Top 5 Online High School Courses in Computer Science

Are you willing to polish your skills in computer science before you get to college? If yes, then the most convenient way of doing so is through online high school courses. Unlike most courses you find online, these are designed for students in high school.

In fact, for children who can’t make it to high school due to financial constraints, these courses are extremely helpful to help them move forward.

In a world where education is becoming all about going to “the best university”, there are platforms that cater to people who are simply willing to learn.

Whether you want to learn about business, machine learning or gain skills in web development, online education platforms have it all for you.

Best Courses in Computer Science Online – High School Level

In this article, we’ve listed courses in computer science that are designed for high school students. Usually, there are 3 reasons why one would go for online courses before college:

  1. Unable to afford to go to high school
  2. Need to cope with a subject to pass high school
  3. Polish yourself in a subject for a better grip in college

No matter what your reason might be, the following courses have been the best in computer science for kids:

  1. Master Computers – From Beginner to Expert in One Week

Although this is a university level online course, students in high school can also apply as it starts from scratch. This is because it does not need you to have any background knowledge in the field. So now, starting from the basics of hardware and software, dive into the world of computer networking and web development.

About the Tutor:

Todd McLeod is a college professor from California since 1997. Apart from computer science and information systems, he also teaches about business and online education. He was awarded as the best instructor in the California Community College System in 2008 and is also the world’s best trainer for Google’s new programming language.


  • Understanding hardware, software and how computers work
  • Storage and I/O devices
  • System and application software
  • Concepts of networks and networking
  • Internet, www, web programming, databases and e-commerce
  • Cyberwar, robots, drones and AI
  • Privacy, security, hacking and safety
  • Programming and systems development
  • Multimedia
  • Intellectual property and ethics
  • E-waste and technology
Course Rating4.4/5
Instructor Rating4.5/5
No. of Students Enrolled20,000+


  1. Computer Science 101: Master the Theory Behind Programming

Do you need a better understanding of computer science to cope with your class? If yes, then this online course is great for clarifying several concepts for high school students. Starting from the binary system, understand concepts of notations, programs, arrays, algorithms and lots more.

About the Tutor:

Kurt Anderson is a computer scientist as well as a multimedia designer. He has more than 8 years of experience with the Adobe Production Suite and has the ability to create videos as well as complete websites. To know more about him, you may follow his YouTube channel AdobeMasters.


  • Introduction to binary numbers and their algorithms
  • Linked lists, arrays, stacks and queues
  • Sorting of algorithms
  • Trees, heaps and graphs
Course Rating4.5/5
Instructor Rating4.5/5
No. of Students Enrolled9,100+


  1. CS101 Bootcamp: Introduction to Computer Science & Software

Do you have the zest to enter the world of computer programming? If yes, then this course will help you gain insights into the scope of computer science. This will help you make your decisions for college and give you a strong base when you get there.

About the Tutor:

Samuel Spencer is a freelance web developer. After gaining his degree in engineering from the University of Florida, he began travelling in the country and gained several clients of his own. Additionally, he is a guest lecturer in several colleges training students in the field of computer and software engineering.


  • Introduction to hardware and software
  • Basics of websites, HTML and CSS
  • Programming with Java and Python
  • Web servers, PHP, Ruby and APIs
  • Database and Big Data
  • Mobile apps and cloud computing
Course Rating4.2/5
Instructor Rating4.2/5
No. of Students Enrolled5,000+


  1. Hello! Programming with Python for Kids and Beginners

Are you impatient to wait for college in order to learn programming? Well then, how about enrolling for a python online course that’s meant for absolute beginners? While most online programming courses are designed for college students, this one has been designed for kids in high school.

About the Tutor:

You’ll be guided by Animation U, an education animation studio that conducts online courses on entrepreneurship and technology. Your main instructor from the team will be Jacob, who is a programming engineer.


  • Introduction to python
  • Strings and variables
  • Lists, tuples and maps
  • Loops and functions
Course Rating4.6/5
Instructor Rating4.4/5
No. of Students Enrolled4,500+


  1. Computer Science 101 – Computers & Programming for Beginners

Most online courses designed for high school students aim at clarifying basic concepts. In other words, this course is like an extra tutorial that helps in improving or polishing skills on computer science. If you need to clarify your basic concepts on computer science, then this course will teach you right from scratch.

About the Tutors:

You are guided by 2 tutors here – Timothy Meixner and Johannes Ruof. Both are a team at Udemy and have received an award for being the best team of lecturers on Udemy. Apart from computer science, they also have courses on iOS development, digital marketing and Instagram marketing in German language.


  • Introduction to computers, computer science and programming
  • Imperative, declarative and object-oriented programming
  • Algorithms and APIs
  • Bugs, errors and debugging
  • Frameworks, functions and compilations
  • IDE and interpreters
  • Programming language and paradigms
  • Object orientation
  • REPL
  • Strings, syntax, types and values
Course Rating4.5/5
Instructor Rating4.5/5 (for both)
No. of Students Enrolled750+


Advantages of Online Courses for High School Students

A major benefit of online education over traditional education is that it is accessible to all. Even if you don’t match to the eligibility criteria mentioned, you won’t be barred from buying the course.

For high school students, following are the benefits of online courses:

  • Extremely reasonable rates
  • Flexibility of timings
  • Huge variety of options
  • Easily accessible as there are no limitations to the number of seats
  • Can aid in studying for examinations

Online platforms have been growing and gaining popularity. With time, its importance and value will start increasing too.

The world is getting ready to move forward with an online high school system. How would you take up the system?

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