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Who invented Smart Note Taker

A guy named David Hayden is the inventor of the Smart Note Taker.

Smart Word Taker Final Documentation

The capture of handwriting from any plain paper or different writing floor Input of non-stop writing as much as A4  of MS ® OUTLOOK Convert handwriting to virtual text the usage of MS ® phrase recognition engine Annotate, add comments, edit and attract your very own handwriting onto MS ® office files Create immediately messaging using ICQ is known as Smart Note Taker.

The Smart Pen machine includes the Smart Note Taker final documentation Pen and a pen cradle linked to an internet-enabled pc. As CRFs are crammed out, the Smart Pen information every stroke. It identifies every CRF and in which it is on the page through a very first-rate grid pattern that appears as a mild gray background shading at the CRF.  Data are interpreted into fields and validation can arise immediately, with queries again to sites quick over the Internet. The manner also creates a precise replica of the original CRF that can be studied for notation and comparison with interpreted statistics fields. Health Decisions takes an excellent era and apply it in your scientific trials.

Smart Note Taker Journals:

Abstract: In today’s technologic and rapid world, SMART NOTE  Smart NoteTaker is used in many special ways. This era is very useful for people to take notes in the air at the same time as being busy in their work. The information is stored in the memory chip of a pen. The stored statistics might be monitored at the display device. This generation reduces time. This product helps the blind to suppose and write freely.

This product additionally plays a crucial role, where two humans are speakme over the phone. It’s very useful for teachers in presentation time. The teacher may now not want to offer a lecture. The drawn picture and saved notes may be processed and directly despatched to the server. The server pc then broadcasts the stored notes through the network to all the computers. The product might be capable of feel three-D shapes. we can transfer processed data to the memory chip. This product might be simple as well as powerful.

Parts of the Clever Notice Taker

TECHNICAL DEFINITION OF THE PRODUCT In order to meet the technical necessities of the product we need Operating System Like Windows or Linux to be able to enforce software a part of the project, Displacement Smart note taker journals to understand the displacement of the pen in three dimensions, parallel cable to talk with a computer, a software program to resolve the displacement information and reveals the person coordinate displacements in three axes and transform the records into text format, analog to a virtual converter to system analog displacement facts and convert them into a virtual format, switch to govern the pen and Operating System

  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Software to convert statistics into textual content
  • Switch
  • Analog to virtual converter
  • Parallel cable
  • Displacement Sensor
  • or string format Rechargeable battery

Literature Survey of the Clever Notice Taker

Overhead projectors, virtual projectors, whiteboards, and chalkboards are regularly used to convey facts in instructional environments, including classrooms. However, Parts of the smart note taker those visual show techniques aren’t inherently reachable to those who are legally blind and may put them at a disadvantage.

For example, lectures are probably recorded or a human observe-taker might be employed to take notes. Which might be then supplied to the student. However, these strategies do now not have interaction students who’re legally blind within the manner of understanding and taking part in schoolroom presentations, and might even encourage them to pass the class.

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