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In today’s scenario, there are almost 75% of citizens all around the world who are interested in online money making. It’s good if a person decides to make a career online. There is a whole world of Freelancers, waiting for the talent holders in this path. But sorry to interrupt, only having an internet connection and a blog website will not fetch you the amount you were thinking you would earn. Here comes good news for the bloggers and the website holders who want to make money and their living online. They are gifted with a brilliant tool in this online world and that is known as Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a technique wherein the bloggers used to upload advertisements of different companies on their website. These ads can be in various forms for eg.images, videos, temptations, etc. Now the basic concept of this agenda is, if a blogger or a website owner is putting an advertisement of any company on his website, then he/she will be paid by the company to do this need.Let’s check out about this in detail-

What is Google AdSense?

Its a program run by the most rated search engine Google. In this program, firstly the publisher (the owner of the website) will register himself.If your account is approved by the tool, then you can give advertisements for diiferent brands and companies (may link to your website content or may not). Now the companies pay you for publishing their ads on your blog sites. There are two ways by doing which the publisher gets his payment.


This is a daily based program. The company(whose ads are published on the blog site) pays the customer for the daily views of the ads. This daily rate had been adjusted by the company. This detail will be disclosed only if you sign in your account on the Google AdSense like this.


If you created your website and you get the approval for publishing the ads. Then you can adjust the ads in the way you want. The general trend is to set the ads in such a way that the reader should see your ad. In this method, the publisher gets his payments on the basis of the
count of the number of clicks he gets on the particular advertisement.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

There are two categories of customers on the app. Those who publish any advertisement on their blog site or website, they are commonly known as PUBLISHER and the company or brand whose advertisement are being published by the publisher is known as Advertiser. If you want to publish the ads of the popular companies so that their customers are attracted to your sites then you can register yourself on the AdSense and by their awards facility, the app will grant you permission to publish the ads of whichever company you want.

The whole game in this system is of KEYWORDS. A keyword is a word on which your website or blogs are primarily based. For eg. you have your blogs related to some cosmetic products so the publisher will automatically be suggested by the beauty product ads. The keywords you use on your website and your blog post become the primary keyword for the app and it will suggest you ads based on that primary keyword.

Youtube Adsense

All of us have noticed that when we check out youtube for any video, most of the videos are associated with plenty of ads. Some advertisements are compulsory for a user to watch as they can not be skipped. By using these compulsory watching terms for the channel visitor, the publisher gets the payment by the IMPRESSION METHOD. While watching some of the ads we get an option for skip the ad Indirectly the visitor will click the advertisement page and the publisher will receive the payment by the CLICK system.

How To Make an Account And Sign In In Google AdSense?

-Go to Google and open the AdSense page.

After opening the page you will see a home page of the AdSense website, click on sign up.

Now Just add the name of your website and the URL links.

After the signup process, the tool will ask to fill the website owner’s credentials.

Now your account will be created in a couple of minutes. The sign will not be the immediate process because it takes time for the Adsense to review the blog website. After the redirecting process code will be generated to the account.

The last step is to add this code to the website’s HTML code under the head part of the HTML tags.

How to do the YOUTUBE Adsense?

The process is almost the same for making an account for publishing advertisements in YOUTUBE. The change is in the place of filling the URL. As the publisher fill the URL for his website, the same way he will fill the URL for his YOUTUBE channel. With the same process, the account will be signed in and the channel owner will be able to publish advertisements.

AdSense Account Without WEBSITE

If you do not have a website and you want an AdSense account then there are some simple steps to follow.

1- Just make a random YOUTUBE channel by any of your Gmail accounts.(random youtube channel because we need a URL).
2- Then go to settings and click on the CHANNEL CREATOR STUDIO.
3- Then click the CHANNEL option on the left side.

4- Then after filling credentials, a random channel will be created. Do check the monetization content of your channel.
5- Now go to the Adsense website.
6- When the app will ask you about the URL, then fill in the URL of the created channel.
7- Follow the same steps of account sign in as mentioned earlier. The Adsense account without a website will be created.

Alternative For AdSense

Google Adsense is probably the best tool as per the advertising content. The platform provides the best possible opportunities for a publisher to monetize his website. Being launched in 2003, it has attracted many active users. Although this app is having certain limitations also. These limitations are the reason why some users are hindered from using it. Getting approval for your account is not easy in Google ADSENSE. This might be the reason for many of the passive users for not using the app. Whatever be the reason, if you do not want to use the Adsense, there are many other alternatives.

monetize your websites and blogs google adsense

Here is the list
1- Amazon Associate Program– Give a publisher facility to advertise Amazon’s products by generating links in the publisher’s website.
2- Adversal– Provide native ads video etc to your website.
3- Taboola Natie Advertising– Most popular alternative.
4-– Best for contextual advertising and have a high revenue rate.

5- PopAds– There is a need for only 1000 visitors per month to receive a minimum $4.00
6- Adcash-Has worldwide coverage and have Anti-ad-block technology.
7- Infolinks– Have leading experts in-text advertising.
8- PropellerAds– Leaves you only with legitimate ads are used by 150,000 publishers around the world.
9- Google Ad Exchange– If you want Google Adsense experience without using that, then you can switch to this app.

10- Carbon ads– Tech-based advertisement website and provide ads basically related to technology-based niches.
11- Bidvertiser– Trusted and reliable network that publishers are using to monetize their content.

Thus, it is a simple trick. If a person has a website page and he wants to earn more money then, he should create an account on Google AdSense without any doubt. In this era of digital marketing, Google AdSense provides the blogger to earn money except for the website money. Only the account creation on Google AdSense is not going to get you hundreds of dollars. There is a procedure in every step. It is a patient task. As soon as you create the account, your website get registered by Google. Then you are legitimately allowed to publish the advertisements of the companies and brands you want. The advertisements published by the publisher have to way profit. First, it will benefit the publisher as the publisher will get them one by the advertiser. As well as it will benefit the advertiser company because via this system their brands are getting promoted.

Remember that before signing in the Google Adsense, check the policy chart of the tool. As the tool offers you the top benefits, it also imposes certain conditions to its users. The company do so in order to prevent the user to defame the fame of the company. Now let’s talk about the legal policies of the tool as it is not mentioned above.


Google Adsense generates a policy notification in the starting so that the publishers should adhere to those policies before entering the contract. Here are some policies listed-

  • Publishers may not click their own advertisements. They are also not supposed to increase the number of clicks by the wrong
  • Except for the rewards inventory, the publisher shall not ask the viewers to compulsorily click their ads. It’s totally the will of the
  • The publisher should not place the Adsense codes which have the below the belt type content. If done so, the tool has the right to terminate or cancel your account.
  • Publishers are restricted to post advertisements on abusive content. They are requested to maintain the dignity of the tool.

These were some legal policies of the tool. There are many technical policies also. It is better to check out the policies chart as it provides you the better knowledge of the program. Thus the advertisement strategies have raised the earning of the marketing world and Google Adsense has added a cherry on the cake.

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