How to Prepare for a Paraprofessional Test Online?

Paraprofessional Test Online
Written by Shikha Mehta

Did you know that in order to become a teacher, clearing an online test can be sufficient? If you appear for a paraprofessional test online, clearing it can compensate for not having a degree.

So, what do you mean by the term “paraprofessional”? To be precise, it is a term for people who aspire to become professionals. So, a paraprofessional test is an assessment for aspiring or to-be professionals.

Upon clearing this test, you can start your career as an assistant to a teacher and then soon move towards becoming a professional tutor. If you have a degree, it is obviously a better way of achieving a higher post in the teaching field.

So, what does a paraprofessional test have to help you out? Let’s take a look.

What do You Mean by a Paraprofessional Test?

Designed by the Educational Testing Service, the motive of this test was to provide an opportunity to become an educator for those who can’t go to college.

This assessment tests 3 abilities in you – reading, writing and mathematics.

The test lasts for 2.5 hours, where you get 90 multiple-choice questions on the above subjects. Since you’re giving the test to become an educator, the assessment has questions on basic skills as well as skills needed in a classroom.

Majority of the test, nearly 2/3rd of it is based on basic skills. The rest of the questions are there to assess if you’re ready to teach.

What to Prepare for a Paraprofessional Test?

So, considering the syllabus, you mainly need to be thorough with English and Mathematics. The questions will be divided equally – 30 for reading skills, 30 for writing skills and 30 for logical ability (mathematics skills).

You cannot use a calculator, so when you practice maths at home, sharpen your mental maths skills.

Here’s the detailed knowledge of the syllabus for all 3 subjects:


Basic: Apart from comprehension skills, your knowledge will also be tested here. You’ll be asked to identify meanings, state true or false, interpret diagrams and give opinions.

Classroom Based: Here, you might be asked to act like a teacher. It could be regarding the pronunciation of a word, explaining its meaning, interpreting instructions or how you can help a student read and understand something.


Basic: You need to be thorough with arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis. This covers almost everything you studied in school. However, you can’t use the calculator.

Classroom Based: While the syllabus is more or less the same, the twist lies in the type of question. Instead of solving a sum, they ask you to explain the sum to a student.


Basic: Since this is an MCQ paper, there are no essay writing questions. From a written line or paragraph, you need to identify grammatical errors, spelling errors and the parts of speech used.

Classroom Based: In these questions, you’ll be making corrections and identifying what to use for explaining certain things. The questions will also assess if you can make students write in certain ways for a particular audience.

If you are weak on any of the above subjects, it is better to first take tutorials to strengthen them. There are many detailed courses on mathematics and English available online.

Various Means of Preparing for a Paraprofessional Test Online

No matter how good you are with the main subjects, unless you give plenty of mock tests, you cannot be prepared for giving a paraprofessional test online.

You can do your entire preparation online, starting from polishing your skills in every subject to giving the practice tests. Avail the free study guides provided by ETS for the assessment. That’ll help you understand what is exactly in the syllabus.

Once you feel confident, you start going for the practice tests available online. While you’ll get plenty of free practice tests, some of them might be paid too. The following sites have several practice tests available:

Online Assessments for Other Fields and Subjects

Today, there is nothing the internet cannot provide. The World Wide Web was created to remove geographical boundaries. Today, nearly every industry uses it to improve its efficiency.

Schools and colleges use several software tools to conduct online assessments that facilitate personalized learning. There are many types of online assessments in education that help teachers test the ability of students.

Online assessment platforms are used to conduct internal tests, surveys, quizzes, entrance exams and certification exams for students of all categories. You need to prepare and give a paraprofessional test online – where the preparation can be done from home but the final exam is given in a centre.

So, are you ready to become a professional instructor yet?

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