The Dholera Smart City Project

Dholera Smart City
Written by Shikha Mehta

We sure know a city, but how is a “smart city” different? So far, Dholera was a small town in Gujarat. Now, it is being developed into a city using technology. So, what is this Dholera Smart City project all about?

The Indian branch of SmartHomes Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has initiated this project. In order to serve consumers & real estate companies, it will use information technology (IT).

So, if you’re looking for a home, you can look for the best plot available at your budget and buy it. Likewise, a real estate broker gets to earn a great deal out of the transaction too.

Let’s see what’s more on the plate.

Features of Dholera Smart City Project

Following is an overview of the entire project:

  • It is the first smart city in India. Narendra Modi initiated this project while he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • This city will be twice as big as Delhi and 6 times the size of Shanghai.
  • The government’s initial funding is of Rs 3,000 crores. The purpose is to develop the infrastructure for transportation, manufacturing and housing.
  • Land and real estates are valued at a low price. This benefits both investors and retailers.
  • Creating excellent connectivity to make it close to all megacities, including Mumbai.

Dholera Smart City: Phase 1

This lies at the heart of the city. Also known as the Special Investment Region (SIR), it covers many residential plots.


  • Plot sizes: At least 100 square yards
  • 1 minute away: Dominos, CCD, Havmor & 2 petrol pumps
  • 2 minutes away: ATM, DMIC & 6 Lane Express Highway
  • 5 minutes away: 10 Lane Express Highway & Metro
  • 7 minutes away: International Airport
  • 350 metres away: Fedra-Pipli Highway


  • Minimum down payment
  • Easy EMI
  • Secured gate
  • Kids’ play area
  • Swimming pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Gym
  • Track for joggers
  • Sports complex
  • Temple

Dholera Smart City: Phase 2

The residential project of Phase 2 is located near the International Airport. Additionally, this phase also focuses on the development of the DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor).

Residential Plot Layout & Facilities:

  • Plot Size: At least 155.55 square yards
  • 1 minute away: SIR, Industrial Zone & School
  • 2 minutes away: International Airport & Anchor Hotel
  • 5 minutes away: Activation Zone SIR & ABCD Building
  • 1 km away: 250-metres wide highway
  • 5 km away: State Highway 6
  • Parks, play areas, yoga centres, outdoor game zones & event lawns
  • Water supply from bore well
  • Jogging tracks & designer gazebos

The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor:

  • Length: 1483 km
  • Coverage: This corridor will cover 82 districts across 6 states. These include Delhi, Western UP, Southern Haryana, Eastern Rajasthan, Eastern Gujarat & Western Maharashtra (i.e., 17% of India’s total area & 63% of Gujarat)
  • Estimated outcome: Will enable the hassle-free set-up of industries. Thus, it will generate 24 million new jobs by 2040. It will also provide thrice the industrial output and increase exports by 4 times in 9 years.

Dholera Smart City: Phase 3

This phase covers 2 residential projects. They’re named ABCD Enclave and ABCD Greens.

ABCD Enclave:

  • Location: Under Expressway Scheme 2022
  • Next to Dholera Knowledge & IT zone & City Centre
  • Less than 500 m away: ABCD Building
  • 5 km away: 250 m wide expressway connecting Ahmedabad, Dholera to Bhavnagar
  • 2 km away: Green zone
  • 3 km away: Activation area, high access corridor, public facilities zone, sports & recreational zone and the industrial zone
  • 5 minutes away: Tata Ion-Lithium Battery Plant

ABCD Greens:

  • Location: T-junction of 30 m & 18 m road
  • 2 minutes away: ABCD building, city centre, public facilities, knowledge & IT zone, industrial zone, 10-lane expressway, metro and green zone
  • 3 minutes away: Activation area

Dholera Smart City: Phase 4

This covers a residential bungalow plot, the world’s largest solar park and the International Airport.

Residential Plot Layout & Facilities:

  • Area: Approximately 3 acres with 28 plots
  • Location: 18 m wide TP road
  • Internal roads: 12 m wide
  • 400 m away: Central spine of SIR & metro line
  • 800 m away: 10-lane expressway
  • Less than 10 minutes away: International Airport
  • Walking distance from public facilities zone
  • 3 km away: Activation zone
  • 4 km away: ABCD building, Seva Sadan & Swami Narayan Mandir
  • 10 km away: Solar park
  • 40 km away: Bhavnagar National Highway 741
  • 75 km away: Ahmedabad National Highway 741

Solar Park:

  • Area: 11000 hectares (largest in the world)
  • Location: Gulf of Khambhat
  • Capacity: 175 GW electricity
  • Investment: Rs 25,000 crores
  • Employment to be Generated: 20,000 new jobs

International Airport:

  • Location: Navagam Village
  • Capacity: 1200 passengers
  • It is the second international airport in Gujarat after Ahmedabad. This will lighten the burden on Ahmedabad’s airport. Moreover, it will also be convenient for other cities of Gujarat to travel.

Dholera Smart City: Phase 5

This involves the construction of 3 residential plots for villas: Mulberry Park, Olive Garden and Orange County. They all are situated next to each other in the same area. Thus, the facilities in these 3 regions are on par.

Location Advantages:

  • Area: 100 acres
  • Location: Village Shela, inside the DMIC corridor
  • Next to Dholera SIR
  • Close to: Central Spine, 10-lane expressway & 45-m TP road
  • 5 km away: Metro
  • 5 km away: ABCD Building
  • 7 km away: International Airport
  • 20 minutes away: Bhavnagar
  • 40 minutes away: Ahmedabad

Dholera Smart City: Phase 6

The final phase of this metro city covers commercial regions. These include Dholera International Plaza TP1, Piccadilly Square (commercial & residence) and Xpressway Commercial & Industrial Park I.

Dholera International Plaza TP1:

  • Location: Aambli City Centre Zone, Dholera SIR
  • Next to the 10-lane expressway
  • 1 minute away: Industrial area
  • 2 minutes away: ABCD building
  • 3 minutes away: International Airport
  • 4 minutes away: Activation area
  • 20 minutes away: Bhavnagar
  • 40 minutes away: Ahmedabad

Piccadilly Square:

  • Location: TP1, Dholera SIR
  • Next to 10-lane expressway and metro
  • 1 minute away: Aambli City Centre
  • 2 minutes away: Dholera City Centre & ABCD building
  • 5 minutes away: Activation area
  • 7 minutes away: International Airport

Xpressway Commercial & Industrial Park I:

  • Location: 10-lane expressway
  • Close to: International Airport
  • 1 minute away: Industrial area
  • 2 minutes away: ABCD building
  • 4 minutes away: Activation area
  • 20 minutes away: Bhavnagar
  • 40 minutes away: Ahmedabad

Dholera Smart City Status

The progress of the Dholera Smart City Project is indeed very fast. Thus, it is worth the high investment behind it.

Of course, no one can predict when such a huge project will be ready to look at. However, by 2022, you might get to see some real pictures over the 3D illustrations. So, a glimpse of the site will be ready in just 3 years!

To interest you further, bookings are still on for the residential and commercial plots. On the other hand, many are fully booked too! Since they’re still under construction, investing now is more reasonable. After all, prices can shoot up once it’s ready. Isn’t it?

So, if you wish to spend your future in heaven, visit now!

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