How to Start a Blog to Make Money?

how to make money with blog? Did you consider the fact that you can make money sitting at home if you’re good at writing? All you have to do is choose your forte and start your own blog! So, the question here is how to start a blog and make money out of it?

The internet has made life really simple for us. There are no boundaries of place, qualification, and unemployment anymore if you want to earn. All you need is a laptop, internet connection, writing skills and maybe expertise in a subject. That subject could be fashion, technology, makeup, academics, or food. There’s no limitation when it comes to choosing your forte or passion.

The real question is, how to start your own blog all by yourself with these tools in hand. Well, to get the answer, we need to look at the tools that the internet will provide us.

How to Start a Blog for Free?

Yes, blogging doesn’t need any initial investment. You don’t really have to buy the website right away. There are so many platforms that provide you with absolutely free URLs, through which you can start your own blog right away!

In fact, not just a URL, you’ll get the theme and backend too. So, here’s all you’ll actually have to do:

  • Pick a subject on which your blog will be based – you can have multiple subjects too, though they need to be relatable
  • Choose a nice, quirky name for the blog and its URL – quirky names actually work better than generic ones
  • Select a theme that you can get for free here – you need to choose the ones that are designed for a “blog” and not a “website”
  • Create your logo and select a few images you might want to put up as banners
  • Decide on the first few posts – plan at least a month’s posts, one for each day (minimum)
  • Set up your blog and start writing!

That’s how you create a blog for free.

How to Set Up a Blog?

Now, the last point above did specify that you need to set up your blog. How would you go about this process? Let’s say that you purchased your free URL from WordPress and the name of the URL is XYZ. The URL you’ll actually get will be

To set up your free blog on WordPress, you need to go to WPBeginner and fill up a form. Choose your hosting partner, and domain name, and give your personal details.

Now, the moment your URL has been created, you’ll be asked to pick a theme. There’ll be a set of free and paid themes for blogs here. Usually, the paid ones are better, but you probably would start with a free theme if you’re not willing to spend at all. You can check out some amazing blog themes here.

Once you choose your theme, you’ll be directed to the backend. That’s where you have to patiently sit and explore. Backends are usually user-friendly. Here’s how you use a WordPress backend editor:

how to make money with blog

To Create a New Page

Go to “Pages” and click on “Add New”. Click on “Publish” once you’re done.

To Create Categories and Tags

Go to “Posts” and click on “Categories” or “Tags”.

For Customizing

Go to “Appearance”. Click on “Customize” and here you can change the logo, the text on the main menu, and the text on the rest of the page. You can even add or remove certain elements.

To Add Widgets

Go to “Widgets” under “Appearance”. You’ll find a list of available widgets and inactive widgets here along with their location.

To Add Forms

Go to “WPForms” and click on “All Forms”. Mostly, the contact form will be there. By clicking on “Add New”, you can create a new one too.

To Add Plugins

Go to “Plugins” and click on “Add New”.

To Work on the Menu

Go to the “Menus” section under “Appearance” and edit the structure as per your needs.

For Posting

On the left column, go to posts and click on “Add New”. After you finish writing, click on the “Publish” button.

For Editing a Page

Go to “Pages” and click on “All Pages”. Just click on the page you want to edit and click on update.

For Editing a Post

You go to “Posts” and click on “All Posts”. Then, you just click on the post you want to edit and make the changes.

To Add New Users

Go to “Users” and click on “Add New”. You can give limited access to new authors here.

To Update Your Backend

You need to click on “Updates” under the Dashboard.

Now that you have set up your new blog, the next question that comes is – how to start writing a blog? Or, how to write in a way that you get readership and eventually start making money? For this, you need some writing tips now.

How to Start a Successful Blog?

Your blog’s success comes with readership. Not only do you need people to come and read, but also give comments, share them on social media, and most importantly, believe in what you tell them. Thus, here are some writing tips for you:

Write in a Conversational Tone

When I’m reading your blog, I should feel that you’re talking to me. For that, you need to use the first person (“I”, “my”, “we”, etc.) and the second person (“you”, “your”, etc.). Also, write in active voice, use short sentences and really short paragraphs. Keep asking questions to your readers and try to connect to them through your writing.

Be Precise and To-the-Point

If your subject is “How to Make Cheesecake”, don’t talk about things like traveling, exercising, or dining etiquette. If you’re sharing a recipe, stick to it. If you deviate from the topic, the reader will simply get bored and leave your page.

Adding Images, Videos, and Infographics

If I give you an option between reading a book and watching a movie, what will you choose? The same works with blogs. Embed videos on your page and give them the option to watch. If you make it in a way that builds curiosity to read, it’s the best you can do.

Images and infographics work equally well. In fact, images are a must – one for the banner and some in-between to make the presentation better.

Add Quotes and Bubbles

This makes the presentation even better. When you’re reading on screen, it’s stressful for your eyes anyway. A monotonous structure makes it worse. However, if you give breaks and highlights in-between, it keeps the reader glued to your page.

Use Keywords to Make it SEO-Friendly

You need your blog to be visible on the search engine, else it’s of no use. Hence, you need to use the right keywords that match your subject. Since this area is a little technical, you can hire a professional who can do keyword planning and track keyword ranking for your blog.

Keep Social Sharing Buttons

If you want a greater reach, then keeping the social sharing buttons on as many platforms as possible is recommended. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are a must here. You can add others like Tumblr, Google Plus, Gmail, and Email too.

Comments Section

Another way of engaging the audience is to keep a section open for comments. However, do secure the section from spam, or else it can work adversely for your blog. Ideally, comments should be submitted to you. They won’t be published without your approval.

How do You Make Money Blogging?

Getting traffic for your blog is one thing and it’s a whole another story on how to make money out of it. Although, you cannot start making money if you don’t have traffic. By now, you learned how to become a blogger. Now, you’ll learn how to make money off your blog.

There are two ways of making money out of a blog:


This is the most common way of earning through blogs. You need to create space for ad banners in your backend. Not only will you get paid for every click made on the ad, but also for every impression it gets. It means that you’re bound to get paid the moment your page is opened.

 make money with blog

You’re eligible to apply for AdSense if:

  • You’re at least 18 years old.
  • The content on your site is unique and of high quality.
  • Your elements should be placed properly.
  • The readability score should be high.
  • You have at least 20 posts, each of more than 600 words.

If you meet the above requirements, your account will be approved. You’ll make money per impression of an ad and per click on the ad.

Affiliate Marketing

When you promote a brand through your blog, it is called affiliate marketing. Suppose, you’re promoting the brand “ABC”. If your article reads “ABC Review – Is it Worth Purchasing?”, then it means you are promoting this brand. You only do this if the brand pays you to do so.

Or, there’s an easier way. There are plenty of websites that have affiliate programs. There are plenty of e-commerce sites that allow you to sign up for affiliates. By doing so, you can promote their products and services easily. Just make sure that you add a link to the site with your affiliate ID. When anyone visits the site through your blog and makes a purchase, you’ll get a commission for it!

The Bottom Line

If you really want to make money through blogging, you do need to work a lot. There’s planning, writing, creating original images and videos, promoting, and following up on the traffic. You will need a team eventually to handle things.

The internet has made it easier to still work from home. You can hire a virtual assistant who can share the burden of the work with you.

So, now you know how to start a blog. Ready to start planning it out?

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