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Technologycal Event
Written by Faruk Ahmed

Technological Events

There are many technical events that have occurred previously. To tell the truth, various organizations arrange these technical events to inform people regarding different technical terms and things along with for keeping the participants in touch with the modern technologies, their scope, future and field of activities.

Moreover, the organizers also invite many famous personalities. Who comes to these technical events in the form of special guests because they can attract the rank. And file and also help in gathering the participant and mainly the audiences.

Actually, the organizers are arranging a number of technical events each and every year.

Some of these events which have occurred in the past are:

  1. EDGE 2019:

Actually, the starting and ending date of this event was from 05 April 2019 to 07 April 2019 respectively. In fact, each and every student who has any degree were eligible to enter this event.

Most importantly, the highlights of this event were:
  • Robotics:

Marino Drift, Robo Soccer, Robo Race, Lift n Lay, Wall Street, Double Up, Jigsaw, Blitzkrieg, Stalker.

  • Infocus:

Odyssey, Shoot-m-up, Crumbs, Insta-Edit, Insta-Click.

  • Money Matters:

Add media, Stock it, B quizzes, B plan.

  • Newron:

The Quiz, Electronically yours, Youth Parliament.

  • Create It:

Rags to Riches, Mekanix.

  • Innovate:

Project View

  • Just like that:

1 Minute Stand, Udaan, Edge Zoom.

  • Cyber Crusade:

FIFA pro league, FIFA college league, CS GO pro league, CS GO college league, DOTA 2, PUBG mobile.

  • Compute Aid:

Code Relay, Web Dev, Flawless, Bug Hunt Cryptoquest, Codeout.

  • Elevation:

Cad-o-Mania, Nirmaan.

  • CIIC Money matters:

Crowd Pitch, Troll Marketing, Pitch Right.

  • Food for fun:

Display Presentation, Food Product Labeling, Xquizit, Creation X Nihilo, Food Relay.

  • Designing:

Motion Canvas, Pixel Plot.

  • Fun events:

Body Zorbing, Red Bull Pong.

  1. TELOS 2019:

In the first place, the starting and ending date of this event was from 15 March 2019 to 19 March 2019 respectively. Added to this student who is pursuing MCA/MCM, B.E./B.Tech, BCA/BCM were eligible to register for this event by 10 March 2019 which was the last date for registration. Moreover, the registration fees for this event were 250/- only.

 Most importantly the highlights of this event were:

  • CODIFICATION (Online Coding (Programming) Contest)
  • WHIZ-BIZZ (Business Plan Contest)
  • QUIZ MONSTER (Online Quiz Contest)
  • STUDENT PARTNER Competition (Facebook Like Contest)
  • BLITZKRIEG (Online Aptitude Test Contest)
  • TECH-FUNDA (Project Idea Submission Contest)
  • KREATIONZ (Painting, Poem Writing, Photography, Short Story Writing Contest)
  • Mr & Miss FRESHERS (Couples only Event.)

Besides, the students who had attended this event got not only Prizes but also Opportunities and Fame.

  1. Bizrate:

Indeed, the starting and ending date of this event was from 05 January to 08 February 2019 respectively. Actually, each and every student who has any degree were eligible for entering this event. Furthermore, the last date for registration of this event was 04 January 2019 which was, in fact, the day before the event was about to start.

Most importantly, the highlights of this event were:

  • Marketing
  • Crisis Management
  • Finance
  • All-Star CEO
  • Resource Management
  • Corporate Strategy.

In addition to this, the organizers of this program provided accommodations to the participating students at very nominal and subsidized rates.

Some Dos and Don’ts of Event Tech Implementation:

If we hold our own technical event, it allows us to communicate our message. It also helps to spotlight what we want to show to the audience, special guests through the participants participating in that particular event.  To tell the truth, it has some bad side too, likely if we are unable to project our event as we wanted, a wrong message will go the audience which will, in turn, hamper the communication that we are trying to provide to the audience. There are some of below points which we should keep in mind while organizing an event:

Do’s for the Technological Event:

1)            If we are going to organize a technical event, first of all, we have to be strategic and ensure a particular need. We should never arrange it as people are demanding or for competition or for showing purposes only.

2)            Most importantly, we have to research over a lot of things. Added to this, we should remain alert to take advantage of receiving the knowledge given by all of the people through the event.

3)            To tell the truth, it is better if we not only stuck to some detailed features but also look for the problems and its solvation.

4)            Moreover, we must know our total team very well, along with their technical knowledge and quality of handling all the problems.

5)            Besides, we have to know the training material and the support received by us from the provider.

6)            We have to always, set up a timeline for the implementation.

7)            Above all, we have to test it at first before making it public.

8)            In addition to this, we have to make an actual and proper budget planning.

9)            Most importantly, we need to try for taking out the maximum benefit out of the event.

Don’ts for the Technological Event:

1)            Firstly, it is very much important that we do not get carried away and deliver new ideas at the wrong time.

2)            Secondly, we should not think about any event as small and/or easy.

3)            Thirdly, if we are in a state where we are not able to allocate time, resources and budget, then we should not organize a program.


Most importantly, the conferences arranged in the event will engage. And bring us a brilliant chance to learn as well as develop new skills in addition to getting inspired by famous. And influencing personalities.

So, we have to prepare ourselves to take out the maximum advantage. And the benefit of these types of technical events. To tell the truth, it will also ensure our own prosperity which is the ultimate target of arranging the technical events.

There are many types of events and event technology is one of them.

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