Best 3D Animation Software Tools for Beginners

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Written by Shikha Mehta

Have you ever wondered how Tom & Jerry, Game of Thrones or The Jungle Book were made? Of course, it isn’t magic, it’s with the help of a 3D animation software. You’ve landed on the correct page if you want to know how a 3D animation artist works.

However, first you should know something:

What is an animation?

When you move an object from its position, you are “animating” it. Give it a dimension on 3 sides, you get 3-dimensional animation.

Gone are the days of pen and paper, these things are now done through a proper 3D animation software. There are several of these available. However, if you are to learn it, you need to look for some specific software tools that are provided in 3D animation courses.

Let’s see the most popularly used animation software that every beginner should learn.

Most Used 3D Animation Software Tools

Films and cartoons are not the only sectors that require animation. You need 3D graphics and animations in several other fields such as interior designing, advertising, product designing, and games.

Let’s see what each software offers and is most suitable for which segment.

1. Autodesk Maya

One of the most well known and widely used software, Maya has plenty of features that make the creation of objects and their animation very simple for you. Object creation will take time depending on its complexity. However, once that is done, giving it a texture or color, light & shadow effects and animations are really simple.

Supported by: Windows, Mac, and Linux


  • Available for free for educators and students.
  • It provides a 30-day free trial to professionals.
  • Simple to learn and work with.


  • It is heavy software.

2. 3D Studio Max

Also known as Autodesk 3DS Max, this is used by professionals for interior designing, architecture, and gaming. This software has great tools to create certain objects way faster than Maya. This makes usage quick and easy. Features like light effects, textures, and animation are also simple to learn and use.

Supported by: Windows and Mac


  • Object creation is faster.
  • Excellent to create an environment.
  • Used by professionals.


  • Very expensive.

3. Lightwave

A professional animation software, Lightwave has got special features to create games. NewTek even offers free tutorial videos to learn how to use some of their software! You can use Lightwave to make anything- films, cartoons, ads, product models, architecture, games, and interiors.

Supported by: Windows and Mac


  • Offers a 30-days free trial.
  • It offers free tutorial videos on its official site.
  • Used by many professionals.
  • It has special features only for games.


    • It needs a lot of learning before you start off.

    4. Blender

    Can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars behind a software? How about a free one! Yes, you read that correctly. Blender is completely free to use, whether you’re a student, tutor or professional. It has all the features a professional looks for- rigging, modeling, animating, rendering and motion tracking. In fact, this too has special features to support gaming.

    Supported by: Windows, Mac, and Linux


    • Free to install and use.
    • It provides free tutorial videos.
    • Has all the features as that of a paid software.
    • It is lighter than many other software tools.


    None that I could find.

    5. Cinema 4D

    Created by Maxon, this software is really easy to use and start learning from. The numerous features that support animation, gaming, and architecture can be mastered easily as you use this software. Plenty of movies have been made using Cinema 4D.

    Supported by: Windows and Mac


    • Free trial of 42 days available.
    • Customized services according to your requirements.
    • Easy to learn and use.


    • Some of their versions are expensive.

    If you are creative, you will have a great time learning 3D animation using these software tools. They aren’t just for beginners but are used professionally later on too. As and when learning progresses, you become capable of making more and more complex designs.

    If you plan to be a 3D artist, you could be the man behind the next PUB-G or the next sensation after Mickey Mouse. Every industry around you is looking for a 3D animation artist. Don’t miss the opportunity if you have it in you.

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