Is Virgin Hyperloop Publicly Traded in 2022? Know the Truth

Did you know that Virgin Hyperloop One is not the only company creating vacuum tubes? Or is the virgin hyperloop publicly traded now? So far, there’s only one technology for travelling through a partial vacuum. However, there are several companies working behind it.

You probably know what is Hyperloop. It is the concept of travelling through a partial vacuum to gain speed faster than an aircraft. Then, what is Hyperloop One and how is it different from just Hyperloop?

What is the Difference Between Hyperloop and Virgin Hyperloop One?

While Hyperloop is a concept, Hyperloop One is a company. This is the basic difference between the two.

“Virgin” stands for the Virgin group, being one of the key investors of Hyperloop One. It was founded by Elon Musk and Shervin Pishevar in 2014. Back then they named it Hyperloop Technologies. This company was to implement the concept of Hyperloop.

Hyperloop One is the second company that was formed after Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). However, Elon Musk had published the concept of Hyperloop before forming the company.

To differentiate clearly:

Hyperloop is the technology of travelling through a partial vacuum.Hyperloop One is the company that is aiming to make it a reality.
The technology was proposed in 2013.The company was formed in 2014.
There are several companies working on implementing Hyperloop.Hyperloop One is the second company formed after the release of the white paper.

The Current Team of  Virgin Hyperloop One

The company started in a garage with a few board members in November 2014. By January 2015 only, it raised $9 million from Sherpa Capital, Formation 8 and Zhen Fund. Currently, the following are the key investors apart from these 3:

  • The Virgin Group
  • DP World
  • Caspian VC Partners
  • 137 Ventures
  • Abu Dhabi Capital Group
  • SNCF
  • GE Ventures
  • WTI

The team comprises of 200 employees with space for more capable geniuses to join in. There are 11 team leaders from all over the world that are working hard to make Hyperloop a success.

Currently, they have been conducting tests for the passenger pod XP-1. By 2021, we can expect the release of the first Hyperloop in the world.

Hyperloop One Global Challenge

The company released the Global Challenge in 2016 that would help them decide upon the Hyperloop routes. Countries all over the world came up with various plans for building up Hyperloop tubes to connect heavily populated cities.

is virgin hyperloop publicly traded

Following were the winning countries announced in 2017:

  • USA: 4 routes
  • Canada: 1 route
  • Mexico: 1 route
  • UK: 2 routes
  • India: 2 routes

The above 5 countries and their respective teams are now working with Virgin Hyperloop One to initiate bringing Elon Musk’s vision to reality.

Other Companies Working on Hyperloop

As I said, Hyperloop is a concept. It has several companies are working behind it today. Apart from Hyperloop One, you have:

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT): It was the first company formed in 2013. Currently has a workforce of more than 800 professionals.
  • TransPod: This is a Canadian company that creates vehicles and tubes similar to the concept of Hyperloop.
  • DGWHyperloop: It is the only Indian company that is currently working on constructing Hyperloop, connecting Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Hardt Global Mobility: It is a Dutch team that won at the SpaceX Pod competition and is now working on developing its Hyperloop project in Europe.
  • Zeleros: It is a Spanish company that won the Hyperloop Pod Competition held in 2016 and is currently developing Hyperloop systems.
  • Hyper Poland: As the name suggests, it is a company from Poland that also took part in a SpaceX Pod Competition and is building up a model in their country.

You may say that HTT is directly competing with Virgin Hyperloop One and so is TransPod. The rest are mostly working closely with Hyperloop One. The technology used by the 2 competing companies is the same, only HTT claims to be ready with its project in UAE by 2020 itself.

How do you think the future of travel will be once both come out with their successful ventures?

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