Rank Your Website On Top With SEO Technique

 SEO- Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

If we type a keyword on any search engine which is to be searched, we will find a good list of websites that have blog posts and articles related to the searched keyword. Now suppose anyone has a website related to lifestyle blogs and the site holder wants his site to be ranked among the top three searches on any search engine if someone searches for lifestyle blogs. then in this case he will need an SEO so that his website is ranked on the top search content.

SEO is simply a boost-up technique for your website so that any search engine will recognize your content and give your website a push to be on top. This push by the search engine will simply benefit the website owner as his site will attract most of the traffic if someone searches for that keyword.

SEO Tool

In case you need an SEO for your website, there are basically two ways for doing that.

Local SEO has become more important than ever. SEO is critical to your online marketing efforts. One of the biggest changes in SEO over the last several years has been the evolution of Local SEO. Local SEO tools can assist with improving your presence and engaging your audience. If you run a small local business, you already know how challenging it can be to stay ahead of the game, especially when competing with big national chains and huge brands. More than half of internet users worldwide (52.94 percent) use mobile devices for local searches (StatCounter, 2021).  In this blog, we share some of the best local SEO tools on the market right now. Now let’s get back to the main topic which is improving your local SEO with reliable local SEO tools. The tools listed here can help you manage, track and optimize your local SEO efforts.

1. Moz Local, developed by Moz,

2. The Listing Management tool makes it easier than ever to add and update your business data

  1. Growth bar (Chrome Extension)
  2. Georanker:


  1. Listing Management Tool by Semrush
  2. Next: Yext is similar to Synup 

     8. Synup

9. BiQ: BiQ can help you with most of the challenging parts – finding the right keywords to include on your location pages.

10. Google My Business: Google My Business is one of the best local SEO tools.

11. Google Trends

12. Bright

Using these local SEO tools will make it easier to implement your local SEO strategies and measure their performance by tracking them,  Although we point out the 12 best local SEO tools for your business, you’ll still need to put in the work depending on the tools you use.

1. White Hat Technique

you pay someone who knows how to do SEO and he will do the need for you but this method is recognized as expensive for beginners.

2. Black Hat Technique

There are a number of sites that are affiliated with different search engines by which you can do the SEO for your website on your own and that too is free of cost. Thus beginners master this art and are resting among the top-notch bloggers.

Here is the list-

Firstly I will mention the free ones-

Google WebMaster

(NOTE- webmaster tool is available for every  search engine site which registered the website created and then  the process of SEO proceeds further)

Rank Your Website On Top With SEO Technique

1- Google Page Speed Insights

2- MOZ Local Listening Score

3- Keyword Tool.io

4- Google Analytics

5- Ahrefs Backlink checker

6- SERP Robot

.7- Keywords Everywhere

8- Uber Suggest

9- Answer The Public

10- Mozbar

11- Woorank

12- Browser

Now is the list of paid ones-

1- Screaming Frog SEO Spider – $181/year

2- Ahrefs $99/month

3- SEM Rush – $99.95/month

4- Advanced Web Ranking – $49/month


As mentioned above it is a free SEO tool that generates new keyword ideas It is recently acquired by entrepreneur NEIL PATEL who is currently expanding its functioning mechanism.

The main feature of the app is the “KEYWORD IDEAS” which ranks it among the top. It finds the expanded version of the keyword you
typed in the search bar. It also provides suggestions related to the searched topic. These suggestions are great and also of great value. Simplifying my language I will say that this tool not only gives the user an overview of the typed keyword but puts a magnifying glass on the topics related, which gives the user the access to get the over flooding of blogs full of relevant information. Neil Patel tells you the backlinks and the domain score of the website.

That was all about uber suggest. For more details, you can check the description of the website. These are the few popular ones on this writeup. As there are many websites for doing SEO. Remember, to check the description and process before trying the apps.


Every search engine has a facility of search console during the SEO process. It is basically a tool that helps you to measure the traffic of the users on the search engine for the type of content whose website you have designed. It monitors the issues regarding the popularity of your website on the search engine, fixes them, and makes your website shine among the top ones. Google has its own search console, yahoo has its own, etc.


This is basically a website check tool. For eg. If a web designer wants to check the detailing of the website or find out the flaws erupted by default during the making process. This helps the website to function better and get good responses from the users who search it.
For SEO checking, there are some tools designed by web designers.

Here is the list of some most popular and easy to handle tools-

1. onpageseotool.com

2. neilpatel.com

3. seorch.com


Search engines are getting smarter day by day using the SEO technique. The keyword tools are of great help for the task. These tools give access to many related keywords that are related to the searched keyword. These tools help the users to identify what their audience is
looking for. To be specific, it is a tool that helps you to use the most appropriate keywords. By linking your site with these keywords they rank on top like ever before. Here are the keyword tools by which you can check out keywords for your website-

Rank Your Website On seo

1. Google Trends

2. Keyword Generator

3. Keyword Sheeter

4. Answer the Public

5. Keyword Surfer

6. Keyword dit

7. Question DB

8. Bulk Keyword Generator

Keyword Research Tools

There are a plethora of tasks making up a website, (content analysis, designing, marketing strategy, etc). It is not easy to deal with every bit of task so the top-notch SEO guides will suggest you build a good keyword scope on your websites. Like others, this facility also has a free and a paid version of its access. Here is the list of some good keyword research tools that too free of cost so that when you will link your website to the search engine, it will provide useful content to the readers and bring traffic to your website-

1- Google Adwords keyword Planner

2- Seo Keyword Permutation Generator

3- Google Correlate IM for SMB

4- Bulk Keyword Generator

5- Keywords In

6- Soovle

Yoast SEO premium

Yoast SEO is a technique used to boost your website to the next level. It can be done via a free Yoast SEO tool as well as Yoast SEO Premium. Yoast SEO Premium has a redirect manager. If you are working in the case where you are struggling with your website pages and are not able to generate the code and URL, the redirect manager system of Yoast SEO Premium fix all these issues for the user without even asking for help from other redirecting managers.

It functions in such a way that it magnifies our searched keywords and like the keyword tools, leads us to the world of synonymous keywords. By this function, we are affiliated with the most relevant keywords of the topic.

It also segregates the huge content of the website by generating the internal link for every sub-topic on the website. Thus there is no need for you to mug up each and every word of your content on your website. You can buy Yoast SEO Premium for $89 excluding VAT/year. In this, you will get access to the Yoast SEO Premium, its amazing functionality tools, support, and updates.

Google SEO tools and webmaster tools

Although I have just suggested Google SEO tools above in the context. But because of the utility and fame of Google, I have been prone to add it as a separate topic. Google webmaster is a free access tool that helps a website designer to rank his website on the world’s best search engine.

1- Firstly it registers your website on Google.

2- It helps to verify the important content pages of your website
that can be accessed by Google.

3- It also helps in editing the content of the website viz. adding or
deleting the pages you don’t want readers to read.

4- It allows the user to debug the spam present for the smooth functioning of the website. Functioning is a quite long process for this tool. After registering it will have the following steps to deal with

*Uploading an HTML file

*Adding an HTML tag

*Select the domain provider

*Use Google analytics

*Use Google tag manager

You can study the procedure and make your website ready to be among the top searches of the user.

Site Analyzer

If your website is not analyzed by the reader’s traffic, then it means that there is an urgent need for the site’s analysis. This tool helps you to analyze your website with another website in terms of speed, competition, SEO, readers traffic, etc SEO analysis, an audit takes place in many forms-

1. On-page SEO audits
2. Website search engine ranking analysis
3. Backlink analysis

* Helps you check the most common technical issues of your website and debug them.
*Basically ranks your website for that particular keyword on the search engine and show you the rank of your website among the
Search results.
*Analyse backlinks and help you to maintain a record that which content is linked with which backlink.

Tools required-

1- Google page Speed Insights
2- GTmetrix
3- Pingdom
4- WebPageTest

Website analysis not only tells us the errors in terms of speed, content, etc but also helps you to diagnose all of them.


*Competitive analysis tools- SEM Rush and Similar Web
*Traffic Analysis Google analytics MATOMO Open web analysis
*Rank analysis-Alexa rank checker


1- It analyzes the website in terms of popularity of the similar related websites on the search engine
2- It is a global ranking system that uses web traffic data and lists popular websites.
3- It gives the comparison to the user whose website is competing with the other websites. Lower the number of comparisons, the more popular is the website. So the tool is useful in benchmarking.

WAYS in which the marketers use Alexa

1- It brings the website to the competitor mode. Here your website is compared to similar content webs and then it is ranked. Later
you can use an SEO tool to boost your rank.
2- Then it compares the traffic mode of the website.
3- It also filters the claims made by the web vendors for your websites.
4-It evaluates the average traffic to your website and gives ranking before you engage in a contract with a WEB vendor.
5- It actually conveys the original price of your website.

If you are in search of a ranking tool then nothing is better in the web market than Alexa Ranker Do boost up the rank of your
website but make sure that you have gone through the total guide of the tool.


This is the whole content guide of the SEO technique. Hope this will clear your concept. Hurry..

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