10 Best Smart TV Features and Benefits

What’s the hype of “smart TV” all about? I’m sure it’s worth something that regular television doesn’t have. Let’s check smart tv features and benefits out.

Vu smart tv

Tell me honestly, what do you like watching more: Star Plus or Netflix? If you’re a Netflix fan, you’ll prefer a smart TV in your room. That’s because you won’t have to watch your favorite series on a little laptop screen anymore. Yes, that’s what smart TV features! sony bravia 32 inch sm price.

Price : 31,999

When you integrate internet connection and web services on a TV, it becomes a smart television. They also allow you to insert your hard drive or pen drive to view the content in it. Vu tv 4k.

So if you’ve downloaded a film that you want to enjoy with friends and popcorn, what kind of screen would you prefer? vu premium android 4k tv.

If this interests you, let’s see what more does this cool device offer.

What is the point in buying a TV that is just called “smart” but is actually too slow when you want to watch a movie or switch a song? On a normal TV, you just switch channels with your remote quickly. MI 32 inch smart tv. The smart one has to switch from a YouTube video to Amazon Prime at your command at the same speed. LG smart tv 32 inch price.

Price : 32,999

2. An App Store

The smartphone got its name for providing inbuilt internet connection and apps that can reduce the use of a laptop. Just the same way, a smart television enables you to watch your favorite web series, listen to new songs and play games; all of which are available in the app store.

3. Online HD Video Streaming

Yes, HD is important. You’re not buying a 40-inch TV to watch a pixelated, poor-quality video. You’d rather stick to your laptop. Mostly, you need to subscribe to it if it’s an Amazon Prime or Netflix. YouTube and other similar sites are free.

4. Online Music Streaming

Who has the time to download new songs every day? Those days are gone! The online music apps available like Sound Cloud and Saavan will play new songs for you, allow you to create an online playlist, and give all of this free of cost.

5. Gaming

What can be a better combination than a big screen and a PS 3? You can install as many games as you want from the app store too. You’ve enjoyed playing on the little screen of your smartphone, now try a bigger screen!

6. USB Port

Now, suppose you want to watch the video of your wedding. Is there anything more convenient than connecting the pen drive to the TV? Just imagine, you can watch it with your entire family comfortably with some popcorn too.

7. Voice Search & Commands

This works the best on an Android TV. To command, you say “OK Google” and then mention whether you want a search result or you need it to perform any function. Suppose, you need it to change the song, you say “OK Google, change this song and play Senorita”.

8. Two-Way Data Transfer Between Your Smart TV and Phone

A time will come when half your stuff is on your phone and half is on your TV. Suppose, you want to show your trip’s photographs and videos to your friends. Just connect your phone to the TV and start the slideshow!

9. Recommending You for Something New

It’s not necessary you’ll know what to watch or listen to. Now if you’re tired of the daily playlist, you just open the music streamer and see what’s new and trending.

10. The Ability to Update

I mentioned it in the end as it is indeed the most important feature. We have evolved from playing Road Rash and Bookworm online to downloading PUB-G and Candy Crush Saga, from downloading songs from free websites to listening online, from watching Star World to Netflix, and a lot more. Your Smart TV should be ready for the next.

The best smart TV in the market is bound to have these basic features. You can also video chat, set up your schedules and connect it to various other devices for performing multiple functions.

The concept has actually emerged due to the increase in the popularity of web series and YouTube videos. Soon a time might come when people will watch movies and series online only, according to their wish and not according to when a channel wants to air it. So there’s a possibility that normal TVs won’t last long. Samsung smart tv 32 inch price.

Price : 25,600

Planning to look for your smart TV box now?

When not in need of a big screen, you’ll probably be engrossed in your cell phone. Check out the best smartphones you can have.

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