The Essential Guide of Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) actually is the extension process of internet connectivity through a lot of daily objects and various physical devices.

Internet of Things:

To tell the truth, the internet of things generally connects internet connectivity as well as electronics and other hardware forms like sensors.

Indeed, with the use of it, we do many jobs such as communicating and interacting with other people over the internet. Furthermore, we can remotely monitor and control this system.

Since this technology is synonymous with most of the pertaining products such as the concept of “smart home”, therefore, it will cover devices and appliances like lighting fixtures home security systems thermostats cameras, and other appliances.

To tell the truth, we use it generally in homes that will support many common ecosystems that we can control accordingly. In fact, it works with devices like smart speakers and smartphones which are normally associated with them.

Although this technology faces much prominent criticism in regards to security and privacy concerns, it relates only to the devices and its intention is of pervasive presence.

Internet of Things Security:

Generally, internet security means to be a computer security branch that involves different security measures. However, it will, in turn, ensure different security measures such as browser security, network security, other security applications, and operating systems.

Initially, we know and therefore believe it very well that, most of the malware programs and cyberattacks mainly originate from the internet. So then consequently the primary goal of Internet Security becomes to offer rules and regulations against the cyber-attacks which arise from the Internet source.

Example: Comodo Free Internet Security Suite 2019

Internet of Things Projects:

Most importantly, it is an amazing set of a network that connects each and everyone, as well as everything, are connected. Therefore, it is gaining rapid speed nowadays as we are able to interlink more and more devices every day.

Indeed, all the major IT and engineering companies are now investing more and more money in this field and using the maximum potential benefit of this technology. However, under these circumstances, industrial, consumer, health, transportation, entertainment security, and many other areas are using and taking advantage of this application.


Generally, there are many types of this project, some of which are,

IoT Home Automation Projects:

IoT Home Security Model

In fact, it incessantly screens all the activities in the home and it intimates its owner immediately if there is any harmful activity and a system-the cloud-stored all the data.

Automatic Smart Parking System using the Internet of Things

Actually, this system on behalf of us finds the adjacent parking place and also offers parking slots in the given area. Thus it cuts the time as well as other hazards in finding nearby parking zone.

IoT Based Raspberry Pi Home Automation Using IBM Bluemix

Most importantly, it confirms home automation and with the help of it, we are able to control all our home appliances from anywhere and everywhere in this world.

Forget Me Not Design Challenge

However, we use this device to remember a few things at home. Indeed, we can switch off all the devices of our home using it. Added to this, it can easily monitor and maintain the room temperature and ensures the closure of all the doors. Besides, it is also able to feed the cats and monitor them.

 IoT Doorbell etc –

It shows that an automatic doorbell can easily send SMS or email. Thus the owner can handle it with ease from anywhere when somebody calls his door. IoT Projects with Raspberry Pi:

IoT Projects with Raspberry Pi:

  1. Exploring IOT Application Using Raspberry Pi
  2. Raspberry Pi as the Internet of Things hardware
  3. IoT Based Biometrics Implementation on Raspberry Pi
  4. Review on Temperature & Humidity Sensing using IoT
  5. Based on Raspberry pi Smart Supervisor using the Internet of Things (IoT) etc.

Wireless / GSM Based IoT Projects:


      1. A Simple IoT Project with the ESP8266 WiFi module
      2. IoT Candle
      3. IoT Smart Bulb
      4. AWS Internet of Things Soil Moisture Monitor Remotely
      5. Smart Security Solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) etc.

IoT Projects Using Microcontroller:

      1. IoT Incubator for Growing Bacteria
      2.  Electricity Energy Meter Reading and Disconnection using PLC modem and PIC Microcontroller based on IoT etc
      3.  IOT Robot Projects:
      1. A Space Unrestricted Multi-Robot Combat Internet of Things System
      2. IoT Dune Buggy etc.

Internet of  Things LED Projects:

      1.  Led Matrix based on IoT
      2. Smart transportation system
      3. Garage Door Monitor/Opener with Finger Print Scanner
      4. Radio Telescope based on IoT
      5. IoT Enabled Egg Tray etc.

 Sensor-Based IoT Projects:

      1. IoT Home Security Model
      2. IoT Pill Bottle
      3. MABO – monitoring system of children in school
      4. Network Architecture Designed for an Adaptable IoT based Smart Office
      5. Health Monitoring and Management Using Internet of Things etc.

WiFi Based IoT Projects:

      1. IoT Smart Bulb
      2. AWS IoT Remote Soil Moisture Monitor
      3. IoT Candle
      4. ESP8266 WiFi module etc.

RFID Based IoT Projects:

      1. Smart Disease Surveillance Based on Internet of Things (IoT)
      2. Smart Trash Can IoT System
      3. Secure Smart Environment Using IOT based on RFID
      4. The Application of IoT in Agricultural means of Production Supply Chain Management etc.

IoT Healthcare Projects:

      1. E-Health Glove (Intel IoT)
      2. Smart plant system
      3. Towards an IoT for Healthcare
      4. Intelligent Healthcare Service by using Collaborations between IoT Personal Health Devices etc.

Internet of Things Devices:

So, generally, it can be said that there are many types of IoT devices such as:

List Of  IoT Devices Examples In 2019:

1) Kuri Mobile Robot

2) Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller

3) Footboy Air Quality Monitor

4) August Doorbell Cam

5) Nest Smoke Alarm

Internet of Things Learning:

So, generally for pursuing a career in IoT, the following steps will help to get it such as:

      1. Machine Learning and AI
      2. Business Intelligence
      3. Automation
      4. Information Security
      5. Teamwork

Internet of Things network:

So, generally, the IoT network has major four components in it which are:

      • The device, which is the thing itself.
      • The gateway for translating proprietary communication protocol to internet protocol alternatively can be said to be the local network.
      • Mobile devices, enterprise data systems, or PCs alternatively can be said to be the back-end services.
      • The internet

To sum up, it could be portrayed that there are many components of the IoT network likely:

      1. Our Local Network
      2. 6LoWPAN
      3. WSN Nodes
      4. Low-Power Solutions
      5. WSN Edge Nodes

Internet of Things Sensor:

What is the sensor?

So, generally speaking, the sensor is indeed such a device that actually can detect changes in an environment. Although a sensor, as a matter of fact, can measure physical phenomena such as pressure, temperature, etc.

On the other hand, it further transforms into an electrical signal. To tell the truth, the sensor works only when connected with an electronic system.

Generally, some common types of Internet of Things sensors are:

      1. Accelerometer sensors
      2. Gas sensors
      3. Proximity sensors
      4. Temperature sensors
      5. Smoke sensors


To conclude, the future of this new technology is, in fact, unlimited virtually. Actually, nevertheless, it is due to the demand by the people and the further advancement of technology.  In addition, much data is too getting traveled from one device to another one. Thus this has resulted in questioning our security of us.

As a result, the security topic in discussion is of major importance. In fact, for example, a few years ago a Domain Name System (DNS) provider Dyn, actually suffered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

As a matter of fact, it, in turn, affected many major websites such as Amazon, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Moreover, upon actually doing the research, it indeed found that the attack’s major source was from botnets.

Consequently, this Mirai-based type of malware anyhow affects primarily IoT devices incidentally that operates with the help of Linux systems (DVRs, IP cameras).

Finally, they could use it to further carry out the attack on more such devices.

However, to solve the issue of security, both the Government and private sector have to develop themselves even more than before for more exciting possibilities and productive results.

Most importantly, as a result of this, new amazing things will come up to connect the world.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the power given to machines so that they can think by themselves for a given set of tasks and its use is increasing.


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