Top 5 Online Programming Courses for You

Top 5 Online Programming Courses for You
Written by Shikha Mehta

Do you aspire to contribute to the current technology upgradations taking place? If yes, then you need to be a programmer who can create software or apps that can solve real problems. For this, you to know many coding languages. Thus, the best 5 online programming courses are listed for you below.

Whether you are a computer science student or come from another background, these courses help either way.

The beauty of online education is that it is open to all. Apart from programming, you also have courses in fields like web development, machine learning, and business to take up. Moreover, high school students can learn new subjects online too.

So, let’s take a look at what programming languages can help you the most.

Best Selling Online Programming Courses You Can Avail Any Time

There are several programming languages used by various developers. Among the 5 courses for online programming, I have mentioned 5 different languages – Python, Java, Node.js, C# and C++.

This is because these are common language employers or clients will require you to know as a software/web/app developer.

So, let’s take a look at each one of them.

  1. Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3

Did you know that Python is one of the most demanded programming languages for any coder? If you wish to highlight your CV to your prospective employers, then taking-up this course can help you add advanced level technical skills in Python. So, if you’re interested in learning any programming language, just take-up this bestselling python online course.

About the tutor:

Jose Marcial Portilla is a post-graduate in mechanical engineering. Currently, he works for Pierian Data Inc. as the head of Data Science. He is also an experienced and successful trainer for data science and coding languages and has trained employees in companies like General Electric, Cigna and The New York Times.


  • Installation, running, and set-up
  • Basics of command line
  • Strings, lists, and dictionaries
  • Tuples, sets, and numeric data
  • Functions and scopes
  • Debugging and handling of errors
  • Modules and programming
  • Polymorphism and other advanced methods
Course Rating 4.5/5
Instructor Rating 4.5/5
Number of Students Enrolled 847,000+


  1. Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers

This is one of the most detailed courses in online programming that you’ll come across. This is because Java is a programming language that is a base for learning other advanced codes. Thus, for all coders and web developers, it is a must to have Java as part of their skills to get a good job.

About the tutors:

This course is designed and guided by two instructors: Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy and Goran Lochert. Tim has been a software developer for 35+ years. Also, he has trained employees working in Mercedes-Benz, IBM, PayPal, and many other companies. Goran, on the other hand, has an experience of 12+ years in software programming.


  • Set-up of software and tools
  • Understanding the Java programming language
  • Control flow statements
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Arrays, in-built lists, autoboxing, unboxing, classes, and arrays
  • Collections, JavaFX, concurrencies, input and output
  • Expressions, databases and network programming
  • Testing and debugging
  • Java 9
Course Rating 4.6/5
Instructor Rating 4.5/5 (for both)
Number of Students Enrolled 414,000+


  1. The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)

Are you looking for more practical learning in online programming? If yes, then this course not only teaches you Node.js from scratch but also gives you 4 projects to complete by the end. Thus, not only do you have a new programming language added to your CV, but you also have a portfolio to present to kickstart your career in this field.

About the tutors:

Andrew Mead and Rob Percival are both professional web developers as well as teachers. Andrew has a computer science degree from Temple University and has been teaching JavaScript, Node and React on Udemy since 2014. On the other hand, Rob has a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University and runs a code school in Cambridge every summer.


  • Installation and set-up
  • Creating notes app while understanding the module, file system, and command lines
  • Developing a weather app through asynchronous, web servers, accessing API from browser and app deployment
  • Creating a task app using MongoDB, promises, rest APIs, mongoose, API authentication & security, sorting, pagination, filtering, file uploads, emails, and testing
  • Building up a chat app using real-time web applications and
Course Rating 4.7/5
Instructor Rating 4.7/5, 4.5/5
Number of Students Enrolled 165,000+


  1. C# Intermediate: Classes, Interfaces and OOP

Are you willing to gain intermediate skills on C# after completing the basic course? If yes, then among various programming courses online on C#, this is a bestseller. Upon revising your basic skills, move ahead to use this code to develop extendable as well as testable apps.

About the tutor:

Mosh Hamedani is a software engineer with an experience of more than 20 years. Combining more than 372,000 students on Udemy and all the subscribers on his YouTube channel, he has had more than 3 million students so far. His passion for his profession makes his teaching also extremely fun and simple.


  • Constructors and object initializers
  • Methods, fields, access modifiers and properties
  • Indexers
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Interfaces
Course Rating 4.5/5
Instructor Rating 4.5/5
Number of Students Enrolled 76,000+


  1. Beginning C++ Programming – From Beginner to Beyond

Did you know that all leading tech companies as well as established software use C++? Thus, if you want to become a software developer, it is important for you to know this online programming language. Since this course teaches you from scratch and provides enough expertise to start applying it in the real world, it is a bestseller among many C++ courses.

About the tutors:

Frank J Mitropoulos has teamed up with Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy to train you in this programming course. Frank has 30 years of work experience in computer science and is also a Ph.D. Moreover, he has conducted seminars for tech giants like Apple, Motorola, IBM, and Logica.


  • Installing and setting-up
  • Understanding the concepts and structure of C++
  • Variables, constants, arrays, and vectors
  • Statements, operators and program flow control
  • Characters, strings, and functions
  • Pointers and references
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Operator overloading, polymorphism, and inheritance
  • Smart pointers, exception handling, I/O and streams
  • STL and source codes
Course Rating 4.5/5
Instructor Rating 4.5/5 (for both)
Number of Students Enrolled 70,000+


Why Take-up Online Courses for Programming?

Usually, an institute has a fixed curriculum of a limited number of programming languages that are taught over a course of 2-3 years. However, if you want to stand out among your competitors, online courses will help you learn other programming languages you haven’t learned.

Following are some benefits of learning online over traditional education:

  • They are a lot cheaper
  • You don’t need any existing skills or entrance scores to take them up
  • Flexibility with your pace of learning
  • All-time access to the materials
  • You can pursue them along with college or a full-time job

If there is any programming language missing in your CV, then you can learn it online right away. So, which of the above online programming courses are you in need of?

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