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In recent times smartphone has become an integral part of our daily life. The latest mobile phone a large number of people cannot think of their life without it. The phone is a device through which we can and do anything with ease. In other words, things are done smartly using a smartphone. In today’s world, a phone has immense importance not only for entertainment purposes but also for helping others either communicating or in keeping touch with the whole universe in the wink of an eye. It is such a device that changes one’s lifestyle and personality and established himself in society with status.


Features OF Smartphone

Best mobile phones as time advances many app developers are developing smart apps to make life easier for people. Features like camera, torch, calculator calendar clock nudes compass mail dictionary health, etc make life a lot easier for many people. People are taking advantage of these apps to write through their smartphones. We are able to operate television sets fan drone camera CCTV with ease using a mobile phone. In the upcoming days, the use of smartphones will rise to a large extent and an android phone.


When the era of mobile phones began the features were limited to some extent. It was mainly used as a communication device. Only a few players were in the market then. But has time advances this simple mobile phone has taken in a new form in the name of a smartphone. Of late phones, mostly run on 2 G, 3 G,4 G, and 5 G network is also round the corner. Another important aspect of a smartphone is the battery.


As the usage of a smartphone is growing rapidly also shows the battery of smartphones is getting bigger. The processor of a smartphone is also getting higher and higher. Surest part phones run on powerful processes either from manufacturers like Qualcomm or Mediate. These smartphones are also bundled with a heavy amount of rams like 3 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, and even 12 GB. Earlier smartphones came with small amounts of inbuilt storage like 512 MB then 1 GB but today’s smartphones are bundled with a hefty amount of inbuilt storage from 8 GB to 1 TB. There was a time when we cannot even imagine these advancements in smartphone technology. Today’s smartphones have taken the place of computers in true sense.

Modern Technology added


In recent times it is found that people’s most demanding feature of a smartphone is its camera. In this part, the smartphone has improved a lot. Previous smartphones came with basic camera features. But today’s smartphones are no less than a DSLR camera or high-quality video camera when it comes to usage. People love to click pictures of their important and unforgettable moments and hence the smartphone comes really handy. It is not only small but also smart enough to deliver the best pictures according to the scenario. In respect of megapixels cameras of smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. Today’s smartphones also come with a dual camera, triple camera, or even a quad-camera setting on a cell phone.

The latest smartphone also features like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, and handwriting through voice command finger lock retina lock are really e effective and helpful. Today’s era is the era of internet connectivity. We cannot think of a single manager without internet connectivity. We have access to the whole world just at the tip of our fingers using a smartphone with internet connectivity. In earlier times we have to rely mainly on computers in order to send an email for printing a document for watching a video or playing games. But nowadays we can do all these things using just ask small tiny smartphone. Moreover, computers are laptops that are a bit heavier to carry.

E-Communication through Smartphone

Each and every day we are performing lots of online transactions be it shopping, paying bills, recharges, payments, online applications just with the help of a smartphone. We can bring our near ones who are living thousands of miles away from our home closer using a video call or with live streaming, we can conduct a meeting successfully with persons from various places just in the nick of time. In order to get in touch with the activities going on in the rest of the world nowadays, we do not need newspapers, TV or radios we just need a small smartphone.

The world’s navigation system is at your fingertips by accessing a smartphone. We can track anybody in order to ensure your full safety of that particular person with a real-time GPS tracking system by using a smartphone. Another very important aspect of the smartphone is artificial intelligence which is gaining enormous popularity day by day. So we can say that a smartphone has taken an integral part of our life. Smartphone Watch & Smartphone price

When you integrate internet connection and web services on a TV, it becomes a smart TV. They also allow you to insert your hard drive or pen drive to view the content.

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