Era of Online Marketing

What is Marketing?

MARKETING is basically a procedure. It includes the activities a company/brand/MNC takes place to sell his products/shares etc. Marketing can be undertaken via advertisements, selling, delivering products to customers. This is a basic concept of marketing. When the market holders continue this marketing via online medium, then it is termed as ONLINE MARKETING. Simply we can say that marketing conducted online is called ONLINE MARKETING. The concept of marketing is the same as it is in the real world. But the point is that these marketers choose the online medium because using this medium they could connect not only to the local level but also to the global level. The techniques used for this type of marketing include email, social media, advertisements, SEOAdsense, etc. The main agenda behind this marketing is to attract potential buyers of particular products or brands.

In today’s scenario, we have entered the world of digitalization. There is a rapid increase in the users of the internet day by day. Looking forward to the states will leave you astonished.For eg-USA-227 MILLION, CHINA-298 MILLION,etc.That’s why online marketing attracts more customers to a brand rather than a traditional marketing system. This online marketing also has benefits it reduces the cost of the products at an average from the elevated versions. To promote your brand or company, just you need a website, ads, and good marketing tools.

Types Of Online Marketing

There are basically seven types of online marketing. Here is the list-

1- SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – marketing technique which includes the sales via a social platform viz. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
2- INFLUENCER MARKETING– In this type, the marketers hire influencers as their brand ambassadors and pay them. In addition to these payments, the influencers promote the brands they are linked to. In this way, the so-called fan following of the influencer attracts the customers.
3- AFFILIATE MARKETING– Online referral marketing.

4- EMAIL MARKETING – In this type of marketing, the marketers used to send an email additionally to many unknown customers in order to attract them.
5- CONTENT MARKETING– This includes the creation of content in various forms so that the writer mold the mind of the customers by using their writing skills.
6- SEO-SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION– This technique is used to rank our websites on top lists on the search engines to attract reader’s traffic
7- PAID ADVERTISING– In this system, the advertiser pays the publisher the amount so that he can publish his brand’s ads on his website, youtube channel, Facebook, etc.

8- PAY PER CLICK MARKETING– Includes a payment system on every click as the name suggests.

Online Marketing Courses

At present, the large chunks of the educated individuals spend their time on any online platform where they could make money. In money-making via an online platform, MARKETING is quite a good sector. The large portions of the netizens are doing the job which is directly or indirectly linked to the marketing sector. If someone is interested to work in this sector and does not know the procedure to do it; then there is nothing to worry about. There are plenty of courses online which can make you an expert. There are many types of courses, paid as well as free. We live in a world where we can just learn online marketing by just sitting at home on your laptop. Below is the list of the world’s most highly rated courses for online marketing.

1- Word Stream’s Growth Academy– it is a comprehensive interactive road map for beginners to learn e-marketing.

2- Google’s Online Marketing Challenge – It is a tool by Google to teach digital marketing.
3- Copy Blogger  Email Marketing course.
4- COURSERA– A most popular site for online education.

5- DS106- Consists of an excellent online faculty that really assures you to hold your position in online marketing.
6- Hub Spot Inbound Marketing– It is a 12 classes course that teaches you every sector of online marketing.
7- CANVAS– Provides online courses on a range of topics.
8- ALISON- It is a diploma for e-business and e-marketing
9- Word Stream’s PPC University-It basically teaches PPC marketing.
10- MIT Open Courseware– MIT offers you some of their course material online. They educate you on acquiring the marvelous skills of marketing and entrepreneurship online.
11- Udemy- Offers 10,000+courses for every hour by including marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is almost the same as online marketing is. It includes all the efforts of the advertiser using an online platform. They advertise their brands and promote them in every possible tool online. Their advertisement takes place on search engines, Youtube, social media platforms, emails, etc. While traditional marketing has limited geographical access, digital marketing leads the marketer to a global platform. He has access to promote his brand on a global level viz. to different countries and continents.

use images, content, video clips, etc to give the advertisement for your brand. At this stage, digital marketing has become a necessity for every entrepreneur because of the decreasing popularity of traditional offline marketing. This kind of marketing has many strategies to develop his business. The marketer could be experimental, curious, and have an opportunity to add a charismatic content to the promotions so that the customers could attract. It includes so many tactics that a marketer can apply in his marketing strategy. From the website to online advertising, email advertising, social media advertising, and a huge spectrum of tactics under the umbrella of the DIGITAL MARKETING system.

For example, a CONTENT MARKETER will promote using blog posts, website content, articles, and can publish online vouchers. A SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETER can use social media posts for marketing and promote his brand. An EMAIL MARKETER can use email for marketing. He could send emails to the customers personally so that they can take an interest in his brand.

Types Of Digital Marketing

1- SEO
2- Content marketing
3- Social Media Marketing
4- Pay per Click marketing
5- Affiliate marketing
6- Native Advertising
7- Marketing Automation
8- Email marketing
9- Online PR
10- Inbound marketing
11- Sponsered content
Basically digital marketers have a charge of marketing and brand awareness via an online platform. There are both e-free and paid versions of digital marketing.

Difference Between Online Marketing And Digital Marketing

Although these two terms have a vast range of similarities. These words are interchangeably used with one and another. Especially marketing agencies are used to use any of the two terms in randomly speaking. Legitimitely speaking, there is no difference between these two.The definition of e-marketing is the type of marketing in which the marketers need access to the internet is called e-marketing; whether it is called digital marketing or online marketing, it is exactly the same.

Google Courses

There is a huge guide on GOOGLE to learn online marketing. These courses are absolutely free and they provide you the certificates by using which you can get an internship in marketing. The courses are absolutely free of costs and there is no foundation on anyone for applying for these courses. DIGITAL MARKETING COURSES– It is really a good information course about digital marketing. You also get a free certificate after completing the course. The details are given on google. Firstly you have to sign in in the course by your google account. After the course, you will get an exam to check your knowledge. If you get qualified then you will get a certificate for the course.


This certificate can be used for both online and offline purposes.


Digital Marketing or online marketing, whatever you call is a very powerful strategy, and arguably one of the most powerful strategies one can use to consumerize the products. But this marketing requires experience. The more you get involved, the more the art of marketing will grasp your mind. As in this world of digitalization, the situations of marketing changes at a very rapid pace so one should know every nook and corner of the topic before entering the phase. If one masters the art of online marketing then he could earn very much more than the traditional marketing strategy. and that too sitting comfortably at your home.

It IS truly said that “One of the most professional tools an online marketing professional can have is curiosity. It takes a life-long learner to stay on top of their craft ” by Becky Gianelli, a digital marketing consultant. Regarding the professional ’s words, I would suggest that online marketing is really a good platform for beginners to invest their time in that. The best part of working in this arena is that whether the marketer is a newcomer or an experienced brat, he gets opportunities. Opportunities provided if utilized properly then can fetch a good amount of money. Nowadays as we all know, the bulk of the netizens are working as a freelancer. These freelancers have the best income in the marketing sector. Though there are many jobs to do online yet online marketing is quite simple to do but fetch the marketers a good amount of money. Working in this sector is not so risky. The investment cost in the online marketing sector is also low
because the cost of automation reduces due to the usage of electronic media. The best benefit of being an online marketer or affiliate in that sector is the availability of the customers on a global level.

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