now, coming to Amazon, a retail brand that sells everything – you can do affiliate marketing here by signing up for their program.

If you own a blog or a public social media account with many followers, you can sign up for the Amazon Associates or Affiliate Program. When you do so, you receive your own Amazon link for every product that you can promote. If any visitor opens your link and buys the product, you can earn a certain percentage of commission on that sale.

Please Note:

  1. The percentage of commission varies for every product category. I have elaborated on that in the section below.
  2. You can sign up for this program with multiple websites too.
  3. You can sign up with different amazon sites (like, amazon. Uk, amazon. in) with one ID for the same websites.

How Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work?

While you get a fixed price from individual brands for promoting their product, it works differently when you’ll tie-up with Amazon. You’re not getting paid for promoting, but only when the sale actually takes place through you. Since you earn on every sale made through your website or social media page, you actually tend to make more money from here.

So, here’s a brief explanation of how this can work for you:

Step 1. Sign up for Amazon Associates and give your details like name, website address, social media account, the categories you would like to promote, and bank details.

Step 2. Whenever you wish to promote Amazon products through your article or post, open the Amazon Associates login page.

Step 3. After you have signed in, look for the product you want to promote and look for your Amazon Associate link.

Step 4. Copy this link in your article or social media page, wherever it is suitable.

Here, the job from your end is done. Now, whenever a visitor clicks on this link and then buys the product, Amazon will know that they made the sale because of you. Hence, it will pay you the commission they’ve mentioned for that product category.

How Much Money Can You Earn Through the Amazon Associates Program?

The minimum amount of money that you could make here is $100 per month. If you are established with a huge number of followers, you could earn as much as $10,000 through the same program too.

Since sales on Amazon vary every month, so will your earnings. The amount of money you can make through this affiliation depends on the following factors:

  • The product category you’re promoting – since every category has a different commission
  • How many followers do you have on your blog or social media page?
  • The click-through-rate of your keyword, which has your amazon link
  • Whether you own one or multiple Amazon affiliate sites – the more, the better

how to make money on amazon

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate for Various Products

Usually, the commission rate for every category keeps changing from time to time but is more or less stable. This largely depends on how many sales they are making in a certain category at the moment. The commission rates may also differ for different countries:

Currently (as of September 2020), has the following rates for various product categories:

1%: Amazon Fresh, Groceries, Health, Personal Care, and Video Games

2%: TV and Digital Video Games

2.5%: Computers, Computer Components, and DVDs

3%: Furniture, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Amazon Pantry, Pet Products, Toys, Baby Products, Musical Instruments, Beauty Products, Sports, Tools, Headphones, and Business Supplies

4%: Fashion, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire Tablets, Amazon Echo Devices, Amazon Cloud Cam Devices, Amazon Fire TV, Ring Devices, Jewellery, Watches, Luggage, Handbags, and Other

4.5%: Kitchen, Automotive, and Books

5%: Handmade Products, Digital Videos, and Music

10%: Amazon Coins and Luxury Beauty

Certain products like gift cards, prime subscriptions, and purchases from the Appstore are not included in the affiliate program at all. The table you’ll find on the amazon services LLC associates program page will mention all these rates clearly for every category.

These rates may vary if you look into, amazon.The UK or any other Amazon site. Also, when demand and supply for certain products change, so does the commission rate on their category. However, most of the time, the fluctuation is low because these rates are also based on the price range of the products. You cannot expect a high commission on a product that has a very low-price range like groceries.

How Much Money Can You Make Through Just One Amazon Affiliate Website?

Like I said before, sales and earnings will vary every day. Thus, it is nearly impossible to predict the exact amount you can earn out of it. Usually, for a single website, you’ll have lesser categories that you’re able to promote.

If you are promoting education on your website, the only categories you can choose in your affiliate program will be books and Amazon Kindle products. So, you can get a commission of 4-4.5% on every sale made. If the selling price is high, your commission will be higher.

Let’s say for example that you got 100 buyers in a month. If the average price of the products purchased is $20 and we assume your commission to be 4% on each, you would be earning $80 per month (on average).

On the other hand, let’s assume that you have a blog on interior designing and home décor. The commission for these items on Amazon is 3% but the price range of every product is much higher. Say if the average purchase price here is $100 and you had 100 buyers in a month, you could earn $300 in a month.

So, you see, the amount you can earn from one site largely depends on the number of buyers you gain, the price range of the products, and their amazon affiliate rates.

Please Note: If a customer returns a product, then you automatically lose the commission you received on that sale. So, if among 100 buyers 20 return their products, that amount gets deducted from your account.

make money on amazon

Can You Become an Amazon Associate Without Owning a Website?

The answer here is yes, provided you are a social media influencer. Amazon is aware of the fact that a bigger source of income for bloggers is actually from their Facebook and Instagram pages. Although on Instagram you can’t actually insert the link, on other social media pages, you can.

So, when you post an amazon product on Facebook, you just include the purchasing link in the caption. If your followers click on the link and decide to buy the product, you will receive a commission for that too.

However, not all social media bloggers are eligible to use this. For instance, Instagram business accounts of influencers have plenty of followers but since they can’t insert links, using Amazon affiliates is not as simple as Facebook.

Another popular social media platform where people come searching for products is Pinterest. However, you’ll have to create more creative images to attract the audience here. Mostly, it is better to link your blog with Pinterest than to link it directly with the Amazon Affiliate page.

Do You Qualify to be a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program?

In a way, anyone who has plenty of followers on social media can be a part of the Amazon affiliate program. However, only signing up here is easy. If you don’t make any sales for a continuous period of 6 months, your account gets canceled.

So, I suggest signing up for this program only after you have gained readers for your blog or followers on your social media page.


What if my amazon affiliate link is for Amazon. The UK and a person sitting in the US click on it?

If you have created your account on both amazon.UK and, then the customer will be redirected to his or her country’s site automatically. Your affiliate ID will remain there too. On the other hand, if you don’t have your affiliate ID with both accounts, you won’t get a commission for that sale.

If a customer opens my amazon link but ends up buying something else, do I still get a commission?

Yes, once a customer opens your amazon affiliate link, any product he or she purchases will automatically have your affiliate ID. This also applies if he or she makes multiple purchases. So, you can get a commission on a product category you don’t promote at all too.

How do I receive my money?

You need to give your bank details while signing up for the affiliate program. Amazon will transfer your income within 2 months. From the amazon affiliate login page, you can view your monthly balance that is due.

Can my balance be negative?

Yes, your balance can be negative if there have been plenty of returns in a month. However, that negative balance will be carried forward in the next month. Hence, you won’t have to make any payment of your own.

Can I use my affiliate ID to make personal purchases?

No, this program is not meant for your personal use. The purpose of the program is to attract more buyers to Amazon. Hence, the purchases you make from your ID will be deducted from your account.

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