What is Artificial Intelligence?

Innovation of artificial intelligence Artificial or AI is the power given to machines so that they can think by themselves for a given set of tasks and its use is increasing.

Previously, we did all the work by ourselves. But, now we have entered the age where we are using artificial intelligence to make our job easy and perfect.

To tell the truth, humans must commit an error. But machines, to be more precise, artificial intelligence can do learning, reasoning, or solving i.e almost all the works that we did earlier. In short, we can say that Machines have started to replace human-performed jobs and do them more promptly and efficiently.

Application of Artificial Intelligence:

As there is an evolvement of machines, so there has been a lot of fields where humans are using AI, such as:

1) HEALTHCARE: Machines are doing reliable, faster, and better diagnoses as compared to humans. The invention of AI has helped both doctors and patients in many ways.

2) BUSINESS: In business, there are many tasks that humans did previously and now machines are doing. It results in better Analytics and Customer Relationship Management to serve customers better.

3) EDUCATION: It can grade automatically, which benefits educators with more time along with helping students to fulfill their needs.

4) AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: Automated cars, cameras, LIDAR and long-range radar have advanced tools for performing jobs by gathering information about it.

5) ROBOTICS: It helps in reducing challenges earlier faced by humans, by reducing enabling disaster warnings, and reducing traffic accidents resulting in fewer deaths.

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The scope of engineering itself lies in several fields such as computers, robotics, infrastructure development, communication, and many more.  Artificial intelligence is used in most fields of engineering – more particularly in robotics, data science, and computers.

Some of the engineering applications of artificial intelligence that we have all come across include the following:

Smart Speakers

Alexa and Google Home are two smart speakers that have used AI in their programming and functioning. This gadget can do plenty of things for you upon understanding your verbal instructions. This includes finding information, playing the music of your choice, turning off lights, showing directions, and many more things.

Electronic Self-Driving Cars

I’m sure you must have heard of Tesla. Did you know that their electronic cars do not need a driver? Yes, if you own this car, clearly made with AI technology, you perhaps don’t need a driving license.

Mobile Applications

Software engineers and app developers have created several apps that totally function with artificial intelligence. Examples of these are Siri and talking tom, which can listen to you, understand you and respond accordingly.

Website Development

Websites like Amazon and Netflix actually run on AI today. The engineers who help in developing these websites and apps have enabled AI-based personalization on these sites. How else do you think you always get products or shows of your choice on the first page?

Artificial Intelligence Robot

Have you ever heard of Sophia? Well, she’s no scientist, engineer, or in fact even a woman. This is the name of a humanoid robot that was developed in Hong Kong in 2016. She looks like a human, can make expressions like one, see and recognize people, and walk and talk like a human. Work is still being done on her to serve in departments like healthcare, education, therapy, and customer service.

Artificial Intelligence Books:

There are many good books on AI, such as:

  1. Machines of Loving Grace: The Quest for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots by John Mark off
  2. How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed by Ray Kurzweil
  3. Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark
  4. Deep Learning with R by Google AI researcher and Keras library creator Francois Chollet.
  5. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition) by Peter Norvig.

Artificial Intelligence Robots:

Most importantly, the bridge between robots and AI is AI robots. AI programs control these robots. Reality is showing pictures of science fiction, i.e. the day when humans will be outsmarted by robots. There are many types of robots that are showing advancements in their technology and manufacturing settings.

Some Most Advanced Robots are:

  1. Sophia- It is the first robot in the world that has recognized citizenship. She was made by David Hanson, that looks like humans and can act likewise, and was first set in motion on 14.02.2016.

The robot resembled the famous actress Audrey Hepburn and is globally famous for her human-like look and activities using visual data processing as well as facial recognition and above all artificial intelligence. Jia Jia – The most beautiful humanoid robot created by humans.

  1. Fedor – The true war robot which can shoot.
  2. Erica – This robot work as a TV News anchor.
  3. Kengoro- The First Robot that can sweat. Etc.

Learn Artificial Intelligence:

For beginners, it’s best to start with some Python courses, and slowly move from there to data science, machine learning, and AI. One more name here is Data-Camp.

Artificial Intelligence App:

Indeed, we can see the benefits of AI through their apps. The AI apps have helped to develop the work more promptly and reliably. But everything has some Pros and Cons. There have been many misuses and inappropriate content that are not suitable for all age groups.

Some AI Apps are:

  1. SIRI
  4. HOUND
  5. ALEXA etc.

Artificial Intelligence course:

Top 10 Courses and Training Programs on Artificial Intelligence in India: Ranking 2018


Artificial Intelligence features:

Most importantly, we can solve problems, create new opportunities, and new efficiency levels to introduce with the help of AI. The major features of AI are:

  1. AUTOMATION: It helps to replace the previously manual jobs which are now replaced by automated machines. It saves both our time and money.
  2. CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE: The cloud helps business owners in getting more options to reach their desired height. For deploying complex machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, the cloud infrastructure brings to us many resources for accessing them. For exploiting the overall capability of these two technologies, both the interdependence of cloud and AI will be required.
  3. MACHINE LEARNING: It is similar, to a subset of AI. The only difference is to make it function, requires sufficient data.
  4. BOTS DESIGN AND DEPLOYMENT: The option to design and deploy these bots comes with an AI solution.
  5. COST: The cost of AI projects and machine learning differ hugely.

Most importantly, the use of Artificial intelligence (AI) in business, mainly in production units, along with all other fields is increasing by leaps and bounds day by day.  Besides companies save their time and energy and improve productive quantity and quality.  We only require constant up-gradation of our skills and learning. We should try to take the maximum benefits out of AI.

Top 12 Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Software

1. Cloud Machine Learning Engine

2. Azure Machine Learning Studio

3. Salesforce Einstein

4. IBM Watson

5. Apache Prediction

6. Nvidia Deep Learning AI





11. Ayasdi

12. Maya

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

They say that artificial intelligence may replace humans one day. However, the point here is that a machine can be made intelligent only with the help of an intelligent human. Hence, if you have the fear of getting replaced by AI applications or robots, then the solution is to make these apps and robots.

Didn’t get me? Well, all you have to do is go to Udemy and take up an artificial intelligence course there. You don’t even have to belong to a science background as there are plenty of beginner courses out there for you.

If you take up a full-fledged artificial intelligence training program, you’ll be learning everything from scratch. Start from AI meaning, artificial intelligence definition, and what is artificial intelligence in a computer. You’ll move on to learn about AI applications and programming them too.

Once you complete your artificial intelligence certification course, you’ll have the temporary and practical knowledge to apply in this field. Perhaps, you can make them work for you without taking anybody else’s help.

So, perhaps artificial intelligence can replace human labor. However, it can also give every individual the opportunity to utilize it for monetary benefits in some way or the other. If you know how to program it, you don’t have to worry about it.

Sounds cool to make artificial intelligence work for you, isn’t it?


AI, artificial intelligence is taking space in our lives more and more. We generally use Alexa and Siri to assist as our voice controller, Amazon as a recommendation engine, Google for search, driving cars, autonomous robots Voice-controller, and computers to diagnose diseases. We may like it or not, yet we have no other alternative but to use AI.

Have you wondered how a robot you see on a TV show actually functions? All we know is it’s
hi-fi technology termed “robotics

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