What is a Breathalyser Car Immobilizer?

What is a Breathalyser Car Immobilizer?
Written by Shikha Mehta

Have you been stopped by the police at night for alcohol testing while driving at night? Well, that system can stop if every car in your country has a breathalyser car immobilizer.

We’ve seen these alcohol testing devices with the police on weekend nights. You have to breathe in the tube so that they can detect if you’ve been drinking. Th device leaves a figure that also detects how much you have been drinking.

So far, most countries use this manually, with only the traffic police having them. However, now we are moving a step ahead to let our cars do the job.

Breathalyzer car immobiliser are devices that lock cars if they detect any alcohol in your breath or touch. So, if you drink and sit in a breathalyser car, you won’t be able to start it in the first place.

How Does a Breathalyser Car Immobilizer Work?

An alcohol detector is made in a way that it can measure the alcohol content in your blood. Here’s a scientific explanation to it:

  • The tube has 2 ends: anode and cathode.
  • When your blood has alcohol, your breath will exhale ethanol that gets oxidized to acetic acid at the anode.
  • In this situation, oxygen level will reduce at the cathode.
  • The entire reaction produces an electric current.
  • A microcontroller present in the device measures this current. The number displayed signifies the amount of alcohol present in your blood.

If a policeman takes this test, you and your license fall into trouble. However, if your car detects it, you won’t be able to start it in the first place! Your car can have two types of immobilizers:

Breath-based devices: These devices will sense alcohol from the air inside. So, the moment you get in, the sensor will detect your blood alcohol content.

Touch-based devices: This is an integrated touchpad in the vehicle that senses your blood alcohol level. It uses infrared light that can scan through your skin and detect alcohol beneath the tissues.

Both the above being connected to your car’s lock system will prevent you from starting your engines. If the device detects alcohol, the car gets locked internally. This lock-out is temporary and opens when it finally detects clean air.

However, if you try messing with the device, you may not be able to start your car till you call a technician.

Benefits of Having a Breathalyzer Car

In a normal situation, if you start driving after say 4-5 pegs of whiskey. You’ll probably be high and dizzy. You are probably too high to remember that you’re not supposed to drive. Leave alone wearing your seatbelt.

You can meet with an accident, or the police might catch you before-hand. We know what consequences would that lead to.

So, if your car detects that you’re not fit to drive it, it won’t start in the first place. This saves you from:

  • Getting injured or causing any injury or damage due to drunk driving.
  • Scratching, crashing or damaging your car due to over-speeding you’re likely to do.
  • Falling into trouble by getting caught by the police.

Will Installation Alcohol Breath Analyzer Devices Stop Drunk Driving?

Of course, it can. However, it can completely stop the problem only if the government makes it compulsory for every individual to install these car interlock devices.

Only the following steps can lead to a complete freedom from drunk driving:

  • Every existing car should get the detector installed.
  • All car manufacturers should start producing cars with breathalysers.
  • The law may take strict action against a car that doesn’t have interlock system.

A simple initiative from the government of the nation can stop the issue of drunk driving. Don’t you think so?

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